Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (2023)

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (1)ABC

Brooklyn neun neunreturns today, February 6th, with two back-to-back episodes, cause for celebration among the many fans who have faithfully followed the show since day one.

In recent years, the popular cop comedy has always been on the right side of history; Address issues such as #MeToo, racial discrimination, sexism and homophobia.

It does all that and more, and continues to prove that sitcoms can be educational without being boring, thanks in large part to its diverse cast, which consists in part of two Latina women (one of whom is bisexual) and two men. Black. .

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (2)Lucy Connolly

No doubtBrooklyn neun neunBreaking the Mold Instead of having a "token character" to give the impression of social inclusion and diversity, or releasing an episode each season that tackles major social issues like a sitcom normally would, it does exactly that Opposite.

Not only in terms of the cast, where the black leads outnumber the white leads in unprecedented ways, but also in terms of their stories, their plots, and their narratives.

You just have to look at the show's episode listing to see this:Other other,game night,show me go,he said she said,the ebony hawk,Captain Peralta, miOolong's killer– to name a few – examine a variety of pressing issues, from absentee fathers to sexual harassment in the workplace and racial discrimination.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (3)ABC

It is impossible to cover all of these episodes and the issues addressed by the show in one article. If it were, we'd probably be here all day and I'm sure no one has time for that. So instead I'll just focus on one thing:he said she said, directed by the one and only Stephanie Beatriz.

Despite many fans calling it the "best episode ever" and leaving others in tears, the episode remains the lowest-rated episode of season sixIMDband the second worst of all with a score of 7.2 stars out of 10. Which begs the question: Why?

In this special episode, Season 6 Episode 8, Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Jake (Andy Samberg) are confronted with a case of sexual assault at work. When the woman fears her career could be in jeopardy if she continues with her lawsuit, Amy convinces her that she will get justice for what happened.

Amy interviews company employees and receives the same seemingly fabricated answer that the accused colleague named Seth is an honest guy. Amy vows to solve the case and bring justice to Carrie.

She stays up all night looking for evidence, leading Jake to express concern for her when he enters the police station the next day and asks, "Are you alright? I'm starting to worry about you.

It's at this point that Amy reveals why the case is so important to her and why "it's not just a case for [her]". As a rookie, she was promoted to detective by her supervisor, someone she considered her mentor. This "mentor" then took her out to dinner and tried to kiss her, saying he "felt she deserved something in her career."

Amy ran out of the restaurant and was transferred to the 99th Precinct, but she didn't tell anyone because the incident made her feel like she didn't deserve her promotion.

Jake's eyes widen at what it means to be a woman and he says to Amy, "Every time I think I understand how bad this is, it's so much worse than I imagined ."

She then replies:

This has happened to literally every woman I know. I just wanted to help make things better for this woman.

And it's true. I can guarantee that every woman I've spoken to - family, friends, co-workers - would have a similar story to tell. Whether at work, inpublic transportation, at the gym, wherever... the story remains the same.

In a post #MeToo world, more and more incidents like this are popping up, creating a platform for sexual assault survivors to speak up in a safe space.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (4)ABC

In fact, shortly after the rise of the #MeToo movement, aOpinion pollof Stop Street Harassment found that 81% of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. But what is being done about it?

That said a 25-year-old woman who prefers to remain anonymousUNILADShe had a similar experience when she got her first full-time job after college. A male colleague, let's call him "Charlie", acted as a mentor to her, offered career advice, was there as a friend, etc.

He explained that "Charlie" was always friendly, but then he "got too friendly." At work meetings, he would: "Get drunk, ask me who I've slept with, what my love life was like, and other things that were bothering me."

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (5)PA Images

He texted her while drunk, asking if she was in town and if he could "get her off". It wasn't until the company Christmas party that things turned around when "Charlie" got so drunk he forgot his own address and she and her roommate had to drive him back to the apartment to calm down and clean up. a cab home.

She explained:

While my roommate was on the phone, 'Charlie' lay on my bed even though I told him to go. Then she said she needed to talk to me so I sat down next to her to tell her you need to go now as I don't want to talk.

He forced himself on me. He kissed me and started undressing me while I yelled at him to get out. Eventually it stopped and my roommate, hearing my screams, got in and dropped it. I was scared and upset and didn't know what to do.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (6)pixabay

However, the woman explained that "it wasn't the attack itself that was the worst, it was the aftermath." The week after the incident, "Charlie" took her to a conference room and asked if she remembered the kiss. When she said yes, he said he didn't know why he did it, blaming it on the outfit he was wearing that night.

