59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (2023)


59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (1)

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If you are looking for the bestreal questionsLook no further for your next game night. This post is for you.

Here we have compiled the bestaskfor a big oneAsking gameTrust me, after writing several posts for our blog, you will like this one.truth or dare questions.

We love these questions of truth - just as we love theseparty gamesthemplayer intelligence.

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The 8 best real questions to meet someone

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (11)

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Start with the best. This guarantees some of the best responses and leads to some of the best conversations. All you have to do is choose the ones that work best for your interlocutors and test them.

1. When was the last time you lied?

Find out what people are lying about, how long they've been lying…and if they've been lying to you. You can learn a lot about people from the lies they tell. It's the dirty truth that turns a good conversation into a juicy one.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (12)

for:Unsplash / Sebastian Herrmann

2. Did you like your first kiss?

A funny and embarrassing story is sure to accompany this trip down memory lane. You can track this down with a nice challenge, e.g. B. when they demonstrate and explain the first kiss scenario and everyone can choose the funniest of all. Let's hope this isn't one of those dirty dares.

3. Have you ever wet your shirt because you cried on a TV show or movie?

Apply this one to the tough guy in the game to find out what makes him cry. Random questions like these are great for challenging tough guys who are pretending not to cry. You will be surprised what scenes or stories will make you cry.

4. What was the most embarrassing thing your parents caught you doing?

This is a great opportunity for a very awkward confession and a big laugh. You could very well hear about the worst things your friends have gotten themselves into. If you want bold ideas, you can put on a little skit about the best one you hear from your friends.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (13)

for:Pexels / Keira Burton

5. If you could say one thing to one person in your life without consequences, what would it be?

Whether it's a review, a complaint or alove declaration: This question will have a strong answer. You will hear the meanest or dumbest thing in the world, and it will still have an impact.

6. How much of your browsing history would you be embarrassed to share on a social media app like Instagram?

If you answer honestly, you will surely laugh a lot. You don't need a challenge generator to know that there is a great challenge that can come with it. Let them share your most embarrassing poll on Instagram for 24 hours and see what kind of responses they get.

7. Have you ever revealed a secret that you shouldn't or promised not to?

Questions like these make the perfect game. They will tell you a lot about who humans are.ready to share. From childish gossip to a major breach of trust: this question of truth can be very diverse.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (14)

for:Pexels / Keira Burton

8. Do you like or hate it when they sing "Happy Birthday" to you on your birthday?

You can also ask them if they have videos of people singing to them on their birthday and see how they respond. Whether they're happy or looking weird, they're sure to get a laugh.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (15)


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10 good questions to reveal the embarrassing truth

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (16)

for:Pexels / Allan Mas

Get to the bottom of the truth, but laugh to help yourself. With thesefun questions to ask, Sutake people Abraand have fun doing it.

Use some offunny truth questionsbelow for real and genuinely entertaining answers.

9. Who was the last person you harassed on social media?

A former or future partner? An old friend you're jealous of? The answer will surely tell you a lot. When they tell you they don't harass anyone, that's the biggest lie. Everyone has a guilt hunt on social media.

10. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you this year?

Restrict it to this year so they can't use the previous wait response. Make her think. Good questions like these usually bring everyone together, especially when the answers are funny and memorable. They will talk about it every time they all get together.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (17)

for:Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

11. Who in this room do you think would have the worst date?

A moment for the harsh but funny truth. Be sure to hit a "why" to get all the reasons. You can even turn this into a bold question, daring her to go on the date and it can be a great talking point when you all get back together.

12. How obsessed are you with the celebrity you like?

everyone has a littleobsession with celebritiesthey adore Some of the hardcore fans will do the craziest things just to connect with the celebrity they like. This question is a big topic as there are a lot of follow up questions.

13. Are you one of those people who panicked when all the supermarkets ran out of toilet paper?

It was a crazy time. People bought too much because they were afraid that other people would buy more and run out. It was a vicious circle. Pay attention to their faces when you ask this question. If someone is nervous or looking down, it's probably one of them!

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (18)

for:Pexels / Cottonbro

14. What book are you ashamed of having read?

romantic books, children's adventure books or wacky how-to books - everyone has an embarrassing read on their bookshelf. It will be different for everyone, but it will be a good laugh.

15. How many selfies do you take a day and how many can you include in your Facebook status or story?

We've all looked so good with the right clothes, the right haircut, and the right frame of mind that we felt the need for a selfie. Or ten selfies, by the way. The greater the distance between thetook a selfieand the selfies posted, the funnier they become.

