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This week in Darby, Montana, a twisted conspiracy and campaign of fear lead to a vicious murder that will shock everyone around them until they find out what really happened. Shocked can't even begin to describe it at this point. Welcome to Small Town Murder.


Hello everyone, welcome back to Small Town Murder. Yes, really, Jimmy. Yes actually. My name is James Patrick. Hello. Yes, I'm here with my injured partner. I'm Jimmy West. Here is the. Thank you both for joining us, Jimmy. It's like a strange oppression, like crippled shit on his chest, KOZKO arthritis, and it hurts to look at it. He bought it at Costco. There is a good price and he got it pretty cheap.


So I was very happy about that.


If you eat the dumplings with horsin. hi Lockshin doesn't buy those big buns and blow them up. So that's what's going on here. So it hurts to laugh at him. So today is going to be fun for me. a great day. I'll try to throw him out of the chair. That is the goal here. So thanks for joining us. Of course, we're going to go over the top of the program pretty quickly here.


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It is also a show where we tell a true story. We are not inventing comedy. There is no such effect. But strange things happen in crazy murders. This is something strange. It's not funny. The real one, you know, someone dismembers someone who doesn't have malaria. But what led to that was often pretty crazy stuff.


So we're sticking to that. We do our best not to make fun of the victims or the family of the victims for being jerks or not being villains about what is going on.


So if this works for you, let's have some fun. If you think this joke should never appear anywhere in a true crime story, and hearing more about a Dateline person gives you more power, then maybe this isn't for you, but maybe it is. I think I'd give it a shot, but let's not complain afterwards. We will inform you in advance. There are jokes. So for everyone else who can't wait to hear a crazy story, I need you to sit down, clear your lungs and yell, shut up and kill me.


Let's do this. I can't wait to go on a trip. I'm already intrigued. I'm leaving baby let's go somewhere We haven't been here for a long time. We fly to Montana. It was a long time ago. Specifically Darby, Montana, which I've never heard of. No, we didn't know it existed. But he was my grandparents' old roommate, Darby, Mont. Or Montana. She was as tall as Montana, but her name was Darby.


She is a great woman. She named him Darby Montana. Because the whole city. The entire entire city. Yes. This is on the western border of Montana. As the region in which it is located stands out. Like your own ground wire, smooth, smooth, and then this little jagged thing sticks out here, it's about an hour and 15 minutes to Missoula.


Okay, so you want to go to a, I don't know, small to midsize city in the Santa Monica metropolitan area, about four hours from Spokane, Washington. Oh, it's actually closer to Spokane than it is to the other side of the state, like Billings and all. So it's interesting. In about five hours to Stanford, Montana, that was our last episode, episode 86 on September 28 and a double-digit broadcast, it's been two years since we've covered Montana.


People have asked and asked, and only some of the less populated states tend to get a little less listened to because people aren't from there. They were never there. But I don't know why the hell it should matter, and I wouldn't in any of those places. I just want to hear a crazy story. It doesn't matter. But we avoided Montana, but now we're back. This is in Ravelli County.


And only my brain makes it look like Ravioli County and more.


I just want to say that it's Ravioli County, Montana, which would make me very happy. And I want to live in Ravioli County, how about you? No matter where I am, no matter where I live in Ravioli County, I feel like a good father all the time.


I want to sit with a glass of wine, smoke a cigarette, even if you don't smoke because you're full and you've eaten sausages, or even before eating.


If you wait. Give me my smoked ravioli before dinner.


You should drink a sambuca afterwards to relax. So the area code here for zero six, it's a very small town. It's one of those, one of those little town centers and then a bunch of big farms scattered all over the place. So the city is only 0.66, three square miles. Oh, the motto here for this city. I have to give it to them. Sometimes it's honest, you know, sometimes it's really cute, and sometimes it's just bullshit marketing.


Yeah, that's a pretty honest quote. We don't even know why the hell we're here. That's very honest. I have to give Yes. You know, or you could just say, you know, we're not enough to have a motto.


Who cares if you have a slogan and like to put it on the sidewalk for exits, one might say you almost made it and the next might say you missed it.


You're just gone and that's it. And the next character, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. You lost. Fuck, God, the signals are already off and you're out. That's it. Take a look at these farms. Yes, is here. Hence the name of the city.


Welcome back. Yes. This is fun. I think the word Derby is Salish. It's kind of native language, oh back. I understood in that language that it means place where they would build something like that, or they call it. I don't know what he does, many call him Salish. I'm not sure. I remember when my grandparents' roommates were Davíð.


You would have to make fun of her, since she was going to say that living here would be difficult. Yes. The place where we have to live.


Well, for her, that would be like being a car lift. I do not know, I feel bad. I don't know this woman.


And you know what I don't do, I don't know if you make fun of it. I feel bad too. But I kind of. How long was that. 30 years.


She said yes, she talked about it. She was so bad. She is fine. Well, she was very mean to me.


Yes I understand. I remember being about eight years old and wondering why this fat bitch lives downstairs. That's what they tell me when you're a child, an adult is bad regardless of his physical attributes. This is a bad physical trait. She could have been beautiful. You mean looking at her and hers her tits. What a bitch. Do you know what I mean? You would still have hated her. Who wouldn't have bothered? You would have to choose the songs.


You know what I hate about big-breasted blondes. That's all you have for the rest of your life.


Well, I just hate her. I still like her. It is not that they are against the obese, but she lived in the basement, which was finished.


it was wonderful. And every time I was there, they would tell me to go down to the basement, to the second room, and she was downstairs, and I was watching TV, and she was just complaining. Turn it off. Turn it off. And I have nine bitch.


Keep me alone when I watch Hulk Hogan bodyslam. Forty-five. You live with my grandparents in a basement. What do you do if you don't belong here? Grasp. You are not his son. They are my grandparents, not yours. You are not his son.


Do you understand what? Jesus.


So the website here says this is their release. Yes. Which, by the way, Derby says on the website. It's like the standard brand. Someone came up with the simplest website builder site and we thought I did it. According to the Derby Center's official website, which doesn't even care, it's located in the spectacular Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana. Great. Yeah, the city is beautiful, like, if you will, this big fucking open space.


I can't stand this shit. but if you like I feel claustrophobic the more open everything is, I think there's also a lot of panic, like, shit, there's a lot of that. It's like being in the middle of the ocean, the feeling is the same as not being able to see the land. It is open sea. There's a lot of that. This is how I feel in my water with free land.


I'm going to drown here. Like if there was an earthquake in an open crack and I fell, no one would notice. No one. I just die. There's so much hole in the ground that I can't breathe.


It's a lot of air. I can't see with all the sky. It's too much. Yes. Yes. Take it. It's also weird.


And for me things are so wide open because as you can see there's a storm coming, you know. Oh yeah. Anyway, miles away forever. It's weird, threatening, and shit. Now it's strange. Fuck it all. For example, Darby hosts a national athletic meet while supporting upscale local resorts for top-tier retail, restaurant, and manufacturing businesses, and a top-rated school district. You can easily call Darbee from home. Yes, it is mainly a tourist town by the way. Sure, it seems like it has the same vibe as non-farmers, for people who enjoy buying homes off the grid it's almost like Aspen.


It's not like they ski, but it's like, oh, like Wyoming. Attractive. Yes. So that people run away. Yeah. There are towns like this in Wyoming where you can go as a CEO who can play farmer on the weekends because you bought 200 acres, you know what I mean.


Listen, I have horses outside. You know, David Letterman is going to Montana. That's what advertising for the rich does. I'm tough. I'm a cowboy, you know. Yes, I have a fortune of fourteen million dollars. I go there to explore.


Right. There are thirty people here wiping my ass. I mean, I can't survive on fucking rattlesnakes.


I mean, if the horse is dirty, they clean it before I go. I don't want to collect dust and shit.


Don't get me wrong, I'm still not powering the damn thing that offers endless recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The Derby offers you and your family, all of you, a part of the West that you will never forget. I hope to see you soon. Therefore, it was first established in 1982. It is the southernmost city in the valley here. It was originally called something much more ridiculous than Derby is a good name for Doolittle. That was the name of the city.


You also can't name your town Doolittle Delo. Since the doctor does not know, it is not good. Find out who will play little Montana. That sounds bad. You have to drive like a beetroot truck. Seems like that's really silly. So they change the name to Harrison.


So they said, okay Harrison, there are many cities called Harrison. It's a good strong name. But then they realized that it was already a town in Montana called Harrison, like a bunch of postal bundles. It was a disaster. You don't look. Yeah. So the local postmaster, James Darby, sent his name and said just say so. Call him Darby Keigo. Who cares? Yeah, it was like there was no one there.


So it's like it doesn't matter. We went through a lot of crap for the name of this little building that will have letters going in and out. You receive your invoices


It's funny that they didn't even look for another city, or a state. You just got Sarasohn, a fucking president. There is one now, but name it.


And after that they thought Washington, come on, get down.


The list of presidents that you access. Harrison probably isn't anymore, right? It didn't last long. So the name was accepted and all was well. Thus, the town had at that time a general store, a salon, a stable and a pension. So it was a typical Old West movie with the wooden planks and all that crap. The city got bigger sometimes and they had a bank and a pharmacy and a newspaper and a theater and all that shit.


So it became a place to live and not, you know, an island. Then the big thing happened. The fire occurred in 1910 and destroyed everything. Everything here just messed things up. It says here that I found a report in a newspaper about it, and it says let's see it here. From where.


OK, wildfire holocaust. They called it the Holocaust. Wow.


It destroyed more than three million hectares of forest and burned four cities. fuck close to no Wow. The effects are still being felt. On August 20, hurricane-force winds swept across the Snake River plains, fueling the life of an estimated 1,733 smoldering fires in Montana, northern Idaho, and eastern Washington. My God.


Nearly 2,000 fires from one of the Snake Rivers.


Yes, the winds reached 85 people dead.


The disbelievers were trapped in the flames because it was so fast and they couldn't escape. They were like a tide. It was like a torrent of hot tears. It's fucking scary. That's why the West is scary. So many cities have been destroyed. Wallace, Idaho and then some Taft, some other Montana towns that were completely destroyed. After. That's not cool. This apparently changed to some form of exploitation through logging and ranching, and after a while agriculture became the main business here.


Let's see, Darby had the first women's council in the state in 1930. Amazing. Yes, 1930. It happens. She is way ahead of her time there. A little, you know. Not bad. Good for you. In 1917 Darby joined. They elected a blacksmith, their first mayor. They got electricity in 1930. Too late for the boy's game. Then yes.


Wow. I mean they had to run, but holy shit. One thousand nine hundred thirty two. Susanna, Susanna. fluoroscopy for a long time.


1920, if we don't have lights, I'll move. I am so sorry. Understood. That was the last time we had to wait a while, but there are people who dance the Charleston and fucking party all night and don't. What year did it fall?


I live like the postman, my God. Nineteen, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. And there was electricity in a fucking boat and a ball, like at seven thirty-two there's electricity everywhere.