(Video) try not to laugh challenge: brooklyn nine-nine edition | Comedy Bites

He warned her not to tell anyone what happened, "as if she found out I told anyone, it would ruin my career." He also warned that his wife would "beat" her if she found out. "He was much older than me and had experience in the industry while I was just starting out. So I believed their threats and kept quiet," she explained.

Öhe said she saidThe episode is important, she said, because when you see the things you've been through being spoken about so openly and honestly on a TV show, "it can help you come to terms with what happened to you, and help you think about it.” '.

She explained:

The scene that struck me the most was when Jake and Amy were talking about their experiences in the break room. Amy was harassed by her mentor and ended up quitting her job, as did I, so I immediately identified with her story.

I used to be ashamed of what happened to me and I think Amy was too, of course. Amy also says she was concerned that speaking up would not advance her career, and that's how I felt.

I didn't want to be just a victim in the eyes of my colleagues, friends and the industry. The way they handled the matter was very honest but it never felt boring or overly forced and balanced things with humor. That's what Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always done best.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (7)Lucy Connolly

Nor is she the only woman who feels the same way. Farah Benis directingLondon whistles— an Instagram-based campaign raising awareness of street harassment — she launched the campaign two years ago because she was fed up with women feeling uncomfortable and increasingly unsafe.

Farah recalled an incident when she was 20, when she was new to the company and starting a project in another country, when the operations manager "put his hand behind my back as he passed, constantly invading my personal space , grabbed my arm". Unnecessarily, he put his hand on my knee and [squeezed]'.

While she initially tried to "not make a big deal" about his behavior and "nonconfrontationally" dodged his advances, things got worse when he "pinned her against the office wall and tried to kiss her]".

Farah reported it to the HR manager and the head of another department she was running the project with, but it was dismissed with, "He's like that, but you're a girl, you can take care of yourself."

Later, the same department head attempted to take her to her hotel room one night, and would regularly mention Farah's breasts, weight, and "fuckability."

she saidUNILAD:

Since I was new, the only woman in senior management, and desperately needed the job, I didn't want to mess it up myself. That was his implication: that I would rock the boat.

Dealing with bullying at work and on a regular basis in general is mentally draining. If you constantly question your answers and wonder if you are being too kind, can it be misunderstood, if not kind enough, is difficult to report, is it affecting your opportunities at the company?

If you don't do anything, will he continue to do it with other people or even take it as some sort of confirmation that you really like him? Try to avoid situations where you might be alone with them and avoid making suggestive comments.

Farah said she used to find it difficult to manage all of this in a corporate setting, which is one of the reasons she now runs workshops with young people on sexual harassment. "While I can't change my experiences, I can equip others with the tools and knowledge to fight back in these kinds of situations," he explained.

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For Farah, thehe said she saidresult ofBrooklyn neun neunit was very important because such a popular television show "doing its part to reinforce the widespread portrayal of bullying and its consequences" can only be positive.

She said the episode successfully demonstrated "how everyday sexism, sexual harassment and assault is rampant and, as Amy says, is experienced by "literally every woman I know."

Farah continued:

Highlighting the experiences of women and girls on such platforms goes a long way in changing the culture of silence that surrounds these encounters.

Harassment is not just limited to the workplace; Seniña Joy D. Mojica, 23, of Manila, Philippines, said she finds it impossible to move without being stared at by men or booed at when she "decides to wear something that shows a little skin."

Also, on various occasions, Seniña was attacked when she woke up, when a stranger touched her on the bus or train, or someone openly masturbated in front of her on an empty bus.

He said that after each of these experiences, people were quick to point out what he was wearing or how he acted "to release [his] stalker for any harm or trauma he caused me."

she saidUNILAD:

I want to be able to go home without fear that someone will take advantage of me or see my lonely state as an opportunity to attack or exercise power over me when they really have no power over me.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (8)ABC

When viewing thehe said she saidEpisode, Seniña cried because she finally felt that "there are spaces where I can tell my story and the stories of billions of other women". She added, "It's just an episode, but it's certainly a way to grab attention and spark conversation."