16. What do you eat when you can choose and there is no one to see it?

Discover someone's number one guilty pleasure when no one is around to judge. A fun game is to have everyone guess the other's guilty pleasure. You can even challenge them to eat their craziest food combinations while all together.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (19)


17. Have you ever urinated on the carpet, sofa, or bed because you were so drunk?

This is probably the most disgusting habit someone can have when drunk. If there's someone who does, it's probably time to make some new friends. Jokes aside, this is a great and funny story that everyone can laugh at.

18. How did you find out that Santa Claus does not exist?

Relive the heartbreak! However, he walks cautiously. Someone in the group might actually believe in Santa Claus and feel heartbreak for the first time!

9 fun challenges that show the real you

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (20)

for:Pexels / Keira Burton

Getting to the truth is always interesting, but adding a little sugar to help the truth medicine wane turns these real challenges intofun challengesfurther.

Use some of the real real challenges belowGet a laugh as well as a confession.

19. Talk about the craziest thing you've ever heard.

Listening isn't a good thing, but sometimes it's the best way to hear some of the craziest stories. It's not as intimate as some here dare, but it's a chance to listen to some crazy conversation and discuss it as a group.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (21)

for:Pexels/Armin Rimoldi

20. Describe when you sent someone an inappropriate/embarrassing sexual message.

We've all sent some reckless messages. The story will certainly be instructive. If some of them describe a situation where the message was a photo, ask them to show the photo.

21. Ask someone to view your YouTube history and read it to the group.

People often forget all the embarrassing things they see on YouTube. When the list runs out, they have to explain themselves.

22. Give a detailed presentation on how to woo a lover TED Talk-style with a British accent.

Find out if someone has a game and laugh with the voice of TED Talk. Encourage them to interact with the audience and share interesting photos and videos to enliven the presentation.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (22)

for:Pexels / Gustavo Fring

23. Write a haiku describing your boss.

This is especially fun when the boss is around. Do this at a work party and you'll use it to compliment your boss or tell him about your problems in a fun way.

24. Recreate your worst job interview.

Get the whole unbearable experience out in the open for all to see. Ask them to remind themselves of the questions they answered very awkwardly. It will be a big laugh whether you got hired or not.

25. Prank your secret crush and talk like a monkey.

This might be the weirdest challenge online. It gets even more embarrassing when your secret crush calls you back and asks what's going on. I just hope not!

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (23)

for:Pexels / Zen Chung

26. Count how much ice cream fits in your bra.

Who needs a challenge app when you have this list suggesting crazy challenges like this? Make sure you have a bikini top on hand so you can try it on.

27. Give everyone on your contact list a nickname.

Create the funniest nicknames and have fun changing each other's contact lists. You can even give a prize for the best nickname.

9 honest questions to ask adults

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (24)

for:Unsplash / Luke Porter

truth and dare questionsit can often seem like child's play or something teenagers laugh about during a sleepover. However, the truth is that the game isa great way to get to know adults betterfurther.

if you needFunny questions to meet someone.try some of theseTruth or dare questions for adults..

28. How many romantic interests do you think you will have for the rest of your life?

Is someone looking for that special someone or browsing dozens of partners? This question can tell you a lot about someone's commitment, or lack thereof.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (25)

for:Pexels / Mischa Earle

29. Have you experienced watching yourself die as part of your wildest dream?

An introduction to an interesting story: How did it happen? They have done? Is that one of your biggest fears? This question is great because it leads to more questions and a great story.

30. What is your worst childhood memory?

People live through the good times, but the bad times define us just as much as the good times. Be careful when asking this, as you may be talking about something that is the source of the trauma.

31. What kind of father do you think you will be?

Do those who reach the age of parenthood look successful? Why or why not? Remember that children imitate the behavior of their parents, and if you feel like a failure, your children will feel and act like you.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (26)

for:Pexels/Yan Krukov

32. Do you think it is necessary for boyfriends to give each other nicknames?

You might ask this when there are couples in the room and you're a little annoyed by the pet nicknames they have. It could be a way to taunt them without them knowing.

33. What do you do when you are alone and no one is looking at you?

Watch someone goofy-dance in the bathroom shower, or discover their penchant for eating peanut butter and jelly half-naked. You can even do what others do when you're alone, in case you're wondering what it's like.

34. What children's movie do you secretly keep watching?

Everyone has a favorite movie from when they were little or a children's movie that really spoke to them. We can all act like adults, but there are some kids' movies you still can't turn off.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (27)

for:Pexels Productions / RODNAE

35. Who did you get your ass from, your mom or your dad? Are you happy with that or not?

You can also make this a challenge! Get them to show off their booty with a great twerking contest and you've got a fun night ahead.

36. Did you do a chicken dance as a kid just to annoy your enemy?

We've all done crazy things to piss off people we didn't like as kids. Ask them to do their own version of the chicken dance and everything else they have done.