Everyone has power. That's crazy for him, and I don't have electricity, and they got a water system in 1959. Jesus Christ didn't get us. In 1963 they managed to get sewage and a sanitary raft. Rough. That sounds like the most disgusting leach field. It's bullshit. Yes. It sounds absolutely horrible. Terrible. I hope it's that far from the city.


I'm already fucking grossed out.


You know you can smell a ditch because there were no pipes then.


Now it's a fucking pit and I'm sure they had some kind of you, just throw the bucket in the hole, just shit in the hole and save us all and save everything, Jesus Christ. And he just walks the shit right into the hole. Drop that damn bucket you lazy bastards. The film Disorganized Crime was filmed here. I saw it. I saw him on sitcoms from 1989-1989. So I know you saw it, Judge Reinhold.


No, it's Fred Gwynne, who is obviously Lou Diamond Phillips.


Phillips Diamond, Oklahoma. Corbin Bernsen. Ed O'Neil. I definitely see Daniel Roebuck and Hoyt Axton. Oh my God. I have to watch Yeah, it's not a good movie, but it's one of those movies we would have seen as kids because it has so many people we recognize and it's goofy and funny. And they would have put it in theaters with all the people inside. Yes, it was like a marketing campaign, although there was definitely advertising.


I remember the commercials, the poor critical reception. Siskel and Ebert gave two thumbs down. It's okay, not great. They said details were lacking given the raid plan. That's never going to work in a high school, Neal.


It's a can, you can't review this in the same caliber that you review Ocean's Eleven. shit, you know what I mean? Why don't you ask dupa silly movie They also said that it is based on slapstick and barn humor. Sounds good right? When we were ten Yes, we were. That would have been very good. Perfect frequency of car chases and moments where characters fall into mud and dung. This is very funny.


I just smiled and you laughed when I said that. That's where we are.


They said it was like dust. Yeah. And I'm like, cool. I said oh that sounds good. I want people to follow the trash. I really want to see this guy angry blah blah blah blah then slip and fall. This is very funny.


I want to watch a car chase and someone ends up in the shit in a car chase scene and someone falls on my side of the car chase. The chase ended because someone got caught in the dung. That's all we want, everything. And Yellowstone is also filmed there. This is a newer series. The creators Kevin Costner are there. It seems boring how shit follows the Dutton family, led by Don John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, which is constantly under attack from those on the border.


Let's see with this kind of movies. Now he is obsessed with the van.


He has been dancing with Wolves Oscar for thirty years. He is a lobster guest who has been doing other things. Yeah, there's always one for that shit. He has always been obsessed with the West Coast man. Yes, he has always been obsessed with the West. By the way, the postman is wonderful. It's the Worst is the best bad movie of all time. I've seen it hundreds of times. It is the best bad movie of all time. He has a southern accent at first which later fades and appears in a few scenes.


His daughter, like his real biological daughter, wants to have sex with him in the movie. What the hell? It's ridiculous.


It's just that I don't understand. His passion is simply that he always wants enough fuck to get it done. So he wants a feather duster. He wants a practical hat.


Still not all the time. Now I know that she was in Waterworld and said that he would never do anything with water again. I want her to dry the same day. hehe hehe So I have some notes here, three stars. This cute little town that seems like a perfect tourist area. That's exactly the Wild West way. Yes, this is the Wild West. And they keep it simple in some areas like this amazing candy store.


Sight. It's good to live, unfortunately most of the city needs renovation as it looks a bit run down. Yes, I'm sure it is. Everything is covered in dust. Derby Derby is located at the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley. Here's another one. It's five stars against the beautiful mountains. There are activities to do all year round. There is not a great variety of restaurants and bars, but they are all very friendly.


Okay, great, because I know the mayor probably wrote that he's glad to have you there.


They are happy to have you in this town of six hundred and fifty-three. Oh, it's small and remote, so it's not. And then there is another town next door. That's just that and then nothing for a long time. So it's remote.


That's a five percent increase since 1990.


More women than men, five five percent. That's the lowest amount we've ever had. Yes, not quite in 1990 there were six hundred twenty-five people. Yeah. So no, we didn't have them either, where it was like here, we had, we had discounts like I did in India. only if It has become more stable the more there are women, it's weird because it's how it usually is in logging towns, it's more masculine, but no, not here.


Also because there are older people. So you survive us. Right. Women will outlive us, especially people who have been raising cattle for fifty years. That's why you don't normally live to be 90 years old.


There are very few lumberjacks, the Brawne, and he looks great because he died young. He's only seventeen on the ranch and looks thirty-eight. Thirty nine. But he was only seventeen years old and he died four years later. yes, he's done he's past middle age. Here he is forty-eight point one, so he's a little older. Forty-five years. The demographics are high. There are no children here. All of the child demographics are low, not none at all, but there are far fewer than usual, fewer married people than usual.


Family sizes are smaller people, some people go out and look at the expenses. It seems that single without children is higher. All this shit is running in this city, amazingly eighty-seven point six percent of it is white. Yes. Zero point zero percent black. No, no, no one here in the group. No Asian can be found to be zero point zero percent Asian. So there's 1.8% Hispanic and he's 5.4% Native American, which is much higher than normal because it was totally the kind of place they were in back then.


So twenty-nine point three percent of the people here are religious.


And it's just a mix of you leaving. That's a lot of heaven for a god, you know what I mean? They come here because there is not a cloud for them to sit on. No and not a cloud. How is he? as it will rain It thunders on the damned in the wicked when the rain cloud thunders to rain in the distance. You know I say I can't do this. I don't believe it for a minute.


It's like you move here when you lose faith in everything, or you move there and say I'm a god. These? These. Yes. You have lost faith in society, a deity. You know you're all you've got, you lost faith and you came to listen. That's fascinating. It is very strange here. Zero point zero percent Jewish, obviously zero point zero percent Muslim, as expected.


Not well. Many Jewish farmers in Montana are dying right now. No politics until twenty-one. As said, let's not mention that the unemployment rate is low here. It's like three percent. But I mean, it's the majority of the people who work on their ranches and stuff. So it's not like that. However, the family income is also very low because the other jobs are all small and retail and tourist shit.


And, you know, you work at a jewelry store that sells people, you know, knitwear and markers. Yes. Like I said, a magnet was like buffalo horns. Check it out. Here it is. Get in your head to say Montana. Yeah, I was at the fucking derby and I survived the fire. Holocaust hurricane. It is perfect.


And records without my name, you know, twenty-eight thousand two hundred and three dollars is the average household income, which is less than half the normal average. There are fifty-seven thousand six and fifty-two. A lot less. 25 percent of families earn less than 15,000 a year.


So how do you know what that is? Yes.


If they give you a house for free, if you don't have any land, there really isn't much you can do. I would say your money. That's it. You must go out. 54 percent of households earn $30,000 or less. That's a lot of shit to do. We just don't know they're up there.


You know, they work like I said, they make minimum wage, they sell tourist trinkets and shit waiting for the season to start. You have to do something? Yeah some shit. So some, I don't know, western blogs or something.


I don't know what the hell you do with a YouTube guy like there's a webcam pointed out the window. It's all big, isn't it? Pretty. Watch this. I was just pointing west, after all, the sunlight that people want to see, you know, will be right on the moon tomorrow.


Your child will wake up. I guess when the sun rises, boy will it go down, that's how it works. When the time comes, I will film. Thanks for tuning in now. I won't even sign. I'm just going to bed. Everything is good cost of living here.


The 100 is the average performance here. They are eighty-two and the fall is low. But that is not the value. But none of the houses for sale have this cost. All houses for sale are very expensive. ask about money Yes. The average cost of a house is one hundred and forty-six thousand one hundred dollars, which is very low.


But as we will learn in the Darby, Montana real estate report.


We'll find out here when we hear there was a report saying 7:69 AM. in a two-bedroom rental, but I can't find any real rentals available except for overnight tourists, you know, Airbnb crap. And then there's another one I found in the 1716 square foot, two bedroom, one bath house. It looks like a rented cabin. It's like going to a lake on vacation. But it's not like a log cabin.


It just looks like a structure in the woods. Yes.


It has eight acres, three hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. Make sure there is not too much house. This is too much. I found here two bedrooms, two baths, six hundred and thirty-two square feet. This is a literal log cabin. It has the trunks outside. It's on thirty-three acres.


Okay that's fine. But six hundred twenty-five thousand dollars.


They think David Letterman made a destination out of this place.


The houses are worth shit if you don't have land, but the house is with land, since they have a lot of land outside the city, a more expensive house. There is nothing. and the earth and the earth Well, that's great.


I found three bedrooms, three baths, three hundred and ninety-eight square feet. It looks like a castle. Serious. it's stone


It's not like a ranch. It has sand like towers. Oh Jesus. It looks like a fucking lock. It is on a cliff overlooking a lake.


It's like the American, the redneck version of the house of Gore Vidal. Look for Gore Vidal's house and you will see that it is the redneck version of it. Basically overlooking the lake. It's stone. Twelve acres, seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars. And they are the ones who raise the price. Two hundred and thirty thousand dollars in August.


because you are selling it Five hundred. You know, and I bet they got some offers and they were taken off the market.


That or you know, since we screwed up with covid and everything, people are moving to the middle of nowhere. This could have been more of an actual wave. Only there aren't ten empty houses in the whole city. After. Yeah, but it seems the rich get richer and as the rich get richer, all the rich can afford. Yes. Those prices are going up. Oh, they go very high. That is what is happening there.


things to do here. longer days We don't have a lot of time to talk about what sucks because it's fucking fun. We will see. That's one of the events, Jimmy.


Look at that shit, Jimmy.


I mean, that's a bunch of peasant women on a log on the log over the water hitting each other.


Each of them has a glove. Yes you have right. They each have a right glove, but on top of the right gloves they have a pair of gloves behind.


They took one, the real one took a glove from him, gave him a left one and they just turned around and punched each other in the face. But Gretchen Wilson cut her wrist. Oh yeah. And she is naked. The other is that her hand is like a guardian of balance.

(Video) The Basement Yard #193 - What Turns You On?


Look at this dude. He loves it. There's just this fat guy who looks like a farmer, with his hands clasped, sitting on the ground and grinning from ear to ear, that's great. I could see that. He could die now. She was a question. Margaret is getting a lot younger. What does she get for it? Oh my God. It is fun. They both hit a pretty good shot. That is beautiful. Yes. That's why I use it.


I will post this photo. Don't worry. Family events here, have a hot side show. Choko kids race.


I don't like the sound No, I'll strangle you little bastard. Let's see who is the fastest in the race of fear. When they fear for their lives. I want to know which boy is the fastest. Whoever loses will be suffocated. He tug of war, water boxing, competitions. I think it is. I wouldn't call it boxing.


No adults compete in a chainsaw throw.


