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If you wishDesign a POP displayFor your goods, you must choose the type of presentation you want. Different styles of POP displays are available and each style is designed to fit into a store layout and make a product easier for customers and employees to access. With each display type, you can choose custom designs, shapes, and other features to make your products stand out.

In this chapter, we cover the types of point-of-sale advertising and how these displays are commonly used. If you need help choosing a display that suits your merchandise and brand,inform usnow in creative views.

Different types of point of sale displays

While all POP displays aim to promote brand awareness and increase sales, some displays are better suited to certain products or circumstances than others. When choosing the most appropriate unit for your merchandise, you must consider the type of product you are selling, the retail environment, and the specific purpose of your display. To help you get started, here are thegeneral types of POP views:

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floor screens

floor screenscovers all freestanding units including screens, lids and pallet screens. many floor monitorsbe on an equal footing, making the products easy to notice. Since items at eye level attract a lot of attention, they generally sell better than items stored at lower or higher levels.

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Common floor displays include shelves for placing items such as drinks, toys, electronics, or snacks. You can choose a floor display with hooks for hanging light items like gift cards or batteries. Case stacker displays are designed to promote larger products such as cases of beer or soft drinks. A case stacker display can consist of corrugated cardboard wrapped around the stacked product, complete with full color graphics and branding.

As with any POP screen, you can customize the settings and add unique structural elements if needed. A manufacturer will design every aspect of the display according to your brand, specifications and marketing goals.

opposing views

opposing viewsThey are mobile units designed to rest on a flat surface. They are ideal for ATMs and encourage impulse purchases. You'll often find counters stocked with small seasonal items or supplies like gum, breath mints, lip gloss, and hand sanitizer.

Although counter displays are often small, they can still impress with vivid colors and vivid images. If you have products that consumers are likely to make an impulse purchase while waiting in line for payment, a counter display could be the perfect option.


PalettendisplaysThese are floor displays that are placed on a wooden pallet. Perfect for promoting a large number of goods, these sturdy displays are suitable for roomsBig dealslike Wal-Mart or Target.

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Pallet racks help transport products because they are highly visible and customers can pick items from the racks from all four sides. Due to their size, pallet screens are typically fully assembled by the screen manufacturer so that the product is ready to use. As soon as the screen arrives at the retailer, the employees only have to place it in the designated place with a forklift.

If you want a stable display that is easy to access, but need something smaller than a full pallet, you can also choose a half or quarter pallet. At Creative Displays Now we help you find the right pallet display for your needs and retailer specifications.

end cap screens

Tapas-DisplaysThey are placed at the end of aisles and can consist of a free standing unit, retail signage or online displays placed on gondola shelves. These displays are very effective in increasing visibility and increasing sales. This is because many customers do not walk through all the aisles but still see the products displayed on the end caps as they walk through the store.

Tapas displays are also a bargain. AfterAsociación Norteamericana de Hardware Minoristacustomers assume that the products depicted on the envelopes are for sale even though they are sold at regular prices. For these reasons, end cap monitors are viewed by product manufacturers as a great place to trade.

These displays are typically used to advertise new or seasonal products or to promote sale items. Endcap monitors often include a theme as well. For example, a graduation display might include school supplies or snacks and drinks for a Super Bowl party. Retailers can place displays near similar products or complementary items to encourage multiple product purchases.

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Participating Exhibitors

side exhibitor, also called Power Wings, are small and light. These views areoften attached to capsto highlight additional items.

For example, if a lid display is filled with coffee, a helper could hold coffee cups to entice customers to buy both. Batteries are typically found in auxiliary displays along with electronic devices.

When complementary products are displayed together, customers can impulsively purchase complementary items to complete the purchase. They also don't have to work as hard to find what they need, which contributes to their satisfaction. In general, side displays are another way to increase sales for manufacturers and retailers.

presentation boxes

showcasesthey are essentially large containers. These monitors typically have a simple square or hexagonal frame and are easy to set up, yet carefully designed to be effective and attract customers. You can take advantage of the size of the tray to print large, bold fonts and images.

Display boxes are ideal for storing large quantities, odd shaped items, products without primary packaging or anything that needs to be moved quickly. You can add slots to display boxes to organize things. Customers can quickly grab products from showcases and place them in their shopping carts.

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integrated views

integrated viewsThey are small, space-saving units, typically designed to be placed on a shelf. Linear displays are ideal for promoting a product where space is limited and getting customers to make a spontaneous purchase or try something new.

On the Internet you will often find displays that advertise small consumables such as cosmetics, candy or chewing gum. They are also used to encourage impulse purchases such as magazines at checkout areas.

Choose temporary or permanent exhibitions

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POP ads also vary based on expected usage time.choose from the following:

  • Temporary exhibitions:Temporary exhibitionsfrom corrugated cardboardoffer a quick and inexpensive solution. These displays are designed to last a few months and are a great option for promoting seasonal products, new goods or clearance items. Temporary exhibits are versatile, lightweight, highly customizable, and easy to put together. You can also recycle temporary exhibitions and reduce waste.
  • Semi-permanent exhibitors:Semi-permanent displays combine materials such as plastic, wood or metal and are designed to last about a year. Semi-permanent displays can be the right choice to present multiple products at the same time.
  • permanent exhibitions:Permanent displays are durable devices that are designed to last for years. Since permanent exhibitions are built to last, they are often made of strong materials such as wood, steel or plastic. Permanent displays can be the right choice to promote a brand over the long term. In some cases, a retailer can use custom secondaries like signs to turn a permanent display into a branded product.

If you can't decide whether to create a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent POP display, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where are you showing your product?While permanent display can be a great option for your own retail business, temporary display may be the best option for selling your items at a major retailer. Retailers often have specifications that sellers must meet with their monitors. A temporary screen allows you to easily customize the device to your specs.
  • Do you show seasonal items?Temporary displays are ideal for promoting seasonal items. Each season you can create and order a new and exciting custom display to communicate a theme and promote your new products. You can also use a permanent display to promote seasonal items, but it will likely require additional design elements like accessories to give it a seasonal feel.
  • Need a quick fix?Setting up persistent views often takes a lot of time and effort. If you have a deadline to meet with your POP screen, it might be better to use a temporary screen. Temporary displays can be quickly designed, manufactured and shipped to the retailer.

Do you still have doubts? PleaseContact uson Creative Displays Now for answers.

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