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A host of exciting things are on the horizon.destiny 2player, with considerablecalendarprojected for the coming seasons, includingTweaks, tweaks, updates, Lightfall, and more that Bungie plans to implement.

This page serves as a complete breakdown of what we knowComing to Destiny 2 next year.


challenge season

Start alongside Lightfall, Season of Defiance was ready for content before Bungie decided on a number of quality of life changes they wanted to implement and target in terms of overall gameplay and player engagement.

A key point is theIntent to reduce the complexity of the different progression systemsin the game, starting with theRemoving Thresholds and Threshold Energies. This means that after unlocking Seasonal Focus, if you want to focus an engram on a specific Seasonal weapon or armor, all you need is Glimmer and a Seasonal Engram. Additionally, seasonal engrams are stored and tracked with seasonal vendors, making it much easier to manage the pool of engrams in your character's inventory.

Rather than having to hold large amounts of Season Currency at the end of each Season Activity to unlock a chest, individual keys will drop over game time, allowing you to get better rewards at the end of each Season. a seasonal activity.Keys no longer drop every time you complete an activity.To compensate for this change, base rewards for each completed season activity have been improved. Therefore, earning and spending a key is a worthwhile bonus and not a requirement to join the Season Playlist.

Players can also expectfewer vendor updates overallin Season of Defiance, with each individual update becoming more powerful and some updates even offering variations in how you interact with seasonal activities.

To improve the readability and understanding of game systems, Bungie looks at how they name the different currencies and progression systems to ensure you know exactly what something is or does as soon as you look at it.

season of the deep

After the Challenge Season ends, the Season of the Depths begins. This season, Bungie confirmed thatSeason of the Deep will not have a provider upgrade paradigm. The same applies to the following season.

Bungie specifically wants to "create more variable experimental structures and slowly build a wide range of different systems for players to showcase their investment in seasonal content".

Bungie is interestedcontinues the tonal variety in the game, starting with the big change in tone that Lightfall will bring and continuing with future seasonal content.

weapons manufacturing

Bungie is very keen to make some major updates to how weapon crafting works in Destiny 2 and how players approach this mechanic. They think the path you have to take to get the weapon you want is too random. Therefore, the changes they are implementing/planning for next year are as follows:

  • To create separate chases for crafted and non-crafted weapons, starting with Lightfall,Less than total weapons will be craftable.and more long-term obtainable weapons gain value from random perk rolls.
  • So that these non-crafted weapons in Lightfall can compete with the crafted weapons, more and more in the year of LightfallUncrafted weapons (as of this year's new Raid Adepts) can be upgraded.
  • Upgrading will unlock your dropped weaponLevel up, use memories, and gain access to enhanced perks and enhanced intrinsics, but only upgraded versions of Perks and Masterworks already included in the version of the weapon you are upgrading.
  • With some time and resources, upgrading allows you to take the randomly rolled weapon you received and upgrade your existing roll to equal the full power of a crafted weapon.
  • Bungie intends to implement this firstLightfall Raid Adepts at the start of Season of the Deep. Long term and I would like to extend this functionality to most new non-manufactured weapons, but there are some technical hurdles that need to be cleared first.
  • Some additional changes are planned for crafted weapons:
    • You will never see deep vision on a gununless it's something that requires you to do pattern progressions. If you see a red border in the game, you know it's valuable.
    • deep goals season,A mechanism to activate Deepsight will be added for each craftable weapon.You don't have the pattern to.

tuning skills


In both PvE and PvP, Bungie believes skills dominate many commits due to their potency (not aimed at nerfs) and the uptime they want to achieve. Destiny is a game of weapons and powers; both must shine. Starting with Lightfall, Bungie is modestly increasing the skill cooldown on a wide range of skills, which you can read more about on their official post.

Enemy fighters don't hit as hard as Bungie would like, especially against maxed Guardians. As such, there will be adjustments to the amount of damage resistance granted by Resilience, and the energy cost of Resilience mods will be increased from 1 to 2 for minor mods and from 3 to 4 for major mods.

With updates tooconstructionWithin Lightfall, Bungie strives to make strong, competent builds more accessible to the community at large, and while gear and mods remain key to that, some of the Guardian's damage and survivability bonuses were too strong in the system. old, so a gear-based perk balancing patch is scheduled for the near future.

enemy difficulty

Bungie is happy with the enemy difficulty adjustments they made in Season of the Seraph, so the base Battlegrounds playlist will use the same settings in Season of Defiance. Following this approach will adjust the same difficulty setting in the Vanguard Ops playlist.

the crucible

In Season of Defiance, Bungie strives for thatCountdown to the gamealong with a game mode respawn variantcountdown race, where players must detonate/defuse the two bombs on the map before the end of the round. They also pretend to runa series of Crucible Laboratories, including a mode that drastically alters the player's sandbox. Weapon damage, skill availability, and even ammo are all tweaked in a new mode tentatively titled Checkmate Control. This mode will reward players who use their wits and skills. Therefore, in the past, if the enemy could just take him out with a solo barrage of blades, he could be in trouble. Bungie has stated that they have even more modes planned, so keep an eye on Labs for more classic and new modes later this year.

Bungie believes that a steady stream of new game modes and reduced player strength will go a long way towards the health of the PvP ecosystem, but they remain committed to staying true to the Crucible map plan, which means it'sCollapse Arrival in Season of the Deep, BrandneuVex network map in season 22, it's himReturn from the Citadel in the last season before The Final Shape.

exotic quest rotator

As for PvE content, Bungie will continue to create new Exotic Quests, but starting with Season 22 we will be adding one.exotic quest rotator. The exotic quest rotator will contain exotic quests from the past.rotate weeklyand offers great rewards for players looking to dive into some classic content. Inseason 22, this rotator contains the exotic quests ofTemporadas 13, 16 e 19: Presage, Vox Obscura e Operation: Seraph's Shield.

strike updates

Bungie will update itlake of shadowsYarms sellerStrikes because they believe that another area of ​​PvE that could be improved is Vanguard rituals. Both activities had an effectGoals and encounters rethought and improvedto match the combat commitment of some of our new raid entries like Lightblade and Proving Grounds. In addition, we also accept notices that have not been updated recently, such as: B. Exodus Crash and The Inverted Spire, andDrastically reduce your presence in the Vanguard Ops playlistupon being removed from Nightfall's rotations. Battlegrounds integration with Vanguard Ops will also be updated. In addition to Lightfall, theBattlegrounds from seasons 16 and 19 will be added to the Vanguard Ops playlist.

full breakdown


If you'd like to read Bungie's full roadmap and plans, you can do so through Bungie poston your website.

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