Do not do. At the end of the vlogging days, how many arms are left on the ground? A pan toss, a charger competition, and an MA and PA race. How do you age in this state? How is everything just a chance to die?


He is a wild man. Additionally, Wetly Bank will play Whitney Banks and Kimberly Dunn and David Lee Murphy.


Well, there are some rules.


It says, in quotes, Absolutely no dogs, coolers or drinks outside with all those chainsaws around, I guess I let the dogs run anyway.


So, but unfortunately it was the last year in twenty nineteen. It will be suspended forever. They will try to find a new incarnation for it, but there aren't enough lumberjacks left, they said verbatim. And then they have the Twisted Nut Festival.


Well, it's a roundup for testicular cancer. The guy didn't fight. Why should I do that? Can't. It's not even a pun on cancer. Do not do. How can we make it show up on the list? Numbats really hurt, and this is the activity where you hit one. Nuts and a giant fucking mammal, so that's the weirdest thing. This will distort you. Maybe you wouldn't get as many crabs if you didn't keep throwing them in a hole.


I'm not saying this is the cause, but I can't help it. I can not help myself. That sure doesn't fix it. Correct to the crime rate in this city.


The doctor never says sorry. You have testicular cancer. Jump on old Brutus's back and we'll take him out.


Get rid of these property crime tumors in this city. Crime rate here, property crime, delinquency, average. So normal that you would not think in such a small town. Look, now it's touristy. Violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and assault.


In a small town like this, crime in Mount Rushmore is usually low. We are average too. So I think with such a small population, it's like, you know, who the hell knows two violent incidents? And that is. With that said, I think it's time to talk about her. Okay, okay, let's do this. Seat belt. Let's tighten our belts. Let's go back to the mid-2000s, you know.


Sim. 2004, 2005.


It is a simple time. Good time to be alive. Really easy time. Kind of a disaster at this point. archer doctor. Yes, there has been chaos for some time. Anyway, in the mid 2000s, this is just the last two hundred years or so, it was a bit of an unstable and risky country. So now I'm kidding. Anyway, they are twins from the mid-2000s.


We have some people we're going to talk about here. We're talking about Bill and Bill and Ann are a couple, Bill and Ann Stout and his daughter Sarah, Cynthia, Sylvia Stout. She wouldn't take out the trash. So you never read where the sidewalk ends? Don't the children know? Jesus, I don't read books.


So my daughter made me read every night where the sidewalk ends. Madison, I read to him and it was fun. And one of her fat ones, one of her favorites, Sarah, Cynthia, Sylvia Stout. And we would have to read that several times. She wouldn't take out the trash, do it.


Because he was frustrated that this poor girl had just been given a name, that look on Jimmy's face was like, why would you do that to your kids? Cynthia Sylvia Stout. Nerd. Shel Silverstein did this to spice it up a bit mythologically. Yes, a stick figure, this stick figure, but only a child's drawing. Bill here was born in 1977 and he was born in 1964. So a little age difference, but nothing major.


That's good for four couples, you know, that's within reach. Then Bill was born and I'm sorry, Bill was born. Nineteen fifty-five. I say fifty-seven. I think he did well, I thought to myself. This is how he was born on February 28, 1955. He was originally from San Jose, California. He is the only Chinese and the only child at the time and eventually moved to Arkansas. He grew up going to high school in Arkansas.


So somehow the family eventually ended up in Arkansas and then he ended up in Montana. Well, a lot of people are still in Arkansas and all. So he meets and then we talk right here, after all, they live in Darby, Montana. You will have three children. One is Andsnes from a previous marriage, and Bill will adopt him and, you know, take him as his own and everything.


His name is Ben and they also have Matthew and Noah. So, three children, some biblical names in their essence.


They got a 20 acre ranch at 266 Trapper Meadow Road and Darby is great. He is not bad.


Yeah. And he's actually a rocker. He's apparently a third-generation rocker, but his father and his father before him were tin rocks. Well, yes, apparently he is.


It's supposed to be a methamphetamine trade. No, it used to not be a man, it used to be something professional. I think it's one of those things like the old types of plaster. Like you're any good at it, here's a math wall versus an actual rock wall.


Yes. If you see one done right, wow, oh wow. What the hell. Yes. And all cropped. Right. I agree. And right now they're building a lot of these fine houses for their David Letterman. So I think maybe that's a good thing, the fancy house. And if you have to have a good record rocker here, the house they have, it's a one-story house here, but it's quite big.


It's big like a farm, so it's long and whatever on 20 acres there. Yeah, you know, it's a nice house, part basement, attached garage, big guy looked for a sign on the door. Yeah. I mean, sit there, man. Yeah, they're great here. They are cars. They have a rented 2000 Ford pickup and a 1995 Chevy Suburban and also a horse trailer. So you know they're okay.


They don't live beyond their means or anything. Are you here. All that shit is still crazy. Expensive. It is yes, it is. I mean, running a ranch is expensive. His many things are developed in horsemanship, fishing, hunting, he loves to walk the horses. This is his favorite thing. It seems that he is leading her to something. I don't know how guys do it, but he does things like that.


Whatever people do with a hat, it's a lot of fun. Whatever, frankly, whatever Kevin Costner is imagining doing while sitting in his mansion that someone has burned down, or whatever Letterman plans to do while taking a few guests down the road to bring a product to his show .


and and


And he only dreams of Buffalo Ranch and going back to Trigger. No, you know that now.


She is also from California and they did not meet in California. Do not do. She also happens to be from California. She comes from a bigger family. You have that she comes from a family of five brothers and sisters. So, you know, so different. After the age of four, her father apparently left her and she had no relationship with him. I feel so. Yeah, that's not cool. You know, when they finally married billions and lived in Montana in 1986, they obviously already lived there.


Like I said, she already had a son named Ben. And immediately Bill is ready to adopt the child. And you know, Bill seems like a nice guy. Great when it comes to that shit too. Nothing really happened at the wedding. Very monotonous wedding. I mean nothing important. No one was ever arrested. The police never have to come. There are no cases. There is no madness in the first 15 years of marriage.


It's pretty quiet. But two thousand. They have a great tragedy that even though no one is to blame, these tragedies make it difficult for couples to move on. You know I'm saying a thousand over winter break. There was his son from the previous marriage. There was a freshman in college and he committed suicide. Oh no, during winter break. So that was a yes. She crushed them both because Bill killed her like she was his son.


I mean, it wasn't my stepson or anything. he was your son. So absolutely, you know, it's been hard for her. But like I said, this is a tragic thing and it happens. And friends, whether it's right or wrong, her brain is trying to figure it out. And you blame someone. You are blaming one thing. And when he was fourteen and you said that to him and you know you're trying to do something and it's terribly destructive.


It was one of the things that happened. It was the winter holidays. So she was home when she did it. He was out of school. He wasn't on his property, he's not at school. And he went back there and committed suicide in another place. And yes, he is brutal. And it was somewhat difficult. All the friends that caused a break in the relationship for a while. You were very rude.


Of course not. That's brutal. Like I said, I don't know how, even if you go to therapy and all, your brain still has to process that shit. And that's something. A nineteen year old boy commits suicide. It is impossible to process. And it will destroy all yours.


And a fifty-five. Nineteen fifty-five. And he crossed the country twice. Yes, at least. Yes. He's a do-it-yourself guy, you turn him into a miner. Everyone says that he is a miner, he says that he is a farmer and a hunter and stuff. That is, he does not understand what children's trees are. No, it's useless.


He is a tough guy and blames many for the suicide. He blamed her for whatever reason. I mean, like I said, who knows what little thing made him think that. Who knows. Like they said, maybe a month ago they had a fight. And she said something to him that Bill thought was over the line. We have no idea. I won't speculate on that. But Bill blamed her and they started fighting a lot at this point.


It was brutal at the time and I would say that what happened to Ben really affected all of us. I handled it differently than Bill and our other two children. Matt and Noah handled it differently than we did. But we got through it and I thought we were a strong and happy family. So after a few years, Leah said, you know, this is never going to end.


This is a wound that will never heal. But the inflammation will subside after a while. And you can live your life and go hours without thinking, without thinking about it, maybe at this point. But I guess in the early years I don't know how you can spend minutes without thinking about it. I would destroy your brain. Yes Yes.


So in 2004, they have now, you know, there's a ranch and he's got his own, he's got a business and there's a ranch and there's kids and everything. So Bill does the responsible thing and buys life insurance for himself. Five hundred thousand dollars and everybody watch out if he's, he's, he's at the ranch. I mean, he could be mauled by a man, he could be run over and thrown from a horse at any moment.


You never know yourself. Something worse is coming. Yes, I mean that anything can happen. So it's a smart thing to do if you're working on drywall and don't know how something could happen. He does a lot. That's enough. He does a lot. This is dangerous.


Yes, he could have drowned somewhere on the ship. Some Moethee rocker standing next to him couldn't enjoy stepping on a nail gun and hitting him in the face.


you can have it all Anything is possible with meth and plaster. That is something to think about. Never forget that. friend Yes. When you renovate your house think that with meth and pavement guards in my house anything is possible because anything can happen.


It's something bad, a bad nail in an electrical wire or something.


Play a match to drive a nail through sheetrock in a rocking chair with two kids. Right.


So the policy contains a clause that I don't know now if he inserted it or if it was one. I think it's probably the insurance company that insures it. The clause prohibits payment. Must Bill commit suicide within the first two years of the policy? OK, that makes sense because it's not what you would see. He can't get a policy. No, you kill yourself just so your family can pay. Insurance companies have probably seen this trick a time or two.


do you think I don't like what is happening. Everything's going wrong. I'm about to lose my business. I know I'm going to get a big insurance policy and then me and my wife and kids will be fine. How do people come to have these thoughts? So, I understand. There's probably one of these for inmates trying to get life insurance.


Do they get, do they get a prisoner? It must be a high rate. I imagine it would have to be like working in a prison on a shrimp boat. Yes.


You could feel that Epstein would have one. Yes, there is terrible medical care. So right away, like here in Phoenix, you know, in Arizona, people are dying from infections, spider bites, because they can't see the doctors here, because they leave. We will not give in to that. Yes. We do not offer medical attention for insect bites here. They say that even though we have tons of poisonous stuff at night, stay up at night for the brown recluse, black widow, and scorpion.


Huge scorpions. Yes. That if you are allergic to happiness, it will swell up like a ridiculous thing. It's ridiculous here.


Anyway, this suicide-free two-year pay period starts in January 2005. Then you can volunteer in February 2007 and receive your full salary. So it works. Yes. I don't know. I think they think you might go crazy. Yes. And with that he thought you could be sadder. Perhaps you have sought therapy. Yes. And also two years on how long it takes to rebuild a life after a devastating loss.


That's the other one. Who knows if something bad will happen while they think that two years, let's say, they lose the business. Well, you know, for the first year he really wants to kill himself, but then he gets another job and starts climbing the ladder. And for two years he goes, you know what? I was able to pay my bills and the bills are paid. Now I have consolidated it. And the debt relief program will be fine.


