Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (2023)

The ability to wash ourselves independently is part of a daily routine that many of us want to maintain as we age. However, bathing can be difficult if you have accessibility issues. Our guide explains how bathing aids can help.

In our expert guide, we look at adjustments that will make your bathroom even easier to use. Our list includes quick fixes like shower tables, seats and cushions - ideal if you're working on a budget. We also cover larger retrofits such as bath and shower lifts, as well as teleassistance products such as flood detectors and drop monitors.

Even if you're not yet at the stage where you need specific bathroom amenities, but you're still considering a bathroom upgrade, upgrading in anticipation of future needs is a great way to future-proof your home. Keep scrolling for details.

How to apply for a grant for institutions for the disabled (DFG)– we explain in a simple way the eligibility criteria and how you can apply

Bath and shower grab bars

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (1)

The bathroom is the most obvious place for grab bars, as you get in and out of the tub or shower when it's wet and slippery.

Without support, a fall in this area can be particularly dangerous. Plastic splints are the safest option in a wet area, especially if you choose one with a raised grip to keep your hands from slipping. Metal bathroom railings must be grounded to protect against electrical interference.

Grab bars can also help next to the toilet to provide stability when adjusting clothes or getting in and out of the seat. A handrail at the sink also provides extra support if you have trouble balancing while standing.

When buying a handrail to live in your bathroom, pay attention to the declared load capacity. Simple handrails can sell for as little as £10, while larger folding handrails can cost around £250.

For more information on installing handrails, see our guide.Ramps and railings for the house.

non-slip bathroom floor

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (2)

Cheap non-slip mats are readily available and inexpensive. However, the best and safest option is to install special safety flooring, which can be made of rubber or vinyl and/or contain quartz crystals, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide to make the floor non-slip. The best known manufacturers of non-slip coatings include, for example,Others,PolyflorjTarkett.

It is equally important to place a non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub (or shower) to prevent slips and falls. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are attached to the bathtub with suction cups. Expect to spend £15-30.

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Self-adhesive non-slip strips and tub molds and non-slip spray materials also serve the same purpose.

walk in showers

As a bathtub becomes more difficult to use, you may want to opt for a walk-in shower or a freestanding tub to replace it. Depending on the quality of the materials used, a walk-in shower can cost between 200 and 2,000 euros.

A walk-in shower (also called a "walk-in shower") is essentially a shower with no steps to trip over. These are the best option for most users with mobility issues. They usually come with drain pumps, as well as sloped or sloped floors to minimize water leakage into the rest of the bathroom.

If leaks are a big problem, a low-entry shower head with a minimum inlet height of about 1/2 inch into the cubicle might also work.

Wet floor areas and wet rooms

A wet floor zone or complete wet room is a bathroom that has been customized with waterproof floors and walls. A shower head is attached to the wall and the water runs straight onto the bathroom floor and down the drain without a tub.

Wet rooms are useful when bathroom space is limited and you want to avoid a walk-in shower. However, it is important to have non-slip floors.

Consult our expert guide onHow to plan bathroom designsfor more tips on keeping your space functional and practical

shower seats

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (4)

While you can use portable shower stools or chairs in the shower, the most stable option is to secure a seat in the shower stall or wet floor area. Make sure the seat is adjusted to the right height for you and that the handrails to be used in conjunction with the seat are in the right places. An occupational therapist (OT) can advise you on this.

A sturdy wall mounted shower seat will likely cost £50-150. Be sure to note the listed weight capacity and follow the included instructions when deciding your location.

shower control

Some shower controls are specially designed to be easy to turn, grip and reach. You can also have preset watch faces and bigger screens.

Thermostatic showers ensure that the water is kept at a uniform temperature or within a specific range. This will prevent you from getting burned or the water getting uncomfortably cold.

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If you're having trouble getting in and out but still enjoy a relaxing soak in warm water, there are alternative bathing styles that can help.


Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (5)

The walk-in bathrooms have a built-in door on the side so you don't have to climb up and risk falling. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from short tubs with a small door (designed for sitting) to long tubs with a fully open side panel, suitable for those who enjoy a long, flat tub.

