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Mitzi Gaynor's Strange Romance

July 5, 2022



As you read this, Twinkle Gaynor Mitzi Giras through the Philarmonik stage in the center of Los Angeles in "Jollyanna" in "Jollyanna", even the exciting rhythm of the growing speech. The star is so exciting that they are the lights that they are the lights thatShe is that she is the lights she can forgive for the moment she delayed another dream.

This is the story of this other dream. It is a story that started five years behind the stage when he participated a little and dreamed of being the star, and when he met the man who also married.Ingredients of the story book, the whole drama, the conflict that corresponds to everything this young bright actress has played on the screen. A "magic" purple slippers!

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The warm and lively romance Mitzi, who becomes so anxiously throughout his life in his talented advice and lawyer thirty -three, Richard Coyle, has a dizzying influence on Hollywood. It wasn't the question for a long time.If she likes it, it seemed the rumors that Mitzi was already married and for some time until a while until the first and the only love.

With the interest shown, Mitzi said to a friend: "Since I was in the movies, I don't remember one day, not one, when someone didn't happen to me and asked me when I said," Congratulations, I listen, you alreadyis married."Why don't you think there's anything else to say?"

But love helps essentially in the world of cinema. In an industry that blooms in boys, the gossip columns are always vigilant. The young star and the lawyer were not changing two. They played married.

His novel, related to Mitzi, is a family story. His feeling as a lawyer was his first boyfriend. He met when he appeared in "Marietta Naughty" in the Philharmonic five years ago. He has been stable since then.Girl long before I met Richard, who would only marry at that time."Until then, she was just" committed to being committed ... ""

Mitzi became twenty -one on September 4, a few days before opening as a "Jollyanna" star. Journalists were ready to print how Cinderella would be transformed on September 3 in a flushed girlfriend. When Miti said weeksBefore that date, she, she, she had to be postponed. "Look," he said unhappy, "I never said that on the first day I would marry me after my twenty -one!"

In general, it was known that in a break and his mother had occupied his own four -bedroom apartment in the house of three floors in a hill with a view to Hollywood that was rented in the middle of the hill and his mother. This was added to the rumors ofthat Mitzi married in secret.

According to his friends, this was an economic step. A rug well -being large enough to overflow family and friends to visit. The rent and the expenses were high. As Mitzi once said to a friend: “For a while we hadHamburg and Hamburg every night can be quite annoying. "Four bedrooms of the house share an apartment with their own outdoor entrance. They could rent. And they did it to Cayles, Richard and his mother, who looked for an apartment in thatera.

Over the years, the mother of Missen, who calls her fiance, markedly "thin," and her mother, whose name is "min", and who appeals with love to Mitzi as "my min", will do it very close to thosetwo families. Save the house that the committed couple wanted to buy.

Your explanation for the postponement of your marriage is very simple and credible. "We can't get married now," says Mitzi. "I'll be with the show in mid -January and I'm not getting married if you do a show. Jollyanna."Across the country, perhaps even Broadway. This would not be my idea of marriage, the furious trip and one or two for one or two, as long as it could. We will be a normal marriage. We could not be more normal.Business for us. We were three times in a nightclub, but in so many years, if you celebrate my mother's birthday.Caro Hollywood and my career, but with us is the business. We two like and respect, but it's still a business.We want "theatrical" marriage. We prefers to wait and have our marriage as we plan for so long."

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A busy ceremony between the matinee and the night show is not for Mitzi. However, a honeymoon behind the stage. After five years, you can wait a few more months.

Today, Mitzi's name is in the lights and has the stars of the star he once visualized, but the wedding when he planned to wait. Sine "happy shoes" wore it in a show, could organize it. "No one else finds itThat they will help, but I think they are lucky, that means to me, "says Mitzi, who always uses all the images on the first day.

His contract establishes that he has six months after three years to do a show on stage and that this should be done with producer Edwin Lester, who gave him his great rest. In this third year, Mitzi was in the lead of "Jollyanna" offered.

"Just think, the star of the show!" Says Mitchchi, still with great eyes about it. "It's wonderful to be the star. The way everyone says again and again," What do you think, Mitzi? What youDo you want Mitzi? "... Golly!"

However, it is not so wonderful that you can separate from your fiance for a long time, while the show is on the road."

But carefully your fiance includes their respective roles in the drama behind the stage, which is a part of the family of fame and its demands.To encourage and are surprised: "Why should I have walked with someone else? He is all I could want in a man in a man. Look when you're ahead ..." "" "

If you are ahead, do not press your luck. Do not try purple shoes too far away.

What a good luck to you in the last five years it has proven to be the fact that a teenager named Mitzi Gaynor know his own head and his own incredibly well.

From the beginning, she felt that it would be right for her to marry someone in her own profession. "We say." Professional men are less emotional, "he emphasizes." I am, I'm a form or so far, you can't digWith a shovel, but Richard is a very soft influence."

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Let me hunt something in the air: "Oh, you make me angry!" "And where you can go from there," says Mitzi, "If the man in question agrees, 'I know, I love, I love it.Let's think about it. "When he sits and thinks for a few seconds, everything is aligned.

"These lawyers are so logical!" Says Mitzi. "But really for me. I always hope Richard fills me and scolds me, but he never does it. He just looks at me and listening to my argument, so I calm down."

A five -year association nearby makes it possible to make appointments and adjustments."Richard is very understanding and suitable for me in every respect. He has none of the small characteristics or gestures that irritate me. It's the little things in a marriage that can be so annoying, I wonder."

After five years, a girl also watches her part of small things, such as looking at a man's face and instinctively knows how tired she is.

After five years, she can know how wonderful her sense of humor and mocking path are appreciated. When Mitzi leaves a slang expression, he dealt with the study. "You know, prayers like" he really left "or a choreographerAnd Richard says: "This man is the best thing that happened to someone!"" Excellent?"" Repeat. "You know, love, great," says Mitzi, after the long term ritual: "He says," Well, we have the book. "

In five years, you can know that there is nothing to fear if you have two races."He knows that I've been working at a phase of the Business Show Seven years ago, which I grew up and liked. It's just the money, it may be different, but he knows how much it means to me. It's also a big help and reads me. I have two copies of each script. He has his and I have my line through "thought" and abbreviations to learn to learn.

And to constantly go for five years, it allows enough time to study a mother of one.

"My mother thinks more about Richard than she," says Mitzi. He adds with a smile: "And I don't like it a little. I remember him again and again, I lost a mother and you have another one."Mine always asks Richard: "What can I fix, honey? What can I do for you, love?" She treats him like King. What the mother of Richard, my ministry, affects her! We see it more similar thanMy mother and me. And my min always takes to me."

If the two families of meat gather in Mitzi, the groom always threatens the provocations: "I will go home with the mother."in you in the kitchen. "It remembers her future girlfriend: "But your mother teaches me how to cook!"


Regardless of their common opinion that young people form that they should live alone, they can already weigh the possible disadvantages."We keep asking ourselves," How can we do it without them?"He laughs:" What is Richard likes Richard so much my mother's kitchen. And where can another basket couple find like my min?"

They are a lovely family, regardless of playing cards or spending a gala night together in a movie in the neighborhood that is armed with corn popcorn on my tooth."Min will certainly neutralize:" I think you're okay, Mitzi."Richard?"He just sits there and says nothing, with his hands tied and wait for the jury."

Right now, Mitzi and her future husband are looking for a house for a house. “Preferably a house in a hill. I would love to live in sunset."

As this is written, it is said that their plans are married: "At the beginning of next year, when I'm ready in 'Jollyanna."Remember to laugh, how many closely related and close relatives have Undenos friends. "Maybe we keep it on television. "

Your wedding dress? "I don't like to talk about it," he says again. "I'm very superstitious. A magazine wanted me to model a wedding dress, but I wouldn't dare. It's the same if I, on the one hand,I'm never talking about it. I don't even say Richard. I suffered that, but I don't say anything until he knows, because I'm afraid of Jinx. "

This makes the question of the "happy" house Mitzi and his mother rent on Miti with a certain degree of light relief "is a busy house."

"There are no big photos of a house," she says, "but it's a happy house! Since we lived there, I ended up in 'The Great Waltz', I signed the twentieth room. Now 'Jollyanna'. My mother wrote a television gameAnd a recording company is interested in getting an album with songs with its text messages. My cousin Yvonne Ruby resigned to his work with an ice program and started working with a model agency and since then they have not passed twoDays didn't spend two days. I see her when I can leave. "

Meanwhile, bring Mitzi's word to this. "We are not married and we will not marry now." She refuses to Rumoree's rumors in a marriage other than her own five -year dream.

So, and only then, Mitzi Gaynor can save your purple shoes.

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