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Here's another crypto hardware store to avoid, PicClick. It's not exactly crypto hardware and a retail store, but a place to look out for miners. The website (picclick.com) is operated by a third party and receives commissions from sales and promotions. In the past few months, Pic Click hasn't kept its promise. Every shop is committed to offering and delivering high quality miners. You need to know that in our detailed PICCLICK REVIEW.

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An in-depth PicClick review

The shop is a third party where crypto hardware sellers can even link their eBay accounts. Although web design has been in the online world for a while, it's easy. Browsing through the countless pictures of miners is tedious.

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And that tells us that the original plan has changed to now offering the most compelling product. The site was once the favorite of those looking to buy computers and electronics. After the cryptocurrency boom, the store started providing links to cryptocurrency hardware.

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For the most part, everything went according to plan. But now most buyers are complaining about not getting their miners. Some even claim that sellers on the platform are threatening to block all communications.

We blamed the platform for not verifying sellers. The shop acts as a B2B marketplace where any seller can open an account. We condemn the store for not accrediting sellers and protecting buyers.

It is your duty as a business to ensure that the sellers are genuine. Unfortunately, we have vendors who open multiple accounts and sell one miner to multiple clients. These sellers are completely devoid of any human character.

Most victims have no choice but to accept their losses. The casualties suffered are high at best. And that's why we had to move heaven and earth to expose these unscrupulous sellers.

Experts recommend doing your due diligence before committing to any deal. Unfortunately, this is where most buyers fail when trying to purchase cryptographic hardware. Make sure you know which miner is best for you.

Pros and cons of PicClick

As a buyer, you need to weigh the pros and cons of dealing with these deals. Once you have determined that the shop is legit enough, you can proceed. Unfortunately, most buyers today do not bother to weigh the pros and cons of such deals.

And that creates a loophole for unscrupulous sellers to exploit. These buyers will choose miners that appear affordable due to low prices. And that should be an indicator that all is not well with the store.

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It would be best if you stay in touch with reality regarding the market prices of these miners. Make sure you know the prices for new and used miners. Some vendors restore miners and sell them as new.

Here's a closer look at the pros and cons of picclick.com

Miners available to be seen on the PicClick portal

PicClick gives sellers the opportunity to showcase their miners. However, the aesthetic tells us that the store is anything but professional. Most of the images are blurry after uploading. As a result, buyers don't have a pretty image of miners.

Since most providers benefit from this, all kinds of mining brands are available in the store. These include Bitfury, Bitmain, Canaan, Dayun, Goldshell, FusionSilicon, MicroBT, and Innosilicon.

Other brands that can be found in the store are Jasminer and Whatsminer. In addition to selling miners, the store also has a virtual currency portal and an exchange platform. In addition, there are other cryptomining related products for sale.

This includes bitcoin ATMs, graphics cards, and accessories like fans and power supplies. We do not recommend interacting with the store for related products or services. The store has a reputation for not delivering paid goods.

We even see Goldshell control boards and other mining brands for sale. For example, one of the Goldshell control boards costs $111. These sellers are underrated for a reason to attract more buyers.

Remember that the seller will try to sell a product to different sellers. It is an image where the buyer has no visual proof of the product. We recommend buying from a store with a short 30 second video.

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As a buyer, you have the right to inspect the condition and quality of your purchase. This includes checking the hashrate while the miner is working. Unfortunately, these are the questions most buyers don't ask when shopping for items.

PicClick Review: Is picclick.com a scam? -MWD (2)

Wholesale Purchases and Discounts.

To try to get users to buy in bulk, most sellers underestimate mining units. For example, we see a Goldshell Mini Doge for $189. The seller wants to encourage bulk buying for those looking for refills.

You need to be in touch with the market prices of these miners. These sellers attract buyers who want to buy cheap goods without a second glance. Therefore we have to disclose the price aspect of some of the listed miners.

Bulk purchases only work if the manufacturer is directly involved. You can get discounts from the manufacturer or from a reputable store. Don't buy from any vendor just because you think the price is reasonable.

Warning: Learn how to earn with passive incometrusted crypto exchangeplatforms

PicClick Buyer Protection

The store does not provide a safety net for in-store shoppers. There are no terms of use on the site. Everything is bought locally, which is risky for buyers given the anonymity of sellers.

If you look at the profile of these sellers, you will see that there is no contact information. Your payment is made through the platform. And that's risky, since the platform itself doesn't even defuse conflicts.

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You won't even find a supplier willing to offer a refund if the delivery fails. Most salespeople cite the point of sale as the end of the deal. We don't cover the buyer's profile because nobody knows him.

These sellers also do not accept returns if the miner is faulty. If the miner is damaged during transportation, the seller will not cover repair costs. This means you will lose everything after not receiving the miner and a refund.

customer reference

PicClick Review: Is picclick.com a scam? -MWD (3)

Hundreds of customers share their experiences on different social media platforms. We are facing a deal that does not protect the interests of buyers. Most of the comments focus on one issue, delivery and late shipping.

Even the quality of some of these miners is questionable. We have a business that doesn't offer many high-quality miners. You can buy refurbished miners, but from a reputable vendor. Make sure you ask for proof of the miner in action.

contact and support

Do not expect any contact from the seller after the payment is completed. These sellers may decide to close the account and open a new account with a different profile. So we blame the platform for not protecting the buyers.

Fund security after payment

You will not enjoy security in store; The best thing you can do is avoid buying from him. After payment, the seller will most likely fire you by blocking all communications. It has happened to hundreds of buyers.

Final Thoughts PicClick

Stay away from picclick.com.

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