Luz de Maria - A New Plague Will Come - Countdown to the Kingdom (2023)

Luz de Maria - A New Plague Will Come - Countdown to the Kingdom (1)

Warum Light of Maria de Bonilla?

What follows is an adaptation of the bestselling book,THE WARNING: Testimonies and Prophecies of Illumination of Conscience.

(Video) Our Lady's Message to Luz de Maria for February 18, 2023

Luz de María de Bonilla is a stigmatized Catholic mystic, wife, mother, Third Order Augustinian and prophetess from Costa Rica who currently resides in Argentina. She grew up in a very religious home with great devotion to the Eucharist and since childhood she experienced the heavenly visits of her Guardian Angel and Our Lady, whom she considered her companions and confidants. In 1990 she received miraculous healing from an illness that coincided with Our Lady's visit and a new, more public appeal to share her mystical experiences. Soon she would be in deep ecstasy not only in the presence of her family - her husband and eight children - but also in front of people close to her who gathered to pray; and they in turn formed a prayer room that has accompanied them to this day.

After years of surrendering to the will of God, Luz de María began to suffer the pain of the cross she carried in her body and soul. This first happened on Good Friday, she shared:“Our Lord asked me if I would like to share in his sufferings. I answered in the affirmative and after a day of uninterrupted prayer, Christ appeared to me that night on the cross and shared his wounds. It was an indescribable pain, although I know that, as painful as it is, it is not the full extent of the pain that Christ continues to suffer for humanity.” (“We reveal that Luz de María is the seer”, Virgin Mary Forums, accessed July 13, 2019,

On March 19, 1992, Our Lady began to speak regularly with Luz de María. Since then, he mostly gets two messages a week, sometimes just one. The messages originally came as internal speeches, followed by visions from Maria, which went on to describe Luz de María's mission."I've never seen such beauty"Luz said about Maria's appearance."It's something you never get used to. Every time is like the first time."

A few months later, Mary and St. Michael the Archangel presented our Lord to her in a vision, and in time, Jesus and Mary spoke to her about future events such as the Warning. The messages went from private to public and, by divine command, she was supposed to share them with the world.

Many of the prophecies made to Luz de María have already been fulfilled, including the attack on the Twin Towers in New York that was announced eight days in advance. In the messages, Jesus and Mary express their deep sadness for man's disobedience to the divine law, which led him to unite with evil and act against God. They warn the world of troubles to come: communism and its imminent climax; war and use of nuclear weapons; pollution, hunger and disease; revolution, social unrest and moral depravity; a schism in the Church; the demise of the world economy; the public appearance and world dominion of the Antichrist; the fulfillment of the warning, the miracle and the penalties; the fall of an asteroid and the change in Earth's geography, among other messages. All this is not intended to frighten, but to encourage people to direct their gaze towards God. Not all messages from God are disasters. There are also proclamations of the revival of the true faith, the unity of the people of God, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the final triumph of Christ, King of the Universe, when there will be no more divisions and we will become one people under the One God.

Father José María Fernández Rojas has remained with Luz de María as her confessor since the beginning of her speeches and visions, and two priests work constantly with her. The messages she receives are recorded by two people and later transcribed by a nun. One priest corrects spelling, another finishes proofreading messages before uploading them to the site.www.revelacionesmarianas.comto be shared with the world. The messages were in a book titledyour kingdom comes, and on March 19, 2017, João Abelardo Mata Guevara, SDB, Interim Bishop of Estelí, Nicaragua, granted them the Imprimatur of the Church. His letter began:

(Video) THE PLAGUE IS COMING AGAIN, Make Available This oil and rub it daily - Luz de Maria

Estelí, Nicaragua, Year of the Lord, March 19, 2017

Solemnity of Patriarch Saint Joseph

The volumes containing "PRIVATE REVELATION" from Heaven delivered to Luz de María from 2009 to date have been handed over to me for due ecclesiastical approval. I read these volumes, entitled THY KINGDOM COME, with confidence and interest and concluded that they are a call to mankind to return to the path that leads to eternal life and that these messages are Admonitions from Heaven which man must beware of deviate from the divine Word.

In each revelation given to Luz de María, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary guide the steps, works and actions of the People of God in these times when humanity must return to the teachings contained in Sacred Scripture.

The messages in these volumes are a treatise on spirituality, divine and moral wisdom for those who accept them with faith and humility, so I encourage you to read them, meditate on them and put them into practice.

I DECLARE that I have not found any doctrinal error contrary to faith, morals and good customs, which is why I give this publication the IMPRESSION. Along with my blessings, I express my best wishes that the "Words from Heaven" contained herein will impact every creature of good will. I ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, to intercede for us so that God's will may be fulfilled.

(Video) Jesus Christ - Fireballs Are Directed Toward The Earth And Scientists Will Not Be Able To Stop Them!

“. . . on earth as it is in heaven (Mt 6:10)”.


John Abaelard Mata Guevara, SDB

Oberobishop of Estelí, Nicaragua

Below is a performance by Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata de Luz de Maria at Nicaragua's Sterile Cathedral.

Luz de Maria - A New Plague Will Come - Countdown to the Kingdom (2)
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(Video) Luz De Maria - The Next Great War Will Shakes The World And Cause Chaos On Earth - Who Will Win?

Indeed, an international consensus seems to have emerged that Luz de María de Bonilla's messages deserve attention. There are several reasons for this, which can be summarized as follows:

• Heis printedfrom the Catholic Church conferred in 2017 by Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara de Esteril to Luz de María's writings after 2009, together with a personal statement reaffirming his belief in its supernatural origin.

• The consistently high theological content and pedagogy of these messages and devotions.

• The fact that many of the events predicted in these messages (volcanic eruptions in certain places, terrorist attacks in certain places like Paris) have already happened with great accuracy.

• The close and detailed convergence, without traces of plagiarism, with messages from other reputable sources of which Luz de María appears to have no personal knowledge (such as Father Michel Rodrigue and the seers in Heede, Germany, during the Third Reich period).

• The existence of a significant number of permanent mystical phenomena that accompany Luz de María (stigmata, crucifixes bleeding in her presence, religious images leaking oil). Sometimes they are in the presence of witnesses for whom we have video evidence (look here).

(Video) Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Right Now!!! This is happening| Newest Message From Jesus Christ

To read more about Luz de María de Bonilla see the book,THE WARNING: Testimonies and Prophecies of Illumination of Conscience.


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