It's worth noting that you must enter before the water starts to open; Make sure the heat is on so you don't get cold while waiting for the bathroom to fill up. You must also wait for the water to run out before opening the exit door.

Walk-in bathrooms don't come cheap, with many costing between £1,000 and £3,000.

Bathtubs with built-in seat

These bathtubs have a seat molded into the shell itself, at the end opposite the faucets. They have the same function as a portable bath seat, allowing you to sit half-submerged in the bathtub, but bathtubs with an integrated seat are often more comfortable than a portable bath seat, as the latter often has access holes, drains or slats.

As with portable seats, you will need some upper body strength to maneuver

from the seat into the tub and then out. Such bathtubs are also not suitable for lying down, as the seat is often in the way.

flat bathrooms

If you have trouble climbing over the edge of your tub and don't mind shallow water, consider getting a tub that's shorter than the standard height. This may still require some agility and strength, but less than you would need with a standard-size bathtub.

bath tables and seats

Investing in one of these accessories can help increase your washing convenience. There are some minor differences between shower boards and shower seats, so read the summaries below and choose the best option for your needs.

  • bathroom tables- These fit the entire width of the bathtub. You can use them to help you get in and out and they provide a solid seat to sit on when you're inside. They are designed for people with limited strength, although you still need to be quite agile to use them. Bath boards are best for showering in the bathtub, with a shower handle attached to the tub faucets, or in conjunction with a bathtub seat where the board provides a stable base for you to lower yourself onto the seat.
  • toilet seats -These are often used in conjunction with swim boards, but a seat takes you deeper into the water. It's ideal if you have limited mobility in your knee joints and limited strength in your arms. Some look like regular chairs, while others are more like low stools that fit in the bathtub. Bath seats with legs are usually held in place with rubber suction cups.

At you can search for opinions on bath tables, seats and other bath aidsResearch Institute for Consumers with Disabilities (RIDC)jlive easy

Other bath aids

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (6)
(Video) How to buy bathroom fixtures that you won’t regret
  • bath pillowProvide neck and back support while lying in the bathtub. An OT can advise you on which ones are best for you and where you should place them.
  • bathroom stepssit next to the toilet to help him get in and out. They require good balance and agility to use them safely and can be useful when used in conjunction with a solid handshake.
  • body dryerIt is worth considering if your lack of mobility limits the use of a towel to dry yourself off. Like hand dryers, they generate jets of hot air to dry the entire body. A wall dryer can be placed inside or outside the shower.
  • Long stem washing aidsLong handled brushes and sponges can help you clean hard to reach areas of the body without twisting and turning.
  • non-slip matsHelps prevent falls when placed on bottom of bathtub or shower. Alternatives are non-slip adhesive bathroom tapes and shapes or non-slip spray materials.
  • faucetThey are small devices that attach to your faucets so you can turn them on and off if you have limited strength or dexterity.
  • wall soap dispenserThis can help if you're regularly frustrated by slipping bars of soap or having to bend over to pick up a bottle of shower gel.

find itbest personal alarm systemfor you or a loved one. Our guide covers everything from the best service providers to spending and top features to consider.

bathroom elevators

If your mobility is severely limited, an OT may suggest that you do a bath lift that lifts your body from below or a bath lift that lifts you from above. While they can be expensive, they can still be cheaper and sometimes more appropriate than customizing your bathroom to suit your needs.

Motorized detachable bath lifts

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (7)

They are reinforced plastic seats that attach to the inside of the tub with rubber suction cups. They are powered by a waterproof phone that runs on batteries. You climb onto the seat at the edge of the tub, lower the seat with the headset into the tub, then lift it up when you're ready to get out.

This type of lift usually has supportive backrests, some of which recline backwards so you can recline in the tub. To use this type of bath lift, you must be flexible enough to swing your legs sideways to get in and out of the bath.

While it is possible to remove these bath rods, some models are easier to remove than others. Batteries need to be charged regularly.

inflatable bath pillows

These are inflatable seats made of plastic that are placed in the bathtub and inflated with an electric pump. You stand on the seat, which is flush with the edge of the tub, and then the air deflates and you plunge into the water. When you're ready to ride, you can use the electric pump to re-inflate the seat to restore tire level.

They are the easiest type of bath lift to remove from the bathroom.