It is very easy to get out of life. Uh, I'm thinking of doing it like this. However, we don't downplay the depression or the suicidal shit we do because we both suffer. Yes, exactly. So we thought, hey, we have to do this. It's a bit dark.


This is what it has literally taken me two years since the divorce with the financial situation. Yes. Back to normal and it's so hard.


I've been through several zombie periods in my life, literally why am I doing this, years where I don't even remember much of it. Because after that I was in a haze, you know, close friends died and things like that just destroyed the being. Yes, it's a bad thing. Nevertheless. Twenty five comes around. Yeah. So this spill wiped out your life insurance policy. The marriage is, the marriage is back to normal. Thank God everyone is happy.


You have two sons. By the way, his son Matt turned out to be a good athlete. From what I found, it seems that he escaped. He tracks through high school and is also a wide receiver on the football team. From what I've found out here, he'll start high school at twenty-five. So I have a son who is starting high school. The other begins to study. They soon start college around the age of twenty-seven.


So a kid starting high school, a kid finishing high school. Luke Noah. No, that was the other one. This is the one. This is another. Yes. Someone with a bow or so early. 25-year-old Bill receives an invitation to an old high school friend's wedding in Arkansas. Like he, you know, he saw and he saw that a bunch of his friends would be there, like friends from high school, old friends.


And he said, well, it's fun, you know, high school reunion at a wedding. People of this generation love it. They love.


Yes. Then we sat down and talked about it. And I should have a good ranch and everything, a good family and nothing to be ashamed of. It's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about this. Do I have to be ashamed of something? Why don't I want to tell them?


What do I have to lie about and what do I get? This is impressive. Not bad. Yes, good. ranch photo. It looks beautiful at sunset. Let me teach you. This let me be on this youtube instagram feed is really cool. Someone who is right now I'm going to make a star. Yes.


So he goes there and he's happy about it. He talks about it. He says, you know, and come on, we're going to this wedding and he doesn't really want to go. She does not like it. She doesn't really know her high school friends and she doesn't want to be a third wheel or anything. She doesn't want to leave while he's with a large group of friends from high school and they're on the sidelines. Right.


From what I understand, I mean you still have to accompany your friend to something like this. Yes.


You know I understand. I don't know. I'm about 50/50 there because I see what someone is like, I don't really want anyone there because I just want to talk to people and not feel like I have to include them. But at the same time you want... I don't know, that's your life as a spouse. So you'd say, hey, this is the life I've built with this person.


And yes you will, I assume you talk to them and they will leave if I don't want them to. And you give them your whole reason why they want to leave. Yeah. Like, no, I really don't like it. I could still say that maybe you're right. Yes. I mean I don't want to go. I have a feeling your release would be like this.


And then. Because your speech would be, OK, I want to go to this. Yes. You have to come with me because you are my wife and I want to show you everything. But once I'm done showing it to you, you'll have to leave because you won't be a part of the conversation. And if we're being honest, I mean, you know, I have to get you involved and go away and let that person explain the story behind our shorthand.


Yeah, you know I didn't want to hear how you like it. You went under the stands anyway. I just want to go home. But you have to. You basically have to stand there and say hello and be interested. And that's what married people do for each other. It's alright, I'll do shit for you and that's alright. I owe you a fucking boyfriend. How is that? The way you like it, you know, some shit with your sister and her family and I go to lunch or something.




let's talk about. Okay, let's talk about it. It doesn't matter. OK, by the end of the year we'll be eighteen and we'll be listening to shit. One for a man. We're going to trade a lot of us, but she doesn't want to go and he said, fuck, I'm going alone. She said I will, I will. She said you'll have fun, but I don't want to go. So she's coming back, right? Yes.


You know, he says that this could be good for me. I just need something relaxing. I'm away from work, family, kids, you know, just watch old friends talk about the old days and clear your head. Forty years, years for some reason.


But people do, I guess people go to high school reunions in their 60s.


Why do my grandparents keep doing this? Well, I don't know if it's because I don't understand why people do it. I don't know what the hell. Back then there was no Facebook. They did not follow. They didn't have many of them didn't go to college. So how did you do after that shitty education? We have Kewdale. We already hate most of the people we grew up with because we see that there are no unions on Facebook and we're like, oh, you're a monster.


I want to talk to you more, damn it. How was I friends with you? What happened to this person? So we don't need it. Maybe it's because. But your boobs on Instagram with twenty thousand followers, I see what you do, or with, you know, one hundred and eighty followers. It still doesn't matter. You're still getting into it. So Bill goes to Arkansas. he will enjoy. friend's wedding So he goes to the hotel bar where he is in the hotel with some people who are staying.


And it's the night before the wedding. And he's having a drink and he's sitting there by himself and he sees someone at the bar that he hasn't seen in a long time. And it's his high school sweetheart, a woman named Barbara Miller. And so they used to be a staple in high school, these two. Then he sees her and says oh my gosh I haven't seen you since high school.


Weird. Then they start talking. And, you know, she said that she really liked her and he really liked her. But they did not understand. They had not seen each other in over thirty years.


If I saw a girl I went to high school with, I'd say I don't know, I don't care about you. I probably owe you an apology.


I'm sure I meant I don't know what I did, but I don't know if you're mad. I don't remember that. If you're mad at me, you will be if you were there, and you probably still are, because I'm pretty sure I didn't speak to jog your memory. How about we do that? Yes. And apologize to your best friend and cousin for me too. I'm sure I said something. Nerd.


If all. Yes. I thought you two knew each other, but nobody cared. I thought everyone was in favor.


I thought it was fine. So, you know, just kidding. Anyway, he's, you know, they haven't seen each other in a while, but this is his sister's wedding. So you had to assume that he would meet her there. I guess she is this girl. Sister, I'm Barbara Miller. sister's wedding So what are you doing? That's why they invited him, because I don't know why.


And why would you ask your high school sweetheart? No, this is your sister's high school. Yeah. Why don't you get married and think, you know, we should ask this guy? We didn't see that with the guy. I agreed to meet in grade 11, I haven't seen him for a long time. Where does he live now? Montana sent her an invite to see if she'd be in some shit play.


It's okay? That's weird? Weird. I did not invite anyone like that to know. And I got married then, not far away. That's years. This is 30 years later. She is about a woman who, if she is her older sister, is around fifty. That's what I mean. I mean, I'd get the invite and say who's getting married. Where is what is happening? This address is this for me. I don't buy a suit for that.


No, I'm a farmer. I don't have that kind of clothes. OK, so I'm not sure if you need to come all the way west. Sorry, I've been on a ranch for about thirty years, and like Kevin Costner, with enough dust on my shoulder, I've dressed up as Charlie from the regular Sunny in Philly when he sells oil, which is what I do. .


i'm in the oil


So he knows he's happy. They talk, they have a very pleasant conversation. They spend a few hours at the bar drinking Mai and reminiscing about old times and start laughing and having fun and talking about people. You've seen. Ah, I see the guy. And you actually know what happened to him at the bar.


When you see someone who exists, it's not necessarily if they're the opposite sex or whatever, but when you see someone from high school and they start telling stories about disastrous things happening to other people, it's what you do in life. high school. It is funny. And it's like you're stuck in this conversation for a while. It's like, oh my god, what did that idiot do? Now it's like a fifteen minute conversation that I can handle.


Yes, but it will be like that for a while. It's just too much, to the point, Bill, where they get more comfortable and start talking more about their private lives, and the jacket falls off. She begins to talk about her personal problem of recent years and Bullo's son has committed suicide. I will tell you. Well that's another whiskey that would make this a double, this time it would be the single mother. So let's get to the good stuff.


Forget about that black Johnny Walker. Let's get this, yeah The McCallums Eighteen. And thank you. So, Glenlivet, please. Then they get to the point in the conversation where he talks about his life and how his marriage has gone downhill since his son killed herself and they keep fighting. Oh God. Oh yeah. He is throwing a no-hitter. He is in the sixth inning.


So this Marriott room bombardment by seven, eight, only the third time in the lineup with fastballs. He now he has the Knicks, the Cavs and the Sliders and he's making a trade there. And he knows because he's in the sixth inning, it's going to take some cunning to get to the ninth now. Anyone can get to this point, right? He makes everything a complete game.


You really need to do this at this point.


The hotel bar, the last call, the lights on and all that shit.


Therefore, they are not willing to stop in the middle of a conversation. So I mean, hey, hey, why is our car, why is our conversation dictated when the bars in the state of Arkansas are closing? That's crazy. This guy wants to go home. Come on. Because that bartender has an amazing life. stay here and serve me They think so.


So they say, well, he says, well, let's go back to my room and talk some more to stay in that room there. So you know how to do it, obviously. And yes it is.


So they spend the night together. He's having sex with Barbara here. And so, Bill and Barbara practically go to their sister's wedding together. Yeah. You know, they have a concert together and all that. They sat next to each other. They danced together. They were like a couple. For example, if you go to a wedding and you do something like that, they say, everyone says they're like an old couple, but they have the energy of a new couple, you know what I mean?


It was like, yeah, because they just did it. They just like it and it's great. Now we know how to do it. That's not much better than when I was sixteen, and it was confusing.


Look, I worry about you too. Now I know where all the parts are. Isn't that cool? I won't jump on you until I'm done. It's wonderful now.


Wow that's cool. So yes it will happen. It ends up happening anyway and eventually they have fun at the wedding and decide they don't want to quit. They don't want this to be the last time they speak or see each other. You know what I mean? not you. He wants to keep communicating.


He tells her that he won't let her down. He's not going to run from her and he's going to, you know, keep in touch with her. And they come up with a plan for how they're going to send email, and they have phones and he and. Write me this time when she got married. No, she is not married, she is single. Yes. So everything is just that.


She thinks I saw it first. I do not know what you mean. I think she thinks I know this guy. I've known him since he was a child. And I think some people have something weird about it. And that's my fault. I'm not a fucking psychologist, of course, but I don't have a high school degree, so I can't claim to have any medical knowledge. But as an amateur, you know, you've done a lot of shit with crazy people, and people have things on their minds.


Not that it's crazy, but I have a feeling that people are fucking crazy.


It's a bit strange. Yes. It's not normal. I'm not saying that, don't get me wrong. But I say that when people see me thinking about someone of theirs, I think about their brain, it puts them in the mindset of when they first met that person, if they haven't seen them in 30 years and then they feel young again. And I think someone who is 50 years old and not very excited. I agree. And so excited for them that they're seeing someone and it's an emotion that I feel when I was 17 years old.


That's the feeling I want too. I missed that feeling, that energy. I think that's it. Though I guess I probably don't know. And I think she feels the same way, like, oh, you know, we're not that, we're not middle-aged. And, you know, the people of Poncey were exciting teenagers again.


But you're not, you're not. You are not. That's it. head out of ass Yes. So you plan on moving him to Montana?


Well no, no, from my family. I dont know. He tells her that we will do that. He wants me to transfer you to Montana. I will eventually walk away from my wife and you will, you know, he will eventually, but not now. First you come to Montana. We're going to have an affair for a while. And as long as I get out of my marriage, I'll be back.


You know, let's change. All right, partner here sometime. That's why we trade women, I must say. So, you know, they thought maybe this would work. She leaves Arkansas, goes to her house in Montana, and yes, he ends up calling her twice. she right. When she comes home she says she misses her, misses her. And it was really nice talking to her and all that. Then he says that he needs to see her again and basically sets up a little escape for her.


If you go to her, you will fly with him. He picks her up in Missoula and they head to a resort in Missoula to the west. I think it's something like north of Darby, west of Missoula because Missoula is northeast of Darby. So I think there are some resources out there. And Bill says that he will buy her a plane ticket. It's going to be nice for the Memorial Day weekend you have.


What happened? What I mean, I know what you're thinking. She leaves town to attend a wedding without her family. I don't think it's strange that she disappears for a while, I guess. How do you say I am at the ranch?


I dont know. No big cleanup job.


Memorial Day weekend. You know, I know this is like a family getaway weekend. I only dedicate it to work.


Go to work. I wanted to grill. Yeah, I thought so, but I decided to fuck the girl I liked in eleventh grade English class.


Then why not? I don't know how to import it. I don't know how you get away from your family for days. This is wild.


I don't understand. He has to, so I'm pretty sure he's making up some story for a business trip. I'm sure you can tell this is a plaster job done at a resort. I guess that will probably work. I have to say I don't know when life was like this, where is the check you showed me, my drywall, this damn resort that runs this place? That fucking piece of shit, resort shit. Yes, you would be very upset about that.


I'll call but sorry.


It is always this way. He tells her that the man will be leaving soon. Don't worry. We will be both. Everything will be fine. You know it's okay and everything will be okay. And this plan continues. And it shows up on Memorial Day weekend. It is wonderful that outside of the US you are receiving calls from Memorial Day weekend in May through Friday April 29, 2005.


Stop this call from an anonymous person.


Is a woman.


Yeah, who won't say who she is, but will say that I was at a wedding in Arkansas with her husband and her husband had sex with his high school girlfriend and they were very close. And I know her and I think that shit still happens.


You might want to know, I don't know who the hell would do that, but wow someone cheated on someone, I just want to say he had a big puddle of gasoline and said how many matches is enough for anything but damn.

(Video) DeOrr Kunz Jr: Parents Become Persons of Interest (Part 2)


Oh my God. Who does it? Like, who would. It's vengeful, even if you. do it yourself. I don't want to be the person who tells someone I'm not. I hope they find out, but I won't tell. This is only supposed to hurt. That's what it's for. Unless it's her sister or someone close to her actually telling you so you don't get hurt.


And now I'm here to comfort you too. That would be one thing, but I'm just an anonymous person. Her husband has sex with his high school girlfriend. How about that? Goodbye. That's a lot to process, I think, for her. So she's obviously impressed with this person, like I said, never identified or anything. So she's upset, as you can imagine, and a little bit upset.


She's crazy. She confronts Bill about it, you know, confronts Bill about the case. And Bill agrees that he would stop talking to her, he would stop talking to Barbara.


It's all off and it's exploding on him. And he says: I don't know what I was thinking. You're right. I was very happy there for a minute and I lost my mind. You know how to do it


I'm listening. And did you manage to do everything right? You dont have anything. I won't, it was a lot of serotonin that wasn't used to running through my body and it was a bad thing. Then yes. So he sends her an email. Barbara did not know that she had made the call and she believes that everything is fine. Barbara doesn't know that Ann knows about this and now she confronts Bell as if she doesn't know or plan to come for Memorial Day.


She does not know. And out of the blue, Bill sends her an email saying that she's done, that I can't do this. And that was it. He explains this and knows about the case. And he tells her that we can never see each other again. I'm sorry I don't plan on doing this to you twice because he apparently he dropped her off at school and sat down with her. That is all. He then he said I don't want to do it twice but I can't.


I cancel the plane ticket. I brought you to Montana. Have a nice day. Goodbye, Barbara. Jesus Christ.


Oh no. She's like what the fuck?


Yes, she is upset. He came at her very hard. He Is she having sex or is she telling him all that shit? He sells her a range of her products. You will go and bring it here. I'm leaving my wife Let's stick together while blah blah blah blah blah it's a plane Get her plans and all that shit, and then all of a sudden she's like forget it sorry she found out. So I don't like you anymore And she says, what the hell.


she's upset. He said that Barbara was obviously frustrated. Yes. It won't work here either.


They basically dumped me twice. And then she emailed me back and said dammit call me. That's why you call me and talk to me about it. And she never called, so she was upset. She decides if I go to Montana whether she likes it or not.


You owe me more than an email. Yes. For the second time, he owes me more than any man on the list has ever written. We have to do something. I would have taken a call the other night, but not now, it will be face to face now. Oh man, there's going to be an Old West showdown here. So she decides. She goes to Montana, but somehow she gets them.


I think he had to pay for it but he was able to reactivate his canceled plane ticket. So she's ready to go to Montana. And he said, she told Barbara she tells Bill he'll show up at her doorstep and camp there until he's ready to go out and have fun and face her like a man talks.


So I don't know if this is a way to get it to just call and do it. Or, you know, if I threatened him enough to show up at his house, maybe he'd call me and tell me.


I'm not sure if it's in a bit. That's aggressive. Yes. I would say he is aggressive. But she listens, he screwed up.


I was going to say, I mean, it's one thing, you know, there's the old stupid shit scorned, but a woman scorned twice. Yes. Over a period of thirty years it's a different story. And she's not a woman someone would despise twice for it. They'll get mad and want to say, okay, at least I'm going to yell at you when I was in my last interaction with you. Candy talks to me all night and then you do the same thing again.


Again, after I made life plans, we talk about how he plans to move, wants to sell his house, and talks about what it was like.


Right. He makes life plans. pay the transaction fee. Curse. Yes, I know. I agree. That's ridiculous. I have people running in and out of my house all day and walking around saying my damn closet ain't big enough. I heard that shit because of you. You're an Idiot. And I have heard many times that it is not very modern. Yes Yes. I'll talk. I know the kitchen needs it well. Fork Garnet was very good ten years ago.


I have laminate. I know it would be nice. It's ok, it looks good and it's easy to clean. Everything is backwards.


Anyway, she decides they'll go head-to-head on Memorial Day, it'll be a holiday showdown, so hopefully it won't be like flipping burgers in the backyard with the damn apron on the apron. There are people playing badminton and she is yelling in a returning rental car. Oh yeah. Bill, do you want another one? You will need it now. Turns out it's a Sheff record. Yes. With her kiss, the damn chef's apron at No.


First up, the daddy's barbecue protesters.


Let me taste the arrow meat down. Yeah. That's not fun. Jesus, you saw them all. Jimmy, I'm a father. Jimmy buys more innovative barbecue aprons than most people, as you can understand. This is a real apron. That's it. Yeah, I think he dressed her like you didn't make her up. Ah, he didn't see that. This is fucking funny. Good. It's good to meet a tough man.


Yes. Bachelorette parties everywhere. It's all out there. The best are everywhere. That's why they're out there.


So Bill and Bill count and the case is over. We will live our lives. But he's like, Shit, how do I keep them from coming here on Memorial Day?


Your plates are spinning. It's hard here. So he keeps her promise, though he never contacts Barbara, not even to tell her not to come to her house on Memorial Day, which would have been a good time to break up property. Just send the follow up email. Please do not do this.


Look, we need to talk now, that's basically what I want to say here.


That's where a conversation with your wife comes in, where you'll see I got that email. Yes. Can I call you? She will be in the room. We'll clear this up, we'll put it on speakers. I know what I did. I messed it up. And I want you to know everything. I don't want her to come here on Memorial Day because I feel like no matter how much it's not my fault. I have a feeling you're going to blame me.


I feel like they are blaming me, which I think is understandable. I wouldn't know this person any other way. But how am I supposed to hear about it for years? Yes, it will be that the neighbors know. The cattle will know. It's going to be a lot.


I don't think we want to deal with it, so he doesn't contact her. As I said.


Yes, you must put your cards on the table. Look what happens. That was what happened.


Answer all questions. He will want details. That is better. Sam, you better say it's you, but how often? Oh yeah, I'll put it on speakers so it doesn't communicate with her. And she finally, because she's going to stay here for a month, calls her during the month and says, you know what, damn it, what am I going to do? Surely she was talking to a friend or her sister or something like that and someone told her why are you going there?


Right. What is it going to do? But it causes you pain. You are a 50 year old woman. Come on. That's a no, that means you've got twenty-two years of power here. I go there and confront people. You do this shit when you're twenty-two. When you're fifty you'll be fine, they don't want me. That's enough. I'll be fine. I eat something and relax.


This ranch or this cock was his cockpit. Well I mean he's amazing and he knows how to rock in the bedroom and he throws it on the sheet, he shakes that ass, he shakes that ass. That's it.


So she doesn't show up at the end. And so there's no contact with him, no contact with her for a while in the summer of twenty-five. Things are back to normal. There is no weird shit. She won't show up. He says that he's back to normal and says that she forgive him, you know, date, forgive him. She will not divorce him in her place.


Yes. divorce behavior forever.


Yes, exactly. All of it. More paperwork. I will trust you.


So until June 1 everything is fine here. June 1. He is sitting at his computer at home when he receives a message in his inbox. And it's a bit strange.


This is a week after the memorial service. That's a week later. Yes. So come back for a moment. Little bit. Yeah, it was okay because he hasn't contacted her, so there hasn't been any contact since the beginning of May.


Oh god that's OK, so Memorial Day. Yes. So it's June and now she's busy. Yeah. It's like a month that the robust family has basically been in calm waters. So now you get an email saying I love you, let's meet up, let's meet face to face.


Yes it is. So the email address they came from was called Frico FAQ, crap. So yeah, it was an AHC aberration. Arkia fan. I suppose. I dont know. Arkansas fan. arc aberration. Yes. Yes. From Phakisa. Crazy old man. Jesus Christ. A real breakthrough, as if he had customized it. How can I say that very well personalized dishes. I'm terrible with them.


I'm very good with custom licenses. Dishes, how about with Italian names in the shouts, let's just say that the FLOREK cheese strip is terrific.


You're stopped at a red light and pulling away, what the hell does that say? I can never find out. I tell Sarah, what the hell are you trying to tell me? So I have two seconds to tell myself. I say: Okay, thank you. I do very deep research and I don't even know what I'm doing. That's Sarah. Is that what they say? Are they an idiot? It was. They say it's something that says like it says: come on kids, do you have little kids or something?


What's happening? Oh that son.


Ok, now I understand that this is a Frico FAQ plate.


I must love this very much. And he says a lot about them too. Oh yeah. She loves sex and it smells like Arkansas. Oh man, she is, I like her.


So you understand that, and despite the intriguing email address, you seem to have decided not to respond to the takedown. Right. Maybe if I delete everything it says, maybe it'll just go away, then it'll go away.


So think she won't know, that's just the end of this shit.


But it's not that he's as bad as you, he doesn't know what that means either. Yes. So, who is Frico for the Frico FAQ? Jesus, nothing. I'm fine Rich. You misspelled my fart. What happened? This is a spam email. Yeah, that's fun.


He then sees Bill shortly after receiving the email, who he finds in the kitchen reading some letters. Oh boy. Addressed to both, she had been sent by post. She just got the mail and there's a letter addressed to both of you. She opened up like a normal person. If she starts reading it and she hates it, yes, she's Barbara. She's a long way from Frigo-FAQ, and Shrieker-FAQ doesn't do well here.


At this point, she's upset about it, but he says I haven't contacted her. That being said, it's not my fault if someone is a little off, it's not my fault. And she says: I understand. You know, I think we're going to tackle this together. And, you know, but she's still upset because she doesn't want, she wants life without a woman. Her husband had an affair with her. Who the hell wants that?


You know what I mean? This wouldn't happen if you didn't affect our base. If you say that, I understand that now it's our fault. But let's be honest here. They started pushing that rock down the mountain, and now gravity is the only thing taking its course. I guess no one can resist your crazy cock. It's hard as a sheet, you shake the sheets, you shake. So he shakes off the Rock Sheets or one that's his, which is his email address and his license plate, his One Sheet Rock in the sheets.


Now Bill, his children and some of their friends receive emails. Don't start postmarking letters in Arkansas. Yeah. Say they're the daughter of Barbara Miller or Barbara Miller, you know, whatever.


Sometimes the two are different, so I'm like, Ann is like, shit.


Now it's also embarrassing because they literally send letters to their children. So your kids read it like, oh, your dad had an affair with me and now he's doing this shit. Mom, her friends in town get letters like, you know, these are people they work with. They get letters saying this is happening and it's none of my business. we should be together And then this guy dumped me again and then, you know, blah blah blah.


But that sucks. I mean it's a small town. It is very embarrassing for the people there. You know, old people in a small town aren't used to that. They are not swingers in the south. Turns out it's just a work in progress. And in those notes, Miller tells her and everyone else that this is an ongoing case and that Bill is still having an affair with her.


And he hasn't contacted her. And he said I swear to God I haven't contacted her. That's why she's crazy. He says I don't know, it's literally like a fatal attraction. I do not know what is happening. I didn't do any of that shit. Then letters began arriving claiming that Miller was pregnant with Bill's child. I curse you So yes. And also to say that she would come to Montana to take Ann's place in the family and that she would come there and move out and, you know, she would have a baby with Bill and it would be a new family and she would have to go.


So she sent letters back and forth saying you have to go because she got me pregnant. So I'm coming. And they're calling the police to get out of the damn house? Not yet. Not yet. They also say she's taking Bill's baby to Montana and showing up at the door and all that shit, so. Everything we look at has a bulletin, every look, children are born with it.


That's how I know. That's how I know.


It smells like open races. She narrowed her eyes the whole time. Check it out. There is no sun there. There is no sun there. We are in. Just blink. see through.


I dont know. It's strange. It is leathery and wrinkled. He is six months old. He always counts cows.


And we try to make sure everyone is super where she kicks the shit that literally falls out of her diet because she just kicks it to the ground and throws the band-aid away like no baby should. That is not right. So yes, he is a newborn.


Wear size four diapers. I want to know why you are packing. He has Montana Dick. It is right. Big Sky Country Package. It is a big sister country. It's a big country up there. So all these letters have an Arkansas postmark, and you know, all of them. And what they do is, as she said, there's another stack of cards because it's like a stack of cards that come in waves. At one point, there's a bunch of letters sent to all of her friends, all of her friends, all of her relatives, inviting them to a barbecue in Montana to celebrate Bill and Barbara Miller's new relationship.


Then come to our engagement party. Basically it will be wonderful. Celebrate the arrival of our baby. So at that point, Bill said, okay, I like it, I've tried, but you know, it's going to be really hard at home. And he goes to the police, and he goes there to the Ravelli County Sheriff and reports the harassment. He says: Here I am constantly harassed. Chief Boiardi, we need to talk. listen boss


If he is busy. Yes, by the way, I really like your meat ravioli. Deputy Beefaroni, you need to speak.


I'm sorry I threw that good deputy's spaghetti, damn ravioli and beefaroni. So he is. He tells them that. And in addition to all the emails now at this point after he reports that it's a start of processing, other things are starting to happen, not letters. Now acts of vandalism happen like all the others. They're like they have to be there, you know, the eggs start, your truck inexplicably gets hit by eggs. It will be the only one like no one in the neighborhood.


It's not a bunch of kids running around telling people their truck is covered in eggs and no one else because shit is like shit all over the truck.


I hope you don't say, oh, you and your dog. Yeah, I really hope you found the cow shit. There's a lot of shit on a ranch. You can, if you're looking for shit this is the place to find it, you need a handful and just take and spread whoever you want so you don't have to make your own. I would probably say, with so much already buried, it's plentiful, it's plentiful.


So fuck your truck. I'd come out covered in shit, which is wonderful. There they broke broken planters on the porch of the house.


He is about seventeen years old. James. Yes.


That's how it is at home. Yeah. I mean, that's not bullshit. This is not a letter from Arkansas. Somebody broke our flower pot and smeared shit on my truck. That is a problem. It's a problem. In addition, they billed and reported to the Chamber for receiving numerous phone calls. So from there, from public telephones, they are not from numbers that anyone would investigate. Right.


It's crazy here.


Bill then also reports that the house was missing a credit card and some financial information and he feared it.


Every time something happens he has to go back to the police and leave, there's more. Have more. Oh, now they're sucking up my truck. Oh, now my blueprints are broken.


And now there are things there. Yes. Now, she said, she's telling the police, look, I'm afraid she's here, and I'm afraid she broke into my fucking house. If she's anywhere in my house, she'll be there because she knows where her family is and where her will is. She has a way of snapping. I mean, it's not like you're trying to get in, there are armed guards out there. So if you want to break something, you can go inside.


He then said that this is going to be really scary. She says that I am receiving emails. She still says she's coming to Montana. I fear that. What can you do for me here? So now and at the same time she's upset enough to talk to a few people in town about the whole thing. And basically he's really embarrassed and embarrassed about the whole thing. It's good because people ask what's going on?


And she's like, oh, the woman my husband is having an affair with is following us around and spreading shit in her truck. So, I mean, you know, she should be able to talk to people or friends and things like that. And she obviously feels responsible for that. So that's not good. After. if December 2006 rolls around and it's still happening here and everything, it's still happening at this point in December and Barbara started, they communicated, which is weird.


It's the business of everything and tries to fix the water.


I don't know if she's trying to be like that, look, maybe if she's recognized and just realizes that we have a family, you're happy and there was a misunderstanding. And if we treat her like that, maybe if we treat her like that, she'll act human. Basically, you're obviously chasing the fear aspect. Yes. Not exactly shown. Treated like a human being. Tell him, look, we don't give a fuck about your shit.


The dog growls and we show him the back of our hand and that's it, here he is. Smell if you want another. I'm not scared. I like that. Yes. So I have the feeling that it is more or less like that. Then they talk on the phone for a while. He also called Stout and emailed him, now he has something else. He first called her to yell at her and tell her to stop doing that shit too. And after that, the communication does not stop, calling and emailing Barbara Miller's boss about the case.


Oh, to be honest, well, maybe you don't want to get fired if your boss tells you to relax. Intelligent. Yes it is. I think if you do months, six months of bullying, eventually you won't care.


I don't know how much time he spends in your office, but that's how much time he spends in my office. Yeah. She sends letters to my kids like she sucks for someone to send her kids shit, so all bets are off right now. Yes.


All bets are off here. So now Miller was starting to worry that he might lose his job. She said that she was worried that she would lose her job if they issued a restraining order against her and summoned her to work as if she feared that she would lose her job. She then said that she and she never saw the restraining order against her, by the way, which is weird.


But she told people and got a restraining order on them, which, you know, I don't know, people are talking about.


Maybe if you tell people enough about the story, they'll listen to it enough. So they say, why don't you get a restraining order? And she says I don't want to do that. Many problems. It's all a nuisance. Yes. Play her terribly. I want to do that. So eventually you're like, yeah, I've done it. Well I know. Really weird about that. January 2007 and she calls Barbara Miller and says you know why I'm divorcing Bill.


You can fucking have it. I'm angry. I was angry. Basically, I don't do that anymore. She doesn't stop. Between her son's suicide and this damn thing, there was a constant stream of shit he felt. This makes them depressed and embarrassed in front of their friends, family, children, and co-workers. It's him it's she it's over. She's like, you know what? She literally says that I am divorcing Bill.


You can make fun of him. That's it. I'm angry about it. And I had it. So twenty seven. This is the relationship status. She says that she is divorcing Bill. Everything is up in the air. Barbara Miller thinks she's on deck. Yes, she is passing there at twenty-seven. Noah, I think the oldest son is in college. Mat entered high school in May 2007. Bill puts the house and ranch up for sale.


Really for sale. I don't know if she called Barber's Bluff about the divorce. Okay, well, put the house up for sale and whatever. But she was very angry with him for putting the house up for sale. So I don't understand if she wanted a divorce. She wanted me to stay there, it worked out this way or that way. But there is a source of meat there. But in the month of May, after she put the house up for sale, I don't know if it was an extreme measure that calmed things down or what.


But after that they understand each other a little better. As soon as they have a big fight over the house and all that shit, they start and Bill, they start to settle down and a fun farm gets them back together. That's it. Yes, that's how it works. You're awake. And I don't want to move either. I don't want to get divorced either. If we go, you can keep the apple.


So June 1.


Twenty-seven Bill back to the Ravioli County Sheriff here. He looks for the old cacique Boiardi to tell him that there has been a robbery in his house. He stole a 9mm Beretta, which is, you know, a pistol, the holster that goes with it, of course, and a bunch of ammunition. Oh that's not good. Then someone stole my gun and all my things and opportunities.


Do not shoot. Yes. And they're shooting things. And you know, they've harassed me for a year.


A little scary. A little scary. She apparently showed up and freaked out at the sheriff.


He said no, it wasn't like that was weird. I don't know if it's something, you know, tell me if you think it's something, but it could be silly. She showed up like, Shit, now it's even worse, you know, because every time something happens, she comes running back and they're like, Wow, yeah, that's weird. You won't believe the guy.


Someone who rubs shit, breaks things, steals credit cards. You are now armed. Now you're, you know, all I see is the sheriff with his feet up on the table and his hat over his eyes. You know what I mean? Every time they come in, it's near the shiksas cafe when they come out.


Gosh, I just made this coffee. Martha, one more cup of coffee, please.


He is like someone else. So that's what's going on here. Then he says gun robbery. He basically says it's Barbara Miller. He stole my fucking gun. She did all that shit. She stole my gun. She is here in the city. Apparently she stole my gun. She was in and out regularly. she haunts me I'm afraid. Basically, she wants to ruin my life. And now she worries me that she has a gun.


Right. And she is upset. Then they tell you to fill out a police report for every report, you know, and you say you think she stole it. So he starts to question himself. And he says: Well, I don't know. However, she stole it. I can't, you know, I didn't see her do that. So because they say, you know, you have to do it. Then he starts freaking out. And it's so strange that Bill doesn't even sleep at night anymore.


As if he had a lot on his mind in bloody months.


Nerd. Liquid, liquid. Oh, it's bad. It's Del Taco. Every night, every night Every night.


You can't tell who's going to be in the water on Tuesday night. Thirty-nine said motherfuckers, East Coasters and foreigners.


Del Taco has 39 cent tacos on Tuesdays. Thirty-nine cents. Thirty-nine cents and twenty-two one. That's crazy. And then you get a huge bag for less than four bucks. Not your disgust. They are terrible, their cheese is good but the crust is bad. The meat is as if the shell is seven weeks old.


It is hard as stone.


I just want to buy Taco Bell tacos and put that taco cheese on top of Taco Bell tacos and then eat them because they are so much better. How dare Taco Bell think his taco is worth sixty-nine dollars? I did.


I mean you will charge for it. Who are you? And these people have thirty-nine cents.


You know, he's just a son of a bitch, right? Yeah. He's just an old Taco Bell. That is all.


It's almost like you walk into the house of someone who doesn't cook very well and they make you homemade tacos, they would.


The way you get that mix right. They're just hamburgers. There is a mixture that you put and then water and it produces and it stays dry.


And I really have to chew a lot. When I put it on the table, all the meat falls off in small pieces, it doesn't stick together.


I just cut. Well omg well done you should but then the material can take a beating. But you didn't by not using it. It has to be bigger than that. Now it's a loose meat taco. Thank you. Then yes. He says, you know, it is, he doesn't know, he doesn't know who stole the gun, he's not sure, so he can't really blame her if he's not sure. So the police say, look, if you want us to arrest them for this, we'll file a complaint, and we will if you don't believe it.


And what the hell do you want from us? special report. The gun is stolen. Don't you know who took it? I dont know. So that's what they do. So spend some time here. About nine days pass. No sign of Barbara, no sign of madness. No problem. And then comes June 9, twenty-seven and Bill, they're home alone that night. His youngest son was away because he is in high school.


He's a teenager. He's been out and back home late, late at night, like before midnight right there. Bill is going horseback riding with a friend the next day and is looking forward to it. Yes Bill is he loves a good yes. He loves a good walk. If he is. He's talking to his friend on the phone about how cool he's going to be. We bring the horses here.


We will climb this mountain. I mean, he had a whole plan.


It was his day, anyway.


It was Bill Day and he wasn't on the horse yet. But I'm making plans with someone to go somewhere. I'll take care of that. I can't afford it. We will do it. we can do it. It's amazing. I like to have dinner and get going. Just do it.


You're not doing this to me because you think I'll leave you alone if I sell too much. He won't want that. I think he is great.


He'll think I'm just going with you, so I'll meet you here at the gas station, and then we'll all go together.


(Video) CEO and Investor Kurt Wilkin on Why Being a "Proud Mistake Maker" is Key to Business Success

It will be great. A car will carry a car. Why don't we meet there, Jimmy?


Well, I know you think this trip is half the fun, folks. You overthink it. Jimmy is very excited.


So he does it that night and cooks dinner. She makes steak, broccoli, potatoes. OK, very good down there. It's a dinner on a ranch in Montana. I mean potatoes. Yeah, it was like four o'clock. Steak too, I'm pretty sure, just two pieces of cauliflower and broccoli, that's all, and then a giant baked potato. Yes. And she also had a beer with dinner. That's a good dinner.


That's a good dinner. They do. Her son goes out at night, he will go out. They start fucking. Yes. And Bill goes to bed after a steak dinner that night. He needs to calm down a bit, so we only have half a cow. He won't plow and everyone wants to do something from that comfortable side. Fuck who says you have to wait. He's just there, you're leaving now and you're reeling.


you have to move. This is a steak dinner. This is not a cool slab. A rock sheet. And the kind of night, honey, let's sway back and forth Here it is. Eventually something will happen. It's no longer like a NC airport chair with no rocks, like a Charlotte airport and rocks gently back and forth.


Well, maybe we don't know what happened. So you might have sheetrock, which we weren't sure about. Shortly before 10:00 a.m. m., he talks to his friend about the Fargo fan joke or freak show. Clark talks about Barack Obama, horseback riding, and the like.


And then Bill falls asleep and Ann says that's when she slept with him. The next morning she says that she is not feeling very well. And when her friend called him and told him about going for a walk and said that Bill said he wasn't feeling too well, she was going to stay home tonight. Later that day, June 10, Barbara takes Matt to Missoula, she takes Matthew shopping.


You're out all day just shopping. It's an hour or so. You know, if you go there, you walk in and I'm sorry, not Barbara and Stout here.


She takes her son Matthew with her. You leave when you go out for an hour and do some shopping, like you have to do all your shopping. Don't go to a store. Yes. You will make a day out of it. It will be in eight hours by truck. You have to leave because it takes an hour and a half to get there, so they don't come back until late afternoon. However, it is a three hour drive. Now Matt Matthew doesn't see that his father didn't see him earlier the night before because he came home and was already asleep.


And then she doesn't see him that morning either, because she's still in bed and walking around. Then they go home. And Matthew, around four-thirty, and they find Bill, and they find Bill in bed. And then he sees that there's a lot of blood out there and a lot of blood everywhere. And he calls nine one one four at half past four in the afternoon. And she says, quote without quotes, that something is wrong with her husband. She would say a lot of blood.


Something is wrong? That is a problem. She says quotes, there is blood and her eyes are all blue. She's cold. Well, none of these are great signs. So the ambulance, of course, and the police nine, well, they're all walking home. They confirm that Bill is dead. There is a lot of blood and they find a 9mm grenade under the pillow. A shot. You will find this single shot.


They shot him in the back of the head, but one shot. So that's it and they find a shell. So here are some things that they find. That's it. Officers obtained a search warrant to search the entire home. They need prints and obviously all that shit. Now that they're dealing with it, Stout and her two children are obviously like Barbara Miller. You want to be clear, that's the one who did this to him.


You know, they said, he explains, that they had an affair with Bill. She haunts the family. You know, it's all one thing, because I'm Homicide. The boys don't know. You know, Chief Ravioli knows that. But Chief Boiardi knows it and nobody else knows it. Deputy Beefaroni did not speak to anyone about anything.


He then says that she told the police that she was just harassing Barbour. Bill has been going back and forth with the police. Lately he's been thinking, I'm sorry, how close before the gun thing, he was thinking that a car that pulled into his driveway during, like, overnight, was either Miller or one of the members of his family. So he lived in fear. And yes, Bill's friends tell the police too.


It applies to everything you talk about, too. He is being followed. She got really scared.


And, you know, all this shit, they care about it here, so until they find a joke here, they say, well, let's make sure, let's try to figure out if that's it, it was Barbara Miller. And they find surveillance video of her in a convenience store in Arkansas that morning in Arkansas. Hm. So it's hard. It was going to be a difficult journey. It would be a rough ride or a flight or whatever.


You've been in a grocery store in Arkansas for an hour, around 9:00 am. So they say, OK, that's interesting. That's weird. They too. Find out if she thinks we need to dig a little deeper if so find out and have done some internet research on her work computer regarding Barbara Miller and Bill. And he also used that computer to create an account, an email account in the name of Barbara Miller here.


They also found no evidence from flight logs or anything else that Barbara Miller was ever in Montana. Go out. No way. One of the investigating detectives here at the house expressed his opinion that Bill's body was removed after he was shot. Oh shell. And after he was killed in part because of the bloodstains found in and around the body, in and around the body. He's an officer with the Ravioli County Sheriff's Department and also an Assistant County Coroner, which as you know is a small town.


How are you? I'm a sheriff so-and-so and I'm the coroner. Yes. By the way, if your son has a bar mitzvah, I'll take care of it. And the DJ too. It will be wonderful. So yeah, he ended up doing the crime scene. He said that at Bill's death site he found a large amount of blood that had coagulated, showing the difference between dried and clotted blood.


He tried to explain a bit. She said that coagulation is based on coagulation and drying, he said that Bill had been dead for some time when he examined the body. They also talked more about the condition of rigor mortis and discoloration. vivacity. Yes, so liveliness and your observations for the body. Close Bill has been dead for eight to twelve hours or more, if not longer.


This is not OK. Do not do. yes yes no more Then the girl of the house, that doesn't work. Then they also said the bullet, Anne's claim is, well, if it's not Barbara, then Bill must have killed himself because Bill's depressed and all that shit. So obviously it's suicide. They will, which is weird because most people don't shoot themselves in the back of the head. Yes, that is correct. Most people don't go to bed, put a gun behind their head and shoot themselves.


This is very difficult, very difficult, to shoot yourself in the back of the head. No, it's not normal.


Execution-style suicide is rare. Yes. In criminal circles, it's rare for me to send a general message. Yes. And you can't really send that message to yourself. He also had to cut the stick, put it in his mouth, and shoot both eyes at it like the crowd of the crowd did. yes that's yes


Now it's a mouse. So, interestingly, you were the sphere. They said the bullet couldn't have gone through Bill's head to where he was on the pillow. That's how they know they drew blood and where the bullet was. They said the body must have been moved after he was shot. They said there was blood around or against the severity of the wound, indicating that the body had also been moved.


He then also said that the bloodstain on his left hand had a distinct edge or line as if it was partly in a pool of blood. But that hand wasn't in a pool of blood when the body was found.


So there was, yeah, like yeah, like a watermark in the sand, basically blood. that was water Yes exactly. It wasn't, it wasn't anymore. Yeah. Someone didn't tag you both there.


Then at that time they found the other areas of the body where it was like this. He said there was coagulated debris in the bloodstains, indicating that the blood had coagulated before it was applied to the stain. So that means she moved and then fell from them there.


He also described other bloodstains that were deposited when the blood had already coagulated because the blood did not flow. He described the position the body would have to be in at the time of death to produce the blood patterns he found and also relied on vividness and purple. If you don't know what mottling is, I don't, by the way.


I think we just assume everyone's paleness is where the blood pools.


If you're dead, you're dead, you're in position. I'm not sure if it's really gross. Whichever side is down, gravity pulls the blood down. And that is liveliness. So can you say they were here or moved after the stains started and stuff like that? It's a good way to tell things like that. They then said that the discoloration began on the body in the position in which it was found. So it moved relatively quickly after the battery died. After his death, they said that he was lying on his right side when he was shot and that the body was in that position long enough for the blood to begin to coagulate.


And then they took him to the rear position and that's how they found him. And they also said that there was a pillow over his head when they found it over the entrance to the head wound, which suggests that the pillow had been placed over his fucking head. Obviously another would be difficult because it doesn't have a hole. So be tough. They also said that drops of blood were found around the sheet, indicating that the sheet had been moved.


This doesn't look good. He also said that someone other than Bill left the fingerprints in the blood based on the location of the bet and the inference that Bill could not move his hand to take the prints after his death. Oh no. You know, obviously. So we do a house search. They searched the house. I have no trouble finding anything until they get to the garage. Outside, they find Bill's motorcycle.


Bill rides his bike and they find something interesting in a saddlebag. They find the missing nine millimeters. Than?


Yes, they continue the search and find it in a laundry basket among some washed but still wet clothes. You will find the holster that came with the gun. And then the ammunition was found on top of Bill's gun case, and three rounds were missing in the middle of the case. So unless the box was fully open, opening it from the front made it look like it was full. Right. So that put her in the middle. I agree. Then they show up too, the cops say, with a laundry project apparently never completed—as they say, the bleach-scented wet clothes were in the hamper but not dry.


Oh yeah. And the bullet that killed Bill and the spent grenade were taken from the bed he was in, the spent pistol cartridge was found in the backyard, and an unfired cartridge was found in the chamber of the pistol that the three in the box of missing cartridges Now, if they called a botanical expert. Yes Yes. To find out why a plant flower was found in the ammo box. Oh shit.


A plant flower indoors. And it turns out it came from a backyard bush that bloomed for the first time of the season at least six days after Bill reported the gun missing. It is the first time that these plants have thrived in this area.


Shit, Grissom, slow down. Well that was impressive. Let's go back. That's some good police work here. Ok, botanical exam. They found a small flower right in the box and realized that those flowers—flowers—didn't bloom in that area until six days after Bill reported her missing. Wow. So that's sitting in these bushes in this box to determine what's awesome. He was hiding. He was hiding.


Yes. Expert analysis shows that the two spent grenades came from Bill's gun. I don't know where the hell the second shot went. Yeah, who knows.


Like the bullet that killed him. She said that she didn't know anything. And they asked and, you know, I'm thinking about it and she said I don't know about the bloom and I don't know about the bloom of email boxes, nothing like that. But she said, you know, I guess you're right. I don't know when it blooms here, it's lantana. I dont know. Yes. At that point, she and the kids said Bill's gun was missing and they didn't know.


So keep looking. You will also find a latex glove. Oh no. Embedded in the bullet remnants on the outside of the glove and on the inside of the glove is a strong DNA history that is not present.


Hell, I'm in the same basket with the halter and the wet clothes. But she says I don't know how my DNA got there. You fell out of the dirty laundry. I don't know if DNA jumps, walks. She said she used to wear rubber gloves around the house, but she had no idea how gunshots lingered on them. Maybe someone took a glove that she wore around the house. I mean, they didn't put her DNA in there at some point.


Maybe they had a different glove and then they used that glove to trick me. Right.


That's how complicated we are at Barber.


It also says nothing to do with the gun, nothing to do with the holster holster. He didn't know how they ended up where they were at the time.


You just have to go, damn it, damn it. So cut it when you leave the house. I had no idea you searched the garage. Yes. I doubt it killed him. I figured I'd get away with finding no gun or ammunition fingerprints and no bullet residue on Bill's hand. So it's very difficult to shoot yourself in the back of the head without leaving bullet residue on your hand.


he is magical


Therefore, the search also reveals a handwritten note by Ann on her nightstand that contained instructions on how to fire a pistol, stop a semi-automatic pistol such as a Beretta. OK, and she said, when the officer showed her, she said, no, no, no, that's not for a gun. These are actually instructions for washing clothes in the washing machine drawer. Yes, because she doesn't know how to do it. So this is not the same for us, ma'am.


They are the same instructions and use for a gun as for the washing machine. Put one in the chamber, pull the trigger. So you send your kid to the fucking laundry and you say money, fucking money.


Right. This is what you do when you put on clothes and. I'm doing that now. He breaks like a motherfucker, pushes my fucking watch to close the door and I'm like, wow, refrigeration cycle. she stinks


And it's like, no, no, I'm sucking your dick. I guess not, the son of a bitch won't work. I feel so bad and yes I felt sorry for the idiot.


So it gets worse there too. A neighbor whose window overlooked Bill Anan's house reported seeing lights going on in the bedroom in the middle of the night, Bill asleep after a steak, and to the right. Then the neighbors said that it was quite strange to see the lights come on at that time. Your lights are never on in the bedroom in the middle of the night. So, I mean, someone might have to take a shit or something. I mean, you know, someone got sick, who knows?


Despite this, little has happened so far.


So let's say you just guess and let's say here so they brought a computer expert to their computer, they brought up fifty-six internet searches on topics like how to kill someone, how to poison someone and get rid of them, how to bring them put to a man to sleep, how to put a man to sleep, what poison? It can't be tracked. How can I do that without taking a damn weapon? How can I kill my husband, collect his life insurance and blame it on a girl in Arkansas?


Might as well have said it. Like it's so obvious.


Damn James. she's so cold. Yeah. She tortured him for two fucking years. Do you know what else she said about it? She said, well, all she proves is that since Bill also has access to that computer, it was her home computer. All this proves that he was trying to say this proves that he wanted to commit suicide. And he was just looking for ways to kill himself, like I told you.


Right. You know, there's no gunshot residue on the back of your head or my fingerprints, not my fingerprints on DNA, DNA, not even fingerprints. Right. Resource DNA. So she's the beneficiary of the five hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy because even though he killed himself, that shit was done in January. So everyone is fine. And she was also Kohno's co-owner of the property they owned with an estate of over five hundred thousand dollars.


So Ann is looking for a cool million in cash and prizes here. So, the authorities here also said that the autopsy results indicated that since the food in her stomach had not been digested, she must have been killed before 8 a.m., which was before they left when she was still in the house and his son too. So, but she had to kill him before her son came home. Otherwise, she would have heard shots coming from the house.


So between ten and noon because he called someone at ten. Twelve, the son came home. Right. So somewhere between ten and twelve. So this guy slept at home with his dead father and then went shopping with the killer like nothing happened. Amazing. So they did an interview and they wanted to have a little chat with this girl and they sat her down and told her what happened. She says I made steak and broccoli blah blah blah.


we had sex. He called his friend. We went to bed a little after ten. That's it. Yes, that's all that happened.


I left the next morning. He was fine. He said that he was not feeling very well. The policeman then tells him that they have all the evidence to believe that you actually killed Bill and not Barbara or an intruder. She says quote I can guarantee that. I know, I know, oh, he's sorry. She says that I can assure you that I know that you are the prime suspect in the murder of Bill Stout.


We have all the evidence and all the discoveries to prove it. I know that he died before leaving on Sunday morning. And I had time of death to prove it. I am asking these questions now to help you help me in this investigation. And she started crying and screaming that she hadn't killed her husband. She says, I quote, you're so misinformed that you can't prove anything because you don't know. She will not tell you why this didn't happen.


She is very angry. She is upset that she would. How can you say that? After all, I did kill mine when she went straight for him. Yes. So uninformed. You are uninformed. Here is an article. Yes. That's what I made up, but it's still on the web, here's a link. The statistics agree with me. I'm wrong Right.


He also says that he never called Barbara Miller and threatened her and all that shit. She said that she never sent mail to anyone with an Arkansas postmark. As a step? They're going well, in fact all the envelopes had her DNA on them. Oh no, even those who were not sent to you, who were other people, were given a DNA test. And yours was the only DNA we found.


How the hell did he seal it? Interesting here? She said well I have no idea how that happened. That's ridiculous. She said that I never believed any of the emails. I never did any of this. She said I didn't. She said that after finding out about the affair, she found out that Bill bought a plane ticket and that they talked about the phone bill and that Barbara and that bill bought phone cards.


And she didn't know it. All this crap and this account was registered on an online dating service in 2004 and this account got a mailbox from a mailbox that she didn't know until he was killed and that she was angry and humiliated and humiliated. And they said the police also found a list they had kept for years. She was years old as paper is rare, years.


And it was called Really Bad Things Bill Ever Said to find out everything he said. He literally documented it on a piece of paper. It was a list that went back years.


Well, as we always say, sorry women, but it's like an inside joke among men that women catalog shit and bring it up eight years later. And they literally have like a card catalog in the library and they take it out.


Well actually, Dewey Decimal Dewey Decimal Fuckup says so. You Dewey Decimal did some shit on that date.


And indeed, it has kept a written list every year since the 1980s.


This is very funny. I have me on my phone. I have a notes app with all the nice things Emily said so kindly.


That's crazy. That's crazy. She needs a boost from I'm mad at Bill. Yes. That's what he said in 1991. That bastard. My God. I use it for the opposite when I feel like crap. I am what Emily once said I would be. That is beautiful.


Yes. It was as if he had made a comment about the Challenger explosion. I'm upset in two thousand and three. I wonder if he ever did. When she is angry, she thinks how can I channel this anger? That's why she's wrong. Why else would you need to keep up?


because you are something. So the research also shows that the email accounts that everyone said Barbara Miller was messaging people from were actually created through hard work, computer crash.


The aphasia came from his work computer. She and some of the emails were sent from her home computer. She also got a bit lazy after a while. You know, they asked to do all this work. Yes.


How did you get a postmark where you flew to Arkansas? Do not do. Investigators were able to duplicate a Fort Smith, Arkansas postmark found on the letters purportedly from Barbara by sending a sealed and addressed letter in a Manila envelope from Hamilton, Montana to the Fort Smith, Arkansas postmaster. And they return it with the postmark. It looks boom, there it is.


It is what it is. So that was her. She really figured it all out.


I should have started a business because if I put half the effort into this Nazi movement, shit, I'd be selling turquoise jewelry like my fucking balls were on fire. Come bloom, Shuger. Yes. Also, during the immediate search, all officers found two letters postmarked Arkansas in Ann's car in the garage, one sealed and one unsealed and essentially never sealed.


So she hadn't sealed it. Yes Yes. The others, like the others. And she's the one that started showing up all the time. Anne's DNA was the only one found on the Arkansas postmarked envelope label.


And it was he who invited Bill's colleagues to the barbecue they were organizing.


Everyone had dumped the shit, but someone still had it. The sealed envelope from Fort Smith, Arkansas, found in the Stouts Car during the search, contained printed emails purporting to be from Barbara, but were not. These prints contained only ants, Ann's fingerprints, and hand prints. She said I don't know. I think my DNA was on the envelope. I don't know how it got there. I can't imagine, she said, that she could have inadvertently manipulated the content of the Arkansas Post because she sometimes helped Bill with paperwork.


Yes. They also found a copy of the invitation to the roast in the Stