Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch exclusive: Duane Ollinger interviewed, he knows there's more to the ranch than just gold (2023)

whatever you can imagineMystery at the Blind Frog Ranch, this insightful interview with lead actor, ranch owner Duane Ollinger will blow your mind.

The new Discovery series has blown up the fan base and there are believers and skeptics alike. But after reading this, all doubts will be dispelled that something extraordinary is happening on this remote Utah ranch.

Duane wants you to believe. Not the incense burning guy, hippie, woo woo. Ollinger is a laconic Texan who's the guy who likes the bottom line.

Until he meets a man who convinces him that there is something far more valuable than Mormons or lost Spanish gold washed up on the hillside by the Aztecs.

No sir, you're going to see a real academic, Eric Drummond, as serious as a heart attack and as solid a scientist as can be, melt earth and sand in a crucible and turn into solid metal instead of glass.

Find Iridium around the property this week. Anyone familiar with the elements knows that iridium is more commonly found on asteroids than on planet Earth, making it a valuable new discovery on the Blind Frog property.

So what do we do with this show?

It will be like endless hard workOak Island curseWho finds a cross here for years, a stone there?

Not to dismiss this job, but the Ollingers have poured a lot of their money into mining this strange ranch in Utah, and as they go along, very strange things are happening everywhere.

After Duane made his living as an oil businessman, Duane sold his company in Amarillo, Texas and invested it all in a gold mining opportunity in Utah's Uintah Mountains.

Since beginning his search at Blind Frog Ranch, he has discovered a system of underground caves that snake beneath the property. Since then he has been convinced that there is treasure hidden in the caves and his only goal is to find it.

But the story is deeper and ours exclusiveTV Show WingsInterview will tell you energy fields can be something that cannot be ruled out and really needs to be scientifically classified.

Adding to the fun of the story is the power of lore. Locals in the area fear a curse protecting the treasure, and Duane has experienced countless strange occurrences that throw him off balance.

we discoveredhe sells the propertyfor the right price, but as time goes by and the treasure factor becomes a reality, you may change your mind.

There's a lot of belief floating around here, but one thing's for sure... something's not right on the ranch.

Exclusive interview with Duane Ollinger

Since a Texas oilman landed in Utah and invested in this ranch, who was the person who bugged his ear?

Duane Ollinger:I have taken several steps in this matter. So the first mistake was that we were involved with could call it a healing center where we would sponsor scientists and people to come in and help think differently about what's been going on for a long time, maybe their minds a little bit to open .

We deal with people like former NASA engineers. We created a group of people who would call themselves scientists and people who knew some unusual things. Then there was a project that was brought to us by a man who came in and said a few things and we found out through him.

(Video) Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch - the Owner Tells the REAL STORY... A MUST WATCH!!!

And the project went a little bit south, and then I came in and controlled the project and just went through with it.

Who is Milton Dailey? It says you have the ranch for sale. That's right?

Duane Ollinger:Is if. Well by saying that's how it works now. In a collateral damage situation here, there was a man [Jeremiah Davis] who did me a huge favor. Immense.

I don't know if I could reward you even if it drew the world's attention. But he wanted the story [of property] to be told of everything that [in summary] isn't told... to the extent that there is more to this life. He was linked to some high profile people, you could see that.

On his deathbed I told him I would publish this story. I looked at a lot of different real estate agents and I thought I could do that because we have the power zone, moving lines, caves, all kinds of things. I felt like this property was worth a lot, but this [TV series] will also tell the story.

I have a feeling you have a tiger by the tail, the tv show is a huge hit...

Duane Ollinger:The man [Jeremiah Davis] who did me a big favor is a very high-ranking person up there.


Duane Ollinger:Well over. You can probably look him up at and see his deathbed declaration where we list him for sale. On his deathbed I told him I told the story and I told him, I told him, 'Dude, I never lied to you. And he [Jeremiah Davis] said on his deathbed, 'I didn't lie to you either.'

And I told him I told you this story. He said he never thought the [Blind Frog Ranch] story would spread like that. It is an honor to work with Karga Seven Pictures and Discovery.

They helped us to carry out this project. I am speechless for this. It only helps to spread this story further that there is more to it than any government or religion tells us. take it how you want

When you see the pictures when you watch the show, are you surprised at how your son Chad is risking his life?

Duane Ollinger:I've said this before and it's just... it's hard. The best day of your life is when your kids become your heroes, and mine too. Now for me to tryFollow Chadto do what he does is absolutely impossible.

