Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb (2023)

Brooklyn neun neunIt's one of the greatest sitcoms of all time because of its incredibly intelligent script, impeccable comedic timing, relatable characters, and more. EITHERAndy SambergThe series he directed ran for eight wonderful seasons totaling 153 episodes, and in between there were a variety of great storylines centered around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.


Whether it's intense family drama, trips to the hospital, an anthrax scare, or Boyle in a turkey suit, this show never disappoints when it comes to Thanksgiving episodes. While all of these Thanksgiving episodes (or Turkey Day, as Charles would say) are great, some stand out more than others.

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"Lockdown" (Season 2 Episode 7) - 7.7

It's Thanksgiving and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and terry (Frottee-Crews) leave town for an event and leave Jake in charge. Shortly thereafter, they discover a packet of white powder and are forced to cordon off the entire compound until they find out if it's dangerous.

While it's still a solid episode overall, this one is the weakest.all day thanksgiving. Jake's reluctance to crack the whip as acting boss leads to many problems, including a riot that results in a sofa fire. It's only when Jake finally shows up and takes charge that things start to change. Meanwhile, Terry deals with his overbearing brother-in-law, Zeke, who is always finding ways to physically and emotionally belittle Terry. Crews plays this docile version of his character beautifully.

"Two Turkeys" (Season 5, Episode 7) - 8.0

Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb (2)
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The final Thanksgiving episode of the series.see the Peraltas (Bradley WhitfordmiKatey Sagal) and James (Jimmy SmitsmiBertila Damen) meets for the first time and does not go as planned. Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) do their best to make it work, but both parents are too stubborn to be nice. Also, Captain Holt's cake is lost and the season begins an investigation to find out who is to blame.

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This episode begins with Boyle returning dressed as Tommy Gobbler, as seen in the season 3 Thanksgiving episode "Ava." It's not quite as good as his first appearance in a turkey suit, but it's still fun when his tail feathers get caught in the elevator.

Between that and "Mr. Santiago” we see Jake's love for Amy and how he is willing to do anything to show that love to her, especially to his parents. We learn in this episode that Jake has several half-siblings, of whom we eventually meet. And after an intense night of family feuds, the parents finally come together in true Thanksgiving Miracle style. Also, we can see Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) und Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) Detective skills at work when Captain Holt asks her to help him track down whoever stole his cake. It's some of the best work we've seen from these two, which makes it even funnier.

"Ava" (Season 3 Episode 8) – 8.1

Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb (3)

In this episode, Terry is summoned to Rikers Island., leaves behind his heavily pregnant wife Sharon (take dung) at the police station. But while he's gone, she goes into labor and Jake has to make her as comfortable as possible so he can go through with his birth plan. Of course, things never go as planned, and Jake needs to step up and be the good husband Sharon needs. Meanwhile, the internet is down at the police station and the rest of the team must find a way to get all their work done at the end of the day.

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We begin the episode with Charles Boyle's first appearance as Tommy Gobbler. This scene is amazing as he walks in confident and exuberant, but then he finds he has to break tragic news to people waiting for information about his grandmother. It's hilarious, and the sharp twist that makes it so fantastic is enhanced by the amazing actingJoe Lo Truglio.

This is a fun episode as we rarely see Jake interacting with Sharon despite the fact that they forge such a beautiful bond over the course of these events. We also get a glimpse of Holt's past when we are introduced to her ex-boyfriend, Frederick, played by the always entertainingNick Offermann. Finally, thanks to Hitchcock and Scully's antics of setting some fax machines on fire and trapping Hitchcock's arm in a pneumatic hose, it's all the better to watch the rest of the squad struggle to file his papers by hand. .

"Mr. Santiago” (Season 4, Episode 7) – 8.1

Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb (4)

Jake and Amy are throwing a Thanksgiving dinner.so he can finally meet Amy's father, and Jake and Mr. Santiago end up working together on an old cold case. While they're gone, the rest of the team prepares dinner and Charles takes a live turkey to the butcher shop.