Hydraulically detachable bath lifts (manual)

Manual bath lifts work similarly to electrically powered removable lifts, lowering you into the bath and lifting you back up when you're ready to go. However, the movement is controlled by the person's weight and the buoyancy of the water through a hydraulic mechanism.

The weight of your body sitting on the chair slowly lowers the lift. When you're ready to climb out of the tub, sit up straight and push the tub's edges to release the hydraulic piston, which adjusts to a user-defined weight. This, combined with the buoyancy of the water, lifts you back up.

For this type of lift, you need to be flexible enough to lift your arms to shoulder height. You'll also need more arm strength and balance in the seat than you would with powerlifting.

"Band" fixed bath lifts

Fixed bath lifts are also called sling lifts because they work with a large swath of fabric on a roll. The sash is attached to the wall next to the bathtub with a suspended element. The other end of the strap is then inserted into a floor mounted bracket next to the tub so the strap runs the width of the tub.

You sit on the stretched band, press a button, then are lowered into the tub as the band slowly expands. To go up the elevator, you press another button, which presses the band to raise it again.

The benefit of band lifts is that they lower you all the way to the bottom of the tub so you can sit down and take a real bath. However, a big drawback is that there is no backrest, so you need to have good balance to sit on it. They are also the most expensive option for a bathroom lift.

What is teleassistance?Discover how teleassistance systems can give you peace of mind by monitoring loved ones who are at risk of accidents at home.

bathroom elevator

Choosing the best bathroom fixtures and fittings: which ones? (8)
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Bathing wets lift your body from above rather than from below.

Although they are more expensive than bath lifts, they have the advantage of being high enough that you don't have to lift your legs out of the tub. This makes them best suited for people with limited hip and knee mobility.

Ground-mounted forklifts

These are attached to a post which is inserted into a base plate fixed to the side of the tub. You sit on a swivel or sling seat that is lifted and moved over the edge of the tub and then lowered.

Floor mounted electric bath lifts use rechargeable batteries or electrical power and you control them with a remote. Handlifts work when a handle is lifted by another person, so they are typically used by people who have a caregiver.

Mobile versions of this type of bathroom elevator are also available, which can be useful if you plan on using the elevator in more than one room. The base of the lifter is sunk under the tub to keep it securely in place.

Bathroom cranes that attach to the ceiling

These use a ceiling gutter which has the advantage of taking up less space in the bathroom, but you need to have a very strong ceiling. These lifts work in the same way as floor lifts, lifting you over the edge of the tub, although a sling usually replaces the plastic seat.

Can I get free bathing supplies and accommodation?

Sometimes local authorities provide devices such as toilet boards and seats or minor home adjustments for free, regardless of your financial situation; Your local OT should be able to advise you.

Alternatively, you can also contact the social welfare office in Local authorities will only finance maintenance, equipment or modifications that they deem necessary.

Updating your bathroom can be more expensive than buying additional bathroom fixtures and fittings. However, keep in mind that the cost varies greatly depending on your specific wants and needs, as well as the quality of materials and design.

Completely new bathroom fixtures can cost between £300 and £2000 before installation, but specialist upgrades can add significantly to the value. However, adapting your bathroom to meet current or future needs is likely to be a worthwhile investment.

Meet our guide onreceive a needs assessment, or see our tipsbathroom installation

Subsidy for bathroom remodeling

If you have a chronic illness or disability that prevents you from getting in and out of the bathroom easily, you may be entitled to aDisabled Facilities Allowance (DFG)to cover bathroom adjustments.

Social services or your local environmental health agency can offer up to £30,000 (in England) to the DFG for qualified people who want to carry out necessary renovations to their homes. Sometimes they also offer cheap loans. First, however, your income and savings must be assessed and references from an OT are usually required.

Where to buy bathroom accessories and fixtures

Buying bathroom accessories can be expensive, so trust trusted retailers. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, make sure you read the store's return policy.

Popular online retailers that sell bathroom fixtures and accessories include:

  • carecostocks a wide range of bath and shower products and operates showrooms across the UK; You can find the next one on their website. If you're buying a bathroom lift, expect to pay between £200 and £1,300. You have 14 days to return unused items. However, Careco cannot accept returns of products that have been specially customized to meet your needs.
  • Argosis a popular retailer of smaller bathroom accessories, including shower seats, bath boards and non-slip mats. The cheapest bath stools cost around £25. If you wish to return a purchase, you have 30 days from the date of collection or delivery.
  • B&Qsells a range of baths and walk-in showers: Cooke & Lewis baths cost around £2,300. It also has adjustable shower seats and bath benches for under £50. You can return your purchase in its original condition within 90 days. Delivery of larger items over £350 is free.
  • full supply businesssells shower screens, shower chairs, shower trays, handrails and much more. Bath lifts start at around £200 and approach £1,000. The retailer says it can offer an alternative product or a refund, as long as your purchase is returned within 30 days of receipt. Custom orders cannot be refunded.

Find out which retailers are highly rated by Which? Members with our expert guidance on thebest and worst stores

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Get advice and support on bathing aids and adjustments

While renovating your bathroom doesn't have to be particularly complicated, it's a good idea to seek advice from a registered professional.occupational therapistbefore and during planning. An assessment will help you determine your needs and what accommodations and equipment will work best for you.

If you are struggling to complete many daily tasks, request a free needs assessment from your local authority. This examines your need for care and support and decides whether you are entitled to state support.

Some people dismiss the idea of ​​a specialized team, worried about their bathroom feeling “institutional” like a hospital or nursing home. If this is a concern for you, consider customizing your bathroom with the help of an expert bathroom installer, preferably a member ofBritish Health Trade Association (BHTA).


What bathroom faucets do plumbers recommend? ›

The best brands according to plumbers are Moen, Delta, and Kohler. Plumbers prefer these brands due to their quality, their reliability, and their availability.

What are the 3 typical plumbing fixtures placed in a bathroom? ›

The most common plumbing fixtures are: Bathtubs. Bidets. Channel drains.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive faucets? ›

Cheaper faucets will use different metals in production, usually zinc. These faucets may warp, break or even snap over time. There's a reason brands use brass or stainless. Solid brass fixtures tend to be heavier and cost a bit more.

What fixtures should match in a bathroom? ›

Some designers say the safe bet is to match your hardware finishes to your permanent fittings such as your faucets and showerheads. For example, chrome goes with chrome. But other designers suggest having fun with your choices. After all, this is where you can introduce pops of color or sparkle.

What is the most popular finish for bathroom faucets? ›

Shiny chrome is the most popular bath finish and comes with an affordable price tag. Nickel has a warmer tone and a more exclusive pedigree. Stainless steel, still the leading metal in the kitchen, looks indulgent in the bath, too.

Which bathroom faucets last the longest? ›

Brass faucets are perhaps the most long-lasting and easy-to-maintain option. Made of copper and zinc, the brass body of the faucet is durable and sturdy. This is also the reason why these faucets cost significantly more than other options available in the market.

What is the most important plumbing fixture? ›

Toilets – This is the most important plumbing fixture in any household or business. Toilets use a flush system to move waste out of your home or business and into a septic tank or community sewage system. Since they are in constant use, problems will eventually occur and therefore repairs are needed.

What is the most important thing in a bathroom? ›

Good lighting. Plenty of light is essential in a bathroom to make getting ready easier. Ideally, you should include as much natural light as possible but every bathroom needs artificial solutions, too. Think about how the bathroom will be used.

What is the difference between plumbing fixtures and fittings? ›

A plumbing fixture is a part that is connected to a plumbing system and carries water through a building. The most common plumbing fixtures are bathtubs, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets and faucets. While a fixture can be fixed into walls or the floor, a fitting is an item that can be hung by a hook, screw or nail.

What faucets last longest? ›

Faucets are usually made of materials that do not corrode in time: most commonly brass and stainless steel. Less pricey models are often made of zinc alloys or plastic, which tend to wear out over a shorter period of time.

How much should I spend on a bathroom faucet? ›

Plan to spend at least $65 for a bath faucet and at least $100 for a kitchen faucet. You might get a great faucet for less, but it's more likely that you'd get a low-quality faucet. If you spend much more, you're paying for extra features or style rather than basic reliability or durability.

What is a good price for a bathroom faucet? ›

A new bathroom sink is usually one of the most affordable faucets to replace in the bathroom costing between $25 and $250, with luxury material faucets costing up to $2,500. If you also have to replace other parts of the sink's plumbing, such as the drain pipe, your costs may be much higher.

What is the most timeless hardware finish? ›

Timeless Kitchen Hardware

Brass is the most timeless metal, in my opinion, and if you choose unlacquered brass hardware, it will only get prettier with time. From appliance pulls to cup pulls and the sweet round knobs and hinges we used in this space, every piece references historic elements.

Is brushed chrome or nickel better? ›

Choosing chrome versus brushed nickel for the look alone is entirely up to personal preference. If you're going for a shiny, super-clean look, chrome is the clear winner. If you don't want that super shine, you may prefer brushed nickel, which is a softer-looking metal that complements stainless steel appliances.

What bathroom fixture finish is timeless? ›

When it comes to faucet finishes, look to Arctic® Stainless or Polished Nickel. Arctic Stainless finish is the classic's classic, tried and true in presentation and tone.

What bathroom faucet finish is easiest to clean? ›

Pick the finish
  • Chrome – The most popular finish is polished chrome, which is bonded to a layer of nickel on the fixture's base. ...
  • Nickel – Brushed nickel is warmer and softer than chrome and hides water spots and fingerprints better, so it's easier to clean.

What color fixtures are in style 2023? ›

Sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns – earthy tones are the timeless classic bathroom colors of 2023. You can either use different nature-inspired shades together or stick to one hue's many saturations.

What is the best material for a bathroom faucet? ›

The best materials for bathroom faucets include chrome, nickel, brass, and bronze. Keep in mind that finishes can be applied to many kinds of materials.

Which is better one or two handle bathroom faucets? ›

Single-handle faucets are much more user-friendly than double-handle faucets. Installation is simple and requires the drilling of only one hole. They're a common choice for older people as turning them is almost effortless for the infirm or those struggling with arthritis.

What is better single or double handle bathroom faucet? ›

Better Temperature Control

A double handle faucet has one handle for cold and one handle for hot. This allows you to truly customize the faucet temperature. It is also less likely to change temperature suddenly if the handle is bumped as may be with a single handle faucet.

What is the difference between bathroom fixtures and fittings? ›

In general, bathroom fixtures are items that are affixed or secured on walls or floors, while fittings are those that are free standing or hung.

What should I look for in a good plumber? ›

10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Plumber
  • Accreditations and Certifications. ...
  • Are they a registered tradesperson or an employee of a large company? ...
  • Are they insured? ...
  • 24 Hour Emergency Engineers. ...
  • 24 Hour Opening. ...
  • Customer Promise. ...
  • Are they a local or national company? ...
  • Are their online reviews more positive or negative?

What plumbing fixture has the highest percentage of water usage? ›

TOILETS. I'll give it to you straight. Toilet flushing is the single largest use of water in most homes. While 1.6 gallons per flush is the standard, it's not always necessary for every flush.

What should you not keep in bathroom? ›

Electronics. We all know that electronics and water don't mix, so it's best to keep small appliances elsewhere. Not only can it be potentially dangerous, but you could also damage your electronics by storing them in a damp environment.

What is the dirtiest object in the bathroom? ›

The dirtiest thing in the bathroom is the bath mat, pro cleaner Bailey Carson told Insider. Dirty shower water and flushing toilets can make mold, mildew, and bacteria grow over time. If you're only cleaning your mat a few times a year, it may be time to get scrubbing.

What is the dirtiest surface in a bathroom? ›

Studies have shown that of all the surface areas in the bathroom, the floor is by far the dirtiest. That's because when we flush the toilet germs spread everywhere, and land on—you guessed it—the floor.

How do you determine fittings or fixtures? ›

Generally, if an item is physically attached to the property or cannot be removed without damaging or destroying the item or the property, then it is a fixture.

What should be included in fixtures and fittings? ›

What is classed as fixtures and fittings?
  • Cupboards.
  • Built-in wardrobes.
  • Kitchen units.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electric sockets.
  • Satellite dishes.
  • Security alarms.
  • Boilers.

Is a faucet a fixture or fitting? ›

Fitting. A device designed to control and guide the flow of water. Examples include faucets, shower heads, shutoff valves, shower valves, and drinking fountain spouts. Some people call these "fixtures," but that term means something different to the plumbing industry.

What time of year should I buy faucets? ›

The best time of the year to purchase products, such as plumbing hardware or tile, is usually in the winter, after the holidays. The fall is a busy time for the design industry, since many homeowners are trying to complete their renovation projects before the holiday season.

What type of faucet are easiest to maintain? ›

Different faucet finishes are easier to maintain than others.
  • Brushed nickel doesn't show spots or fingerprints easily. ...
  • Solid brass tends to show fingerprints and water spots, but is the most durable and holds up to hard water. ...
  • Stainless steel lands somewhere in the middle. ...
  • Chrome is typically the easiest to clean.
Nov 30, 2021

Does Delta make the best faucets? ›

Among plumbers, the Delta line of faucets is a perennial favorite. In every plumber poll we have ever read, Delta is always the first or second choice as the plumbers' go-to faucet.

How can I save money on bathroom fixtures? ›

Here are a few tips for minimizing your costs without cutting corners.
  1. DO hire a designer. ...
  2. DON'T move the plumbing. ...
  3. DO consider your tile options. ...
  4. DON'T skimp on storage space. ...
  5. DO choose quality plumbing fixtures. ...
  6. DON'T forget about paint. ...
  7. DO choose cool light fixtures. ...
  8. DON'T spend a fortune on your sink.
Oct 17, 2017

How often should you replace bathroom faucets? ›

Most generally last for 15-20 years. If yours is nearing the end of its lifespan, it might be time to consider a replacement. If your faucet constantly needs repairs. One of the most common signs that it's time to replace your faucet is when it needs constant repairs to function.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a shower valve? ›

Shower valve replacement costs $315, on average, with a typical range between $125 and $500.

Does bathroom faucet brand matter? ›

A safe course no matter where you buy is to stick with name-brand products known for quality and reliability. Off-brand faucets often are poorly made, and it's difficult to get parts for them. Along with wholesalers, talk with plumbers, contractors and other pros who install bathroom fittings every day.

What are the 3 main fixtures for a bathroom? ›

A bathtub, shower, or sink are examples of fixtures.

Should all bathrooms have same hardware? ›

Do hardware and fixtures have to be the same metal? Not necessarily, but it does look more cohesive. Keeping the same type of metal throughout is something most renovators do without thinking, but you can definitely shake things up for a more eclectic bathroom style.

What color hardware does not go out of style? ›


Brushed/Satin nickel will never go out of style. It is very versatile because it goes with almost any cabinet color and matches great with stainless steel appliances.

What color door hardware is timeless? ›

Graphite nickel, which designers have described as a fusion of flat black and brushed nickel, is a timeless finish that's appropriate for natural as well as industrial interior designs.

What is most popular hardware with white cabinets? ›

The most popular hardware choice for white shaker cabinets is chrome or brushed nickel pulls but other options can also work well with them. You can give a more traditional look with nickel pulls, add a vintage vibe with oil-rubbed bronze or brass, or modernize them with matte black color hardware.

What brands do plumbers recommend? ›

The Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands
  • General Electric. With a 100-year history of innovation and satisfied customers, General Electric (a.k.a. GE) is now a well-known name. ...
  • Gerber. Since 1932, this company has manufactured residential and commercial products since 1932. ...
  • Grohe. ...
  • Kohler. ...
  • Moen. ...
  • Delta. ...
  • Toto. ...
  • Whirlaway.
May 15, 2015

What is the most reliable faucet? ›

In fact, Moen has received the Lifestory Research® America's Most Trusted® award as America's most trusted faucet brand for the past six consecutive years. Moen offers a variety of faucets at several price points while continuing to provide elegant design.

Are bathroom wall or surface mount faucets better? ›

The biggest benefit to wall-mount faucets besides being aesthetically cleaner, is that they are actually physically cleaner. Deck-mounted faucets can develop hard water build-up due to water pooling at the base of the fixtures. Wall mounted faucets leave the counter space behind the sink clean and free of water.


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