It would be like trying to stop the waves coming in from the ocean. He was always a risk child. He's a stunt pilot, people don't know that, he set the world record for inverted turns in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It was always a pleasure to work with this child. And it's huge. he has my heart

The last episode's cliffhanger showed a person breaking in. Charlie's security camera caught someone looking for some kind of attack. Please tell me this is not just a trick and can you elaborate on this scene?

Duane Ollinger:I can give more details and we didn't know about it. Boots on the Floor, Karga Seven, all the [production] people didn't know about it. [In this scene] we got the cameras out and they looked at a few shots to see if they caught anything.

(Video) Rare Element Worth "Millions" More Than Gold Found On Ranch | Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

And then this guy shows up in front of the wildlife camera. It's weird, and if you're having a seizure, I'm sorry it's happening to someone like this, but it's so much more than that. This guy was just weird.

Is someone, maybe a local, joking? What's your theory?

Duane Ollinger:Well, several different theories. We always have a bit of fluff in what we do. So either someone was, I hate to say it, obsessed... Or maybe someone was acting up and just trying to get people to adopt something.

There are so many things, but it's not nonsense** and you just have to get over it. But this guy, or whoever it was, doesn't realize that where we're from, we don't play those games.

When they play, they don't realize how dangerous it is or our abilities.

Oh, I'm married to a Texan. I know.

Duane Ollinger:IT'S OKAY. So you understand. So if they don't start, there's no bullshit**...there won't be.

Geologist Eric Drummond became a valuable asset to you and analyzed this metal. how did you meet him

Duane Ollinger:Well, Karga Seven and Discovery brought Eric to us, and he's top notch. He just can't get enough of this guy because he's so genuine, but he's willing... I hate teaching Chad, but he's willing to take Chad out of the way. It's kind of crazy, but everyone just wants to be there to get us out there, figuring out how it works.

Eric had to scratch his head over a few things. I don't know where to start with this, but he had to reconsider some of the things he was taught. I've seen these tests run hundreds of times in different ranges and different power zones. I told Eric about it and he said, 'Well, the books don't tell us that, so we need to reconsider if it's doable.'

Now he saw it. There were various times when something else transpired. Now the dirt is always analyzed before sampling. So we know the ingredients of this dirt, and then other things that weren't there before begin to appear.

We're using an XRF weapon, you know, and the composition of the material, or the parts per million of what's in it. We're using someone else's technology. We just look at it and say, well, it looks like copper. He's a good son of a bitch, is all I can say.

You have invested a lot of money, do you expect to find that Spanish gold?

Duane Ollinger:Yes, never, and you can ask my son that, you've never seen me do anything about it.

We just don't do that. I mean, I'd be the dumbest motherfucker in the world if I said I just want people to see this, man. So yes I think there is more out there and I have seen many things that help me to believe information that few people have seen.

There is information we have that is beyond what people will believe, but I've seen it. So I can't deny it So this helps me to keep going.

How many years do you expect to work?

(Video) Mystery Woman That Killed Herself On The Ranch Leave No Trace Behind | Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Duane Ollinger:Well, I guess what the earth will do when all the things we've seen get where we can prove them to be true. I think it will be a game changer for many technologies because these energy fields are huge.

I mean, there are people, please don't shoot the messenger, but there are people who have been there and have been in physical pain for many years and just walked in these energy fields... And the next thing, I don't know, don't have that pain.

There are people with eye problems who now go to the doctor and the doctor says, 'Well, whatever you're doing, keep doing it.' Those are documented things, not something I mention.

These are people who burst into tears when they tell the story, and how can you not let them tell the story?

Would you classify this show as a treasure hunt or more paranormal?

Duane Ollinger:It's an overlap because what we're seeing and what I've seen in different energy zones is very well proven.

It seems you can have regular dirt in a power zone... Now I know of two such places, Utah is one and Amarillo, Texas is the other. And if you say that, if you heat the earth up to 1,850 degrees, 1,900 degrees and use flux to bring it into its state or melt it, if you leave it in that melt for an hour and a half to two hours, that energy zone goes higher, kind of beyond this formed mass.

If we spill it, it spills like damn metal!

I have so many documents that it's not realistic. I have pictures. I formed dough. We bring in scientists who make and assemble all these high-end devices. You will taste dirt; will test the streams.

They put it in simple pots in areas of power. And every time they do, it pours metal.

These scientists, in turn, sell these instruments. You have to collect these things and go. Because one thing might be the instruments they want to sell... or the other is that it goes against all the theories taught at the university.

They can't say anything because here they will have problems with their classmates they went to college with. Or they have problems with the billion dollar company that sells the instruments, instead of just saying, 'Hey, maybe there's something in it.