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The amazing Jimmy Smits appears in this episode when Amy's dad surprises him with his performance. His dynamic with Jake is excellent as he plays the straight man in Samberg's comic. The episode follows a similar path to the first Thanksgiving episode, in which Jake and a father figure track down a case involving a family where the culprit isn't who they first suspect. Watching a turkey chase the squad around the apartment is one of the things that makes this episode great, as is the side story with Captain Holt, Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) and contact with dogs. Finally, we get one of the best cold openings of the series, with everyone doing their best holt-eating-a-marshmallow impersonation and Boyle pulling off his high-pitched giggle, which no one was expecting.

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„Thanksgiving“ (Staffel 1, Folge 10) – 8.1

Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb (5)

Die erste Thanksgiving-EpisodevonBrooklyn neun neunHe sees the whole team going to Amy's house for the big party. However, nothing seems to be going right and all attempts to make this night a success seem to be in vain. Meanwhile, Jake and Holt must track down a burglar who stole $10,000 in cash from the evidence locker.

This episode gives audiences a great look at most of these characters, revealing their neurotic tendencies, childhood trauma, and the overall camaraderie of this diverse group of people. Jake reveals he hates Thanksgiving because his parents left him to fend for himself when he was a kid, even on the holidays. This leads to him and Holt leaving Amy's dinner to track down a thief, and we witness some of Jake's brilliant detective skills, albeit somewhat masked by his goofy and immature demeanor.

After accidentally ruining all of Terry's food in the fridge, Boyle spends the rest of the episode starving and taking it out on the people around him. This becomes a running joke throughout the series as food is very important to Terry. We learn that Amy is a terrible cook, which is interesting since she's such a perfectionist that you'd assume she'd be great at it too. And we have a hilarious opening with Boyle Bingo.

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Rating of all "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Thanksgiving episodes according to IMDb? ›

"Thanksgiving" is the tenth episode of the first season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

What episodes of Brooklyn 99 are about Thanksgiving? ›

"Thanksgiving" is the tenth episode of the first season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

How much money did Andy Samberg make from Brooklyn 99? ›

Andy Samberg – $20 million

Samberg is the highest paid member of the Brooklyn 99 cast, and reportedly made $125,000 per episode of the show. He has been in a few other TV shows and films, he was the voice actor of the one human in Hotel Transylvania, but his rise to fame came from the 99.

What is the saddest episode of b99? ›

The episode “He Said, She Said”. It's competing with “Moo Moo” and “Game Night” as the saddest episode of the entire series. There's Amy's reason why she is determined to see the victim get the win.

Which season did not have a Thanksgiving episode? ›

10. The One With The List (Season 2) This episode has to be ranked last because it is actually the only season in the series that does not have a designated Thanksgiving episode, other than a brief mention in the subplot where Monica has to make Thanksgiving-themed dishes with a suspicious chocolate brand.

Why does Boyle say turkey day instead of Thanksgiving? ›

In season 2's “Lockdown,” Boyle spends an entire episode correcting people who use the term “Thanksgiving,” telling them instead to call it “Turkey Day.” The joke here is that people who are enthusiastic about holidays call it the latter, which is quite annoying.

What is Amy Santiago's net worth? ›

Melissa Fumero – Net Worth: $4 Million

Before she was Amy Santiago, Melissa Fumero appeared in over 200 episodes of “One Life to Live,” the long-running ABC soap opera, which helped the actress secure her $4 million fortune.

Why did Peralta leave the 99? ›

Jake reveals to Amy that the intent of the heist is for him to announce he will quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad, believing it's their best option to raise Mac so Amy can focus on her new job and his son doesn't have to grow up without a father as he did.

Does the 99th Precinct exist? ›

It was filmed at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, Los Angeles. The exterior view of the fictional 99th Precinct building was the actual 78th Precinct building in Brooklyn.

Who has the highest IQ in Brooklyn 99? ›

Amy and Holt are the two smartest members of the Nine-Nine, with some conversations and topics only being possible to be explored and experienced with their combined high level of intellect.

Is Holt from Brooklyn 99 autistic? ›

There is rarely anything uncertain or awkward or disconnected about the way he interacts with others, subordinates or superiors. He also displays no signs of sensory issues or sensitivities. Overall, while he has some “traits,” I think a comprehensive examination of his character suggests he is not autistic.