9 Challenges That Are Indirect Questions About Veracity

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (28)

for:Unsplash / Iryna Marmeladse

Of course there are two sides to this.truth or dare game. However, if you want to focus on the truth, you can always leave some truth behind.Auto.

if you are lookingThings to do when you're bored with friends, use these challenges toget truer confessionsof those with whom you play.

37. Name one thing on your wish list.

Learn more about what they really want to do in life. In fact, if there is something on your wish list that you can completely achieve, go for it!

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (29)

for:Pexels/Michael Burrows

38. Reveal the contents of your bag/purse.

Few things have as many stories as the objects forgotten in purses and purses. Receipts, cards, and photos in wallets reveal a lot about the things you bought or the places you visited.

39. Choose one person from the group. What honest relationship advice would you give him?

This is an opportunity to discuss one person's relationships and another person's advice. If you're all close friends, this might be your chance to tell them the hard truth that you can't tell them any other way.

40. Tell us about your worst habit and biggest regret.

Get a list of properties someone else needs to work on. This is also a great opportunity to see if the things that irritate you about someone are also known to them.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (30)


41. Express your feelings for your siblings.

Everyone has their dramas and family problems.relationship with siblingsthey are always complicated. An honest answer says a lot about the person.

42. Describe the weirdest place you've been on a date.

Weird and, in hindsight, silly first date stories are always fun. If there is someone in the group that you like, it will be useful to know the next time you ask them out.

43. Rank them in descending order of importance: money, love, family, career, friends.

Rankings are perhaps the most important goal in life and tell everything about a person's priorities. You can even turn this into a game and guess each other's answers; They will see how much they know about each other.

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (31)

for:Pexels / Ketut Subiyanto

44. Describe tu placer culpable.

Bad food, bad TV, or bad pop music – whatever it is, we all know embarrassing joys. You will be surprised what your friends like to watch or listen to.

45. Reveal a secret thought you had about someone in the group.

Find out what one person in the group really thinks about another person. Such things always make meetings interesting and memorable. Everyone will remember this the next time they meet.

List of downloadable and printable questions that will test your authenticity

Here is a downloadable and printable JPG/PDF list of truth questions(Right click on the image and select Save Image As...):

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (32)


frequent questions

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (33)

for:Unsplash / Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee

Getting and asking these questions can be difficult if you're not used to it. If you're concerned about the Q&A, check out these FAQs and see if they clarify anything.

How do you go about answering these questions in the game "Truth or Dare"?

You need to answer these questions to keep the game fun and interesting. But if you really need to avoid answering them, maybe you could go to the bathroom or pretend you have an important call to make.

Am I asking a real question or am I just being rude? How can I tell the difference?

If you really want to know something about this person, you should ask in a way that is not rude or suggestive. Stay neutral on the question and don't steer her in any particular direction.

Is it really true that drunks give the most honest answers to real questions?

It's probably true thanks to you.reduced inhibitions. You can test this theory by drinking alcohol at your next truth or dare party.

Why do we need questions about the truth?

It keeps the encounter interesting and memorable. You will remember the remarkable responses of your friends. Some will be so unexpected that you will never forget them.

Can I ask my girlfriend a real question without getting hurt?

Yes, especially when you ask a genuine question that is sure to affect you and your relationship with her. Just be ready for the answer. still trueask your girlfriendthey are really tricky because they can backfire terribly.

How to Ask the Best Real Questions: 3 Steps

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (34)

for:Unsplash / Sammie Chaffin

If you want to ask a really good question, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Consider your audience

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (35)

for:Production Pexels/Campus

Be sure to talk to a group ofPeople who would be receptive to questions about the truth.or a game of truth or dare.

2. Consider your location

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (36)

for:Unsplash / Atomic Kris

Choosea time and place when the people you are with are relaxedand we look forward to a fun and relaxed conversation.

3. Choose the appropriate truth question

59 really good questions - funny and hard to answer. (37)

for:Unsplash / jose aljovin

This is the most important step. Choose a question that you think is bothinteresting for the personyou ask and thatwill reveal somethingYou want to know.

After following these three steps, ask questions and let the Truth or Dare game begin.

More truth or dare questions

If you are looking for other questions that mayenjoy while you reveal somethingHere at Mantelligence we have many other options through your interlocutors. Try some of these:

  1. Come straight to the fun with somefun questions to ask.
  2. Give them a hard decision to bear somedo you prefer questions.
  3. Another way to make them sweat with difficult and fun choices. Testthis or that questionat your next party.


now you know everythingreal questionsyou need a big oneAsking game.

know betteraskthrows a great party, especially when they aretruth or dare questions. You will talk about it in all your next appointments.

If you want to know more about itparty games, you should check out our other posts atplayer intelligencefor your next big party.

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