We see that at these different points. Now that we know that, it's fair to say that the technology to do it has been discovered. It wasn't me or anyone else. It was just an accident. And now it's becoming a regular routine. I know there are books.

Heck, there are books out there that will teach you how to ride a bull. But that doesn't mean it works for everyone.

Well the truth is out there my friend.

Duane Ollinger:Well, there it is now, you know it's not all happening when the cameramen show up, right?

But it's the story that's being told, some of which are just simple events, but there are some that need to be told in a way that needs to tell the story of what could have been.

(Video) My Experience With Skinwalker’s and UFO’s At Blind Frog Ranch (Plus Lost Spanish Gold!)

It's amazing to be a part of and to work with these guys and the field crew. it's crazy about me I didn't know my life would be like this. I will tell you.

I can see the appeal of someone like you. I can. I understand.

Duane Ollinger:Now if you know the story of why I owed this guy Jeremiah Davis a favor, did he save a life and how much is he worth?

I know all these things because they allow me to see so many things that defy might say.

I mean, damn, man... for a redneck from Texas who can see these things, it's just... I can't deny it. I know this is all real and I've been educated on all sorts of things for over 10 years.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is available on Discovery+ and airs Fridays at 10:00 p.m. m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

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(Video) Scientist Shocked By Evidence Of “Alchemy” And “Skinwalkers” | Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch


Was there gold at Blind Frog Ranch? ›

A system of underground caverns that run underneath the property could hold millions of dollars worth of gold and precious metals buried beneath the ranch.

What mineral was on Blind Frog Ranch? ›

For some, treasure hunting is a way of life. In “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch,” Duane Ollinger and his son Chad set out on a hunt for a vast fortune of Aztec gold believed to be on their ranch.

Where did Duane ollinger get his money? ›

Ollinger is the owner of Blind Frog Ranch. He's a former high-risk oil contractor who sold his oil contracting company in Texas to purchase the Utah location. He also has experience as a rancher as well as a gold prospector and miner.

Did they find iridium at Blind Frog Ranch? ›

We did find some iridium there, which is very interesting, and then the other aspect is the treasure aspect. So there's a great potential for treasure in the area. I think those two things are very intriguing about it.” Drummond said that the Blind Frog Ranch is a tough patch of earth.

How many children does Duane Ollinger have? ›

He is married with four children and sold his crop-dusting business and family home to help fund this year's operation. Duane describes his son by saying "he doesn't have an ounce of quit in him," and if someone needs to SCUBA dive into an unknown cavern system 50 feet beneath the ground, it's going to be Chad.

What does Duane Ollinger do for a living? ›

After making a fortune as a high-risk oil contractor, Duane sold his company in Amarillo, Texas and put everything into a wildcat gold mining opportunity in the Uintah Mountains in Utah. Since he started prospecting at Blind Frog Ranch, he's discovered a system of underground caverns that run underneath the property.

What State is Blind Frog Ranch filmed in? ›

DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S NEW SERIES, 'MYSTERY AT BLIND FROG RANCH' TAKES VIEWERS ON AN EPIC SEARCH FOR CAVERNS OF GOLD. (Los Angeles) – There are some places on earth where the land just seems different, and Blind Frog Ranch in eastern Utah is one of those places.

What was the liquid metal found at Flying Frog Ranch? ›

Cylinders of a liquid metal were found in the cavern box which was tested by a scientist and their conclusion was that it was gallium.

Is Eric Drummond a real geologist? ›

A geologist and prospector, Eric is world-renowned for several major wildcat discoveries that he's made around the world. From finding diamonds around the lava lake at an active volcano, to a mountain full of rubies in Greenland that he's currently mining, no project is too unusual for Eric.

How big is a Blind Frog Ranch? ›

Landowner Duane Ollinger is determined to find what is hidden in the seven underground caves on the 160-acre ranch.

What is in box Blind Frog Ranch? ›

When attempting to remove the box from the cave results in near-disaster, Eric discovers another incredible mystery: the large rocks that are inside the box have been bored, and contain cylinders of a strange metal that liquifies at room temperature.

Is Ice Cold Gold Real? ›

it was a fictitious story line created to create viewer interest. obviously, it had to be sidelined going into the next season. if they hadn't, the show folks would have been up a creek with out a paddle. without killing the story line, they would have had to produce millions in rubies from a find that never existed.

Who is the godfather of geology? ›

James Hutton (1726–1797), a Scottish farmer and naturalist, is known as the founder of modern geology. He was a great observer of the world around him.

Where is Eric Drummond from? ›

Fulford, England


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