What is the lowest rated Brooklyn 99 episode? ›

7 Best And 7 Worst Episodes Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Best: The Last Day (Part 1) ...
  • Worst: He Said, She Said. ...
  • Best: Jake & Amy. ...
  • Worst: The Set Up. ...
  • Best: Lights Out. Universal Television. ...
  • Worst: Return of the King. Universal Television. ...
  • Best: Johnny and Dora. Universal Television. ...
  • Worst: The Good Ones. Universal Television.
Oct 19, 2022

What disorder does Jake Peralta have? ›

Jake Peralta has symptoms of severe ADHD, and has clear signs of maladaptive coping mechanisms which serve to ease symptoms in the short run, but do not work long term. Jake Does well in the work place in the things he finds interesting, ie.

Who is the least liked character in Brooklyn 99? ›

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters
  • Roger Peralta. Jake's untrustworthy and inconsiderate father infrequently pops back into Jake's life, usually for selfish reasons. ...
  • Teddy Wells. Amy's ex-boyfriend infamously loves pilsners just about as much as he loves Amy Santiago. ...
  • Jason "C.J." Stentley. ...
  • John Kelly.
Dec 11, 2019

What season is the loudest Thanksgiving? ›

"The Loudest Thanksgiving" (originally titled "Fowl Play") is the thirty-ninth episode of the third season, the one-hundred-fortieth episode, as well as the sixth full-length episode of The Loud House.

Why does Chandler not like Thanksgiving? ›

Thanksgiving-food-hating Chandler (he's resented the holiday since childhood, when he learned of his parents' divorce on that day) makes a big breakthrough by preparing cranberry sauce.

Did the Golden Girls have a Thanksgiving episode? ›

'The Golden Girls'

While you might not find these four best friends celebrating Thanksgiving together on the show, you will see them dressed as roosters and hens performing a play in Season 6 episode "Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser," which is close enough to a Turkey Day bash.

What do the French think of Thanksgiving? ›

As it turns out, the French (or those that we know well) are fascinated with the idea of Thanksgiving. What we see as a normal holiday, the French see as an intriguing American tradition.

Why does Holt carry a revolver? ›

CORRECT-GOOF: Holt carries a revolver rather than a semiautomatic like Jake, Rosa, Amy, Charles and Terry do because the NYPD allowed any officer who purchased a revolver prior to the department's switchover to semiautomatics in 1994--such as Holt, who had been with the department since the 1970s--to keep them.

Was turkey served at the first Thanksgiving True or false? ›

Did they eat turkey? We don't think so. The Wampanoag guests brought five deer with them, so venison was on the menu. The English brought fowl, "probably migrating waterfowl like ducks and geese, which were plentiful in autumn," says Beahrs.

What is Jake Peralta's net worth? ›

The 41-year-old has played Jake Peralta for eight seasons following a 14-year gig on Saturday Night Live. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Samberg's net worth as of 2020 is $16 million which comes from his career as an actor and musician.

How much would Jake Peralta make? ›

9 Andy Samberg - Jake Peralta

Samberg is the highest-paid cast member and makes $125,000 per episode.

Why did Gina Linetti leave? ›

She returned to the show in the same year's finale ("Return of the King") as a guest star, as well as a few other times. Narrative-wise, Gina decides that it's time to leave the Brooklyn 99 precinct, realizing that her talents would be better used elsewhere like being an online celebrity.

Do Jake and Amy divorce? ›

Jake and Amy announce that they're getting a divorce. Though Amy sees their time spent in therapy as a failure, Jake says he's beginning to understand why their "dynamic" isn't working.

Did Brooklyn 99 end because of BLM? ›

Heart-breaking announcement by the creators of cop comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine in February 2021 for ending the show with Season 8 on NBC, appear to fans as an extended support for the BLM movement.

What is Holt's tattoo? ›

During “Blue Flu,” Holt let slip to Rosa that his vintage ink is a “tramp stamp,” but the episode stopped short of revealing his body art. Jake, however, was tricked into believing that Holt's tat is a decimal point.

Why does Amy wear a uniform but Terry doesn t? ›

Amy as a sergeant. Why does Terry Were clothes with his badge but Amy were her uniform? Terry became sergeant of the detectives while Amy became sergeant of the uniformed officers (I think).

What is Jake Peralta's middle name? ›

Jake "Zach" Peralta: Jake's claimed middle name even though his real middle name is Jeffrey, which he finds quite embarrassing. He still claims this after Doug Judy exposes his actual name.

Why is it called Brooklyn 99? ›

Although the 99th precinct is fictional, the building viewers have associated with it is actually Brooklyn's 78th precinct, located at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street near the Barclays Center.

Who has 600 IQ? ›

Marilyn vos Savant (/ˌvɒs səˈvɑːnt/; born Marilyn Mach; August 11, 1946) is an American magazine columnist who has the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records, a competitive category the publication has since retired.
Marilyn vos Savant
SpouseRobert Jarvik ​ ( m. 1987)​
2 more rows

What was Amy's IQ? ›

IQ Score: 180

Though Amy's IQ is never explicitly stated in the show, it is possible to assume that she is one of the group's more brilliant members.

What 13 year old has the highest IQ? ›

A 13-year-old boy from Stretford who got the highest score possible on a IQ test has described it as 'relatively easy'. Bilal Mustafa scored 162 on the Mensa test he took earlier this month, meaning he has a higher IQ score than the projected results of both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Is Gina from b99 a narcissist? ›

Interests... herself. Gina is extremely narcissistic, clearly enamored by her own supposed inner and outer beauty.

Why is Amy obsessed with Holt? ›

Ray Holt and Amy Santiago are police colleagues, friends as well as having a mentor/mentee relationship. From the moment Ray Holt is appointed captain of The 99th Precinct, Amy Santiago tries desperately to impress him. She is hoping that he will be the mentor she needs to help her achieve her goal of becoming captain.

How many hours would it take to watch Brooklyn 99? ›

We've listed 14 of the most popular shows – and yes, I'm sure there are more we've missed, and worked out just how long it would take to watch them start to finish.
ShowBrooklyn Nine-Nine
Hours to Binge67
Hours per day in Quarantine4.7
13 more columns
Mar 19, 2020

Is Brooklyn 99 kid friendly? ›

Language is mostly limited to words like "hell" and "ass," and there's some sexual humor and interoffice romance. And while officers do carry weapons on the job, violence (and any substance use) is typically played for laughs.

What is the longest episode of Brooklyn 99? ›

It aired on Fox in the United States on November 5, 2013.
48 Hours (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
"48 Hours"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode
Episode no.Season 1 Episode 7
Directed byPeter Lauer
Written byLuke Del Tredici
12 more rows

What 16 personalities does Jake Peralta have? ›

Jake Peralta: ENFP

Jake Peralta is an ENFP and the main character of Brooklyn 99. As an ENFP, he's a great detective, but he often uses his intuition and gut feelings to solve crimes, rather than facts and evidence. This method often gets him into trouble, but it also makes him one of the best detectives on the force.

What movie is Captain Holt based off of? ›

Rush Hour. Amid Jake's flustered excitement, Holt then stated, "sometimes I don't understand the words coming out of your mouth". Since it is similar to an iconic line from the film, Jake immediately leaped on this to suggest the film might have been Rush Hour.

Was Jake Peralta's bleeding internal? ›

Quotes. Jake Peralta : [In the hospital] I wasn't hurt that bad. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood is supposed to be.

What is Mac Peralta full name? ›

McClane "Mac" Peralta is the son of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. He was born in the season 7 finale, "Lights Out".

Why do people like Jake Peralta? ›

He learns from his mistakes

Jake was never a bad person in the early series but he still had room to grow. Part of what makes him so great is because he's willing to own up to his mistakes and learn from them, prioritising his own personal growth and the happiness of his friends over getting a win.

Who is the tough girl in Brooklyn 99? ›

Stephanie Beatriz portrays Rosalita "Rosa" Diaz, a smart, tough, aloof, and mysterious detective.

Who is Jake's best man? ›

Jake Asked Boyle To Be His BM In The Best Way Possible

We've established Boyle did extravagant things for the people he adored, but he always dreamed of being the best man at Jake's wedding. So, when the day finally came, he expected his friend to bestow upon him the honor.

What movie is b99 obsessed with? ›

Jake has mentioned that Die Hard is what inspired him to become a cop and has made it clear throughout the series that it's his favorite movie. An action classic starring Bruce Willis as detective John McClane and Alan Rickman as the terrorist Hans Gruber, Die Hard was an easy movie for Jake Peralta to obsess over.

What episode is Thanksgiving pants? ›

Season 8, Episode 9

Episode summary: Monica invites Will, an old school friend of her and Ross over for Thanksgiving dinner, unaware he isn't too fond of Rachel. Why we love it: The chemistry between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Rachel's teenie weenie, and Joey's maternity — er, Thanksgiving — pants.

What episode is Thanksgiving dinner shameless? ›

Just Like the Pilgrims Intended.

What happens in season 3 episode 1 in Brooklyn 99? ›

Nobody in the precinct likes the new captain, Wuntch continues to humiliate Holt as he takes his new job in Public Relations, and Jake and Amy try to figure out what to do next after their kiss.

Which Brooklyn 99 episodes are Christmas? ›

"Christmas" is the eleventh episode of the first season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The episode was written by series co-creator Dan Goor and directed by Jake Szymanski.

What does Phoebe call Thanksgiving? ›

MEMORABLE QUOTE: Rachel: "Happy Thanksgiving!" / Phoebe: "Oh yeah! Happy needless-turkey-murder day."

Which episode was the Thanksgiving special? ›

"The Thanksgiving Special" is the collective name for the thirteenth and fourteenth episodes of the fifth season of the American animated television series Regular Show, as well as the 133rd and 134th episodes of the series overall.

Why doesn t Chandler eat Thanksgiving food? ›

From the first Thanksgiving episode, Chandler never eats any Thanksgiving food, as it reminds him of the worst day of his life.

Why is Lip so mad at Fiona? ›

He Isn't Always Appreciative of Fiona

Lip was always especially critical of Fiona's parenting skills, and, when she made a mistake that sent Liam to the emergency room, Lip lost all faith in her ability to watch over his siblings and never truly forgave her.

Why did V and Fiona stop talking? ›

Kevin and Veronica are still major characters in the series, but they rarely interact with Fiona anymore because she's so busy dealing with her relationship and occupational struggles.

What is the darkest Shameless season? ›

Season four proved that while Shameless can be a high quality dramedy, it can also get extremely dark, and the show's dark points are truly some of its best. While the first three seasons had hard moments, nothing compares to the heft of season four.

Who scripted Brooklyn 99? ›

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
GenrePolice procedural Sitcom
Created byDan Goor Michael Schur
StarringAndy Samberg Stephanie Beatriz Terry Crews Melissa Fumero Joe Lo Truglio Chelsea Peretti Andre Braugher Dirk Blocker Joel McKinnon Miller
Theme music composerDan Marocco featuring Jacques Slade Lamar Van Sciver Frank Greenfield
15 more rows

Why did Brooklyn 99 end? ›

"It really limited the opportunities to schedule Brooklyn. With Thursday Night Football, there were two fewer hours to program. We were trying to create a more cohesive program, and scheduling Brooklyn would prevent us from promoting something new. Ultimately we decided we just didn't have room for it."

Did Rosa get pregnant in Brooklyn 99? ›

In season two, Diaz believed she was pregnant with Marcus' child, until it is revealed she was not. She and Marcus break up in Into the Woods and reveals to Jake that her current boyfriend is called Tom in The Swedes.

What show did Brooklyn 99 crossover with? ›

New Girl and Brooklyn 99 had two crossover episodes, one for each show, which saw the New Girl cast travel to the east Coast for Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) high school reunion. Both shows were airing on Fox at the time, and the crossover episodes aired consecutively to create one continuous storyline.

Why is there no Halloween episode in season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? ›

The episode may just be delayed for season six but there's also a chance that Dan Goor and the Nine-Nine writing staff decided to put an end to the Halloween heist. Considering how last year's event ended, it would be appropriate to retire the Halloween heist before the event becomes tiresome.

What episode is Adam Sandler in b99? ›

In Season 1, Episode 15 ("Operation: Broken Feather"), Adam Sandler plays the "Sandman" himself when he appears as one of the guests for an antique auction where Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is undercover.


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