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The lazy eyes of the black-robed lady slowly scanned the interior of the great hall. Anyone caught by her eyes would feel burning heat and fear in her hearts. This lady was truly full of temptations. But behind that temptation was an even deeper fear...

This lady's name was something almost everyone sitting in this seat had heard of!

The witch of the Cao clan, Cao Ying. One of the potential future successors to Giant Pill Tower Heads!

That first title might not have been resonant, but it was enough for countless people to consider her a goddess far above them. A giant pill tower head. This was a position of great authority across the continent. Whoever sits here will truly experience the sensation of a monstrous authority...

The Pill Tower was the sacred ground in the hearts of all the alchemists on the continent. In fact, it can be openly said that the giant heads of the Pill Tower were the spirit guides in the hearts of countless alchemists. Pill Tower's ability to bring people together was evident. This kind of summoning skill was completely controlled by the wish of the giant Pill Tower heads!

Cao Ying, the greatest genius the Cao clan has ever produced, was a personal student of one of the three giant heads of Pill Tower. With the direction he's currently taking, he could very well be a potential successor to one of Pill Tower's giant heads a century later. Furthermore… if he was lucky, he might even remove the title of 'Potential'. Back then…she would be one of the few female giant heads since Pill Tower was founded!

The dazzling radiance above the head of this magnificent lady was enough for everyone in the room to stare at her.

The black-robed lady let her eyes roam the room. She didn't let her eyes stray to the others. Instead, her gaze lingered on the seats of the Dan clan. Of course, her eyes did not stop at the warm and graceful Dan Xuan. Instead, they looked at the shy young woman next to her.

This young lady frowned after seemingly sensing Cao Ying's approach. Her eyes met before the young woman quickly looked away from her.

A charming smile appeared on Cao Ying's face as he saw her look away. Cao Ying changed steps from him and headed for the Cao clan seats. The Cao clansmen followed close behind. Xiao Yan finally saw a well-known person in this group, Cao Dan.

At this time, Cao Dan closely followed Cao Ying. His downcast eyes occasionally wandered to the seductive figure in front of him. There was deep affection in his eyes.

Xiao Yan's gaze lingered on Cao Dan for a moment before turning to another burly man. This person had a straight face. His eyebrows were quite thick, giving him a severe feeling. He was the only member of the Cao clan who did not feel the slightest pressure while he was behind Cao Ying.

“I think that person should be Cao Xiu, right…”

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Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes. These three individuals represented the greatest strength of the Cao clan's younger generation. Of course, if it was Cao Ying, it was likely that even some of the older children from the Cao clan would be outshone by her. This witch really wasn't someone an ordinary person could compare to.

Cao Ying led the Cao clan and went to their designated places before the many eyes in the great hall. His steps faltered a bit as he passed the Dan clan. She turned her head. Her beautiful eyes fell on the frail young woman as she smiled sweetly, “Sister Dan Chen, it has been a long time since we last met.”

This young lady, whose name was Dan Chen, simply lowered her chin at Cao Ying's greeting. She didn't say much.

"It's unexpected that you came this time as well. It must be for pill gathering, right? Ha ha, the Dan clan really put a lot of effort into it. Could it be that this time he plans to take the place of Pill Gathering?" Champion? Cao Ying covered her mouth and chuckled.

Dan Chen looked like a little girl under Cao Ying's cold and arrogant demeanor. She did not show the slightest attempt to verbally compete with Cao Ying.

“Miss Cao Ying must be kidding. This year's pill collecting champion will surely be in your hands. Other people don't have her qualifications…” Dan Xuan, standing in front of Dan Chen, smiled and answered for her.

"You are very good with words. However, you can forget about letting my guard down because of you..." Cao Ying did not commit to Dan Xuan's words. His beautiful eyes looked at Dan Chen as he said softly, “But I really want to know how much stronger you are compared to when I haven't seen you in two years. This state… I wonder if you've fully entered it?

Dan Chen no longer displayed a dainty appearance when someone mentioned something related to pill refining. He seemed to have transformed into a different person. His eyes were on Cao Ying as he said, “I want to know too…”

Cao Ying was not at all surprised by Dan Chen's sudden transformation. Instead, he laughed and nodded gently. Waving his sleeves at him, he turned around and walked towards the Cao clan seats. His footsteps didn't even stop when he passed Ye Clan on the road. He climbed into his seat in the front and slowly sat down.

Cao Ying completely ignored the Ye clan, but that Cao Dan suddenly stopped in his tracks. He gave Xiao Yan a cold smile and said: "It is unexpected that you actually interfered in this matter."

Xiao Yan looked up, smiled, and ignored Cao Dan.

A chill crossed Cao Dan's face at the sight of Xiao Yan's complete contempt for him. He was about to let out a cold cry when this strong man held out his hand. This man looked at Xiao Yan indifferently and said: “Come on. What if you make a mess here?

Although Cao Dan felt a bit reluctant, he nodded his head when he heard Cao Xiu's words. After that, he let out a cold snort and headed for the Cao clan seats.

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"Are you Xiao Yan? I heard that Cao Dan mentioned you." This man looked at Xiao Yan before speaking in a low voice.

Xiao Yan's eyes were fixed on this man with a fast and fierce body. Judging from his outward appearance, it was really hard to tell that the other party was a high-level alchemist. However, this person was truly as Ye Zhong had described him. Compared to Cao Dan, he looked more mature and much calmer.

“Cao Xiu, one of the three great geniuses of the Cao clan. You are well known…” Xiao Yan smiled in response.

“Awesomeness is not used to describe someone like me…” Cao Xiu's eyes locked on Xiao Yan. After that, he looked at Ye Zhong and the others along with Xiao Yan. He slowly said, “Your level is quite high, but it will probably be extremely difficult for you to save the Ye clan. I hope you don't end up dragging yourself into a swamp..."

"Thank you for your honest warning." Xiao Yan smiled as he thanked Cao Xiu.

Cao Xiu nodded. Not ready to say anything else, he turned around and walked towards Cao's seats...

"This guy is really not as simple as that impulsive Cao Dan, who is simple-minded..." Xiao Yan looked at Cao Xiu's back, stretched his lazy waist, and commented in a low voice.

“Cao Xiu's talent for refining pills is no better than Cao Dan's talent. However, his achievements are greater than Cao Dan's…” Ye Zhong nodded and sighed. "This person has great stamina. Cao is really very lucky to have Cao Ying and him." ..."

“Big brother, what is there for you and the boy to argue about? This time, you must help me avenge myself. As long as you prevent that brat from ranking in the top three, the Ye clan will be finished…” Cao Dan looked at Cao Xiu. , who was sitting next to him, Cao Dan spoke with dissatisfaction.

Cao Xiu looked at him. He calmly replied, "He's not an easy person. I'm not surprised that he can beat you. Maybe this time he really will be in the top three...".

"He's also a level 7 alchemist... and he's achieved it at that age. Furthermore, he doesn't have the usual arrogance of a junior. His state of mind is clearly good... no wonder, in fact, if he ends up in the top three in this test." Cao Ying, sitting on the leader's seat, was playing with a round jade bead with her long snow-white hand. She didn't turn around when she heard the conversation between the two. Everything what he did was utter some random words.

Cao Dan was even more disgusted upon hearing this. He seemed like he was not happy that these two treasured Xiao Yan so much. However, he did not dare to say anything to Cao Ying. So he could only swallow the words in his mouth in dismay.

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The floor of the great hall suddenly began to shake after the members of the Cao Clan took their seats. The position of the five major clans moved back like moving terrain. In a short time, an extremely spacious open space was created in the middle of the room.

A white-haired old man, full of energy, slowly walked out as the arena came into view. His eyes slowly swept around the hall as he smiled and he said, “Since the five great clans arrived, I don't want my old self to talk too much. This year's test will be done by me. Nobody objects, right?

“Ke ke, Elder Sheng, who will dare doubt you with your status in the pill tower?” Only Cao Ying responded with a beautiful smile as the white-haired old man chuckled, because this person's status for several sitting here was too high.

“This old man's name is Sheng Yao. He is one of the Eight Great Elders of the Pill Tower and has a lot to say within the Pill Tower. You could call it a veritable high-class pill tower…” Ye Zhong gently presented it close to Xiao Yan's ear.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. She felt a vague pressure as this white-haired old man appeared. That kind of pressure came from the depths of his soul. She then understood that this white-haired old man was not an ordinary person.

" don't need to lick my boots. These old bones of mine can't take this..." The white-haired old man smiled. After that, he let his eyes wander across the arena and said, “It is about time. Candidates for the Five Great Clans Trial, please enter…”

The private conversations in the great hall fell silent after the white-haired old man said those words.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled the air. Her fists slowly clenched under her sleeves. She turned her head only to see the tense anticipation in Ye Zhong and Xin Lan's eyes…

“Big brother Xiao Yan, do your best!”

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Xin Lan's beautiful and fearful face. Pride welled up in her heart. After that, she gently stood up in front of the entire hall.

"It's finally starting..."

Today it will be decided whether or not the collapsing Ye Clan's great ship could be saved by Xiao Yan's force!

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