If the episode had such an impact on those who have experienced sexual harassment, why is it the lowest rated episode of season six and the second lowest rated episode of the entire series? Apparently feminism.

Is not the same. One of the bad reviews says, "If you're going to introduce feminism into the episodes, at least make it authentic and not your typical 'bad white guy,'" while another said, "I'm really sick of these issues." [sic] us to be smeared in the face at every opportunity.'

Another wrote: "I'm a huge fan of B99 but unfortunately this episode ruined it for me. From the commitment to swallowing radical feminism to treating women as victims in literally every scenario, the only good thing about the episode was Holt's case.

Far from forcing us to swallow feminism, I thoughthe said she saidShe has done an amazing job of showing the real struggles that women experience on a daily basis.

In addition, she helped women who were in similar situations to accept what had happened to them through her sensitive and respectful approach to the problem.

Fans say the lowest-rated episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a "must see." (9)ABC

For a sitcom to do all of that and still be letting people down a few minutes later is an incredible achievement. And that despite the negative reviews, it will continue to be amazing.

The seventh season of B99 returns tonight, February 6, with back-to-back episodes on NBC. nine-nine!

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If you are affected by any of the issues in this article and would like to speak to someone privately, please contact the Rape Crisis England and Wales Helpline on 0808 802 9999 12pm. M. to 2:30 p.m. M. and from 7:00 p.m. M. to 9:30 p.m. M. daily. Alternatively, you can contact Victim Support free of charge on 08 08 16 89 111, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including Christmas.

The Male Survivor Partnership is available to support adult male survivors of sexual assault and rape. You can contact the organization atwebsiteor via the toll-free helpline 0808 800 5005, open 9am to 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday; Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


What is the lowest rated Brooklyn 99 episode? ›

7 Best And 7 Worst Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Best: The Last Day (Part 1) ...
  • Worst: He Said, She Said. ...
  • Best: Jake & Amy. ...
  • Worst: The Set Up. ...
  • Best: Lights Out. Universal Television. ...
  • Worst: Return of the King. Universal Television. ...
  • Best: Johnny and Dora. Universal Television. ...
  • Worst: The Good Ones. Universal Television.
Oct 19, 2022

Why was Hitchcock not in season 8? ›

In-universe, the explanation for Hitchcock's lack of physical presence in season 8 is that he retired to Brazil "the very first second he could" at the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, he still constantly video calls Scully on FaceTime because he misses his best friend.

Why did Rosa quit 99? ›

However, one notable twist saw Rosa Diaz, horrified by the extent of corruption in the NYPD, quitting the force to become a private investigator. This made Rosa the only major cast member to leave the 99 due to problems with policing, although it did fly in the face of her comments in an earlier outing.

What is the saddest episode of b99? ›

The episode “He Said, She Said”. It's competing with “Moo Moo” and “Game Night” as the saddest episode of the entire series. There's Amy's reason why she is determined to see the victim get the win.

Why did Brooklyn 99 end so abruptly? ›

"It really limited the opportunities to schedule Brooklyn. With Thursday Night Football, there were two fewer hours to program. We were trying to create a more cohesive program, and scheduling Brooklyn would prevent us from promoting something new. Ultimately we decided we just didn't have room for it."

What is the lowest show rating? ›

Answer: The worst rated show on IMDb is 'The Pogmentary' with an IMDb rating of 1.1 out of 10.

Are Hitchcock and Scully friends in real life? ›

Joel McKinnon Miller (Scully) and Dirk Blocker (Hitchcock) became best friends in real life after playing best friends on the show for so many years. Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, members of the comedy trio The Lonely Island with Andy Samberg, have both directed and been guest stars in episodes of the show.

What was Holt's tattoo? ›

“My most precious secret,” Holt answers. “My tattoo.” He steps out of the elevator and pulls up his shirt to reveal a tattoo of his husband Kevin's (Marc Evan Jackson) head on their dog Cheddar's body. “I asked for a tattoo of Kevin and Cheddar.

Why does Jake Peralta wear his badge around his neck? ›

Fans of the classic Christmas film Die Hard will know the exact reason why Jake Peralta chooses to wear his badge like this. Yes, it is a cheesy yet endearing homage to his favourite fictional character of all time.

Did Brooklyn 99 end because of BLM? ›

Heart-breaking announcement by the creators of cop comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine in February 2021 for ending the show with Season 8 on NBC, appear to fans as an extended support for the BLM movement.

Is Rosa from Brooklyn 99 blind in real life? ›

Personal life

Beatriz has severe astigmatism and requires glasses to see. She does not wear them in many of her roles; as her eyes are sensitive to contact lenses, she therefore has difficulty hitting her marks while on camera.

Did Holt and Kevin break up? ›

The Good Ones. Holt reveals to Amy that he has been having a hard time since he and Kevin split up. The weight of the past year and the BLM movement took a toll on his personal life and affected his relationship with Kevin.

What disorder does Jake Peralta have? ›

Jake Peralta has symptoms of severe ADHD, and has clear signs of maladaptive coping mechanisms which serve to ease symptoms in the short run, but do not work long term. Jake Does well in the work place in the things he finds interesting, ie.

Who is the least liked character in Brooklyn 99? ›

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters
  • Roger Peralta. Jake's untrustworthy and inconsiderate father infrequently pops back into Jake's life, usually for selfish reasons. ...
  • Teddy Wells. Amy's ex-boyfriend infamously loves pilsners just about as much as he loves Amy Santiago. ...
  • Jason "C.J." Stentley. ...
  • John Kelly.
Dec 11, 2019

Is the 99th Precinct real? ›

The outside of the precinct is based on the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, as the 99th Precinct is not real.

Why did they bleep out Brooklyn? ›

There was always swearing in Brooklyn 99, they just starting more in depth with in Season 6 by using censor bleeps for comedic effect. As for why, it was due to the fact that Brooklyn 99 had switched from being FOX show to being an NBC show, following the single day cancellation of the show after the fifth season.

Do Jake and Amy get divorced? ›

Jake and Amy announce that they're getting a divorce. Though Amy sees their time spent in therapy as a failure, Jake says he's beginning to understand why their "dynamic" isn't working.

What is the most inappropriate TV rating? ›

Common TV ratings are listed below:
  • TV-Y: All Children. ...
  • TV-Y7: Directed to Older Children. ...
  • TV-Y7 FV: Directed to Older Children - Fantasy Violence. ...
  • TV-G: General Audience. ...
  • TV-PG: Parental Guidance Suggested. ...
  • TV-14: Parents Strongly Cautioned. ...
  • TV-MA: Mature Audience Only.

What is worst TV-MA or rated R? ›

TV-MA is equivalent to R, just a little more extreme. What is this? The first difference is that TV-MA is a TV broadcasting rating but R is a film rating. The second difference would be TV-MA being the most extreme TV rating to exist while R is only the second most extreme film rating.

What is worse than rated R? ›

Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated X: No one under 17 admitted.

Why does Scully look so different? ›

Which is to say: Baldness. Her television work of the past year – NBC's Crisis and Hannibal; Britain's The Fall – required different colors and looks, and her hair took a beating as a result of all that wear and tear. "My hair started falling out last year," she says.

What did Scully whisper? ›

That's my choice.” She paused, looked around at the empty church, before whispering her hope for her future in his ear. “That's not my 4-year-old self looking for a miracle,” she said. “That's my leap of faith forward. And I'd like to do it together.”

Who married Scully? ›

Dana Scully
Dr. Dana Scully
SpouseFox Mulder
ChildrenEmily Sim William Scully Unborn child
ReligionRoman Catholic
HomeWashington, D.C., U.S.
12 more rows

Why did Gina Linetti leave 99? ›

She returned to the show in the same year's finale ("Return of the King") as a guest star, as well as a few other times. Narrative-wise, Gina decides that it's time to leave the Brooklyn 99 precinct, realizing that her talents would be better used elsewhere like being an online celebrity.

What does Jake call Holt? ›

Jake calls Holt “Dad” – “The Apartment” (Season 1, Episode 18)

Why does Amy wear a uniform but Terry doesn t? ›

Amy as a sergeant. Why does Terry Were clothes with his badge but Amy were her uniform? Terry became sergeant of the detectives while Amy became sergeant of the uniformed officers (I think).

Is Jake Peralta Mexican? ›

Jake was born sometime between May 21 and June 20, 1981, in New York City. He is an Ashkenazi-Sephardic Jewish American New Yorker, raised by his mother after his dad walked out on them when Jake was only seven years old.

Who is Jake Peralta's half sister? ›

Kate Peralta is Jake Peralta's younger half-sister and a daughter of Roger Peralta. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

What went wrong with Brooklyn 99? ›

Character Development Grew Weaker

Surprisingly, fans don't talk about this aspect enough; season 1 and 2 had some of the finest recurring characters and cameos but season 3 onwards, secondary characters or new additions were really underdeveloped. The comic execution also became weaker in terms of engagement.

Is Killing It linked to Brooklyn 99? ›

Craig Robinson's new sitcom Killing It, co-created by Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Dan Goor, sees the actor play a role that evolves his iconic Pontiac Bandit character. Killing It tells the story of Craig (Robinson), a low-paid security guard and family man who gets drawn into the high-profit world of python hunting.

Does b99 get worse? ›

Usually series like Brooklyn Nine Nine slowly become worse and less entertaining, however, when I watched the season 6 of the show I was pleasantly surprised. They're still maintaining very well in my opinion and if not the same, they're getting better.

Is Rosa in love with Boyle? ›

Charles Boyle and Rosa Diaz are detectives and best friends in the 99th. Throughout Season One, Charles was madly in love with Rosa although it was one-sided. After Charles gets together with Vivian Ludley, he and Rosa become friends and are able to hang out normally.

Why does Diaz look different in Season 4? ›

Rosa Diaz actor Stephanie Beatriz eventually provided insight into the change, explaining on Twitter that she intentionally altered Rosa's look in season 4. While she didn't reveal the precise reason for the change, she attributed it to Rosa's character arc in the sitcom.

What is Rosa's fake name? ›

In Maximum Security, Rosa is chosen to go undercover in a woman's prison as Jessica Cortez. However upon entering she is recognised as a cop and her cover is instantly blown and she has to leave. She helps Terry and Holt plan a fake funeral for Adrian and is annoyed that she has to play the grieving widow.

Who is Gina's baby daddy? ›

Milton Boyle, you are the father! In the Tuesday, May 23 season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) revealed the father of her baby is in fact a Boyle, much to Charles Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) delight. "Oh my god, he's here.

Did Jake kiss Holt? ›

Jake and Holt lock lips in an attempt to disgust their conservative redneck captors, and it works. There are no romantic connotations to this kiss; it was simply and hilarious and unforgettable moment.

Was Kevin or Holt right? ›

Trivia (6) Kevin is correct about the math problem, it's a common game theory question. As he explains the initial choice of door is based on a 1/3 probability.

Who is the smartest character in b99? ›

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Most Amazing Geniuses/Humans, Ranked
  • 8 Norm Scully.
  • 7 Charles Boyle.
  • 6 Sergeant Terry Jeffords.
  • 5 Amy Santiago.
  • 4 Jake Peralta.
  • 3 Captain Raymond Holt.
  • 2 Gina Linetti.
  • 1 Rosa Diaz.
Jun 12, 2022

What 16 personalities does Jake Peralta have? ›

Jake Peralta: ENFP

Jake Peralta is an ENFP and the main character of Brooklyn 99. As an ENFP, he's a great detective, but he often uses his intuition and gut feelings to solve crimes, rather than facts and evidence. This method often gets him into trouble, but it also makes him one of the best detectives on the force.

Is Gina from b99 a narcissist? ›

Interests... herself. Gina is extremely narcissistic, clearly enamored by her own supposed inner and outer beauty.

Was Jake Peralta's bleeding internal? ›

Quotes. Jake Peralta : [In the hospital] I wasn't hurt that bad. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood is supposed to be.

Why does Peralta quit? ›

Jake reveals to Amy that the intent of the heist is for him to announce he will quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad, believing it's their best option to raise Mac so Amy can focus on her new job and his son doesn't have to grow up without a father as he did.

How many hours would it take to watch Brooklyn 99? ›

We've listed 14 of the most popular shows – and yes, I'm sure there are more we've missed, and worked out just how long it would take to watch them start to finish.
ShowBrooklyn Nine-Nine
Hours to Binge67
Hours per day in Quarantine4.7
13 more columns
Mar 19, 2020

What is the longest episode of Brooklyn 99? ›

It aired on Fox in the United States on November 5, 2013.
48 Hours (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
"48 Hours"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode
Episode no.Season 1 Episode 7
Directed byPeter Lauer
Written byLuke Del Tredici
12 more rows

What age rating is Brooklyn? ›

Brooklyn is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for a scene of sexuality and brief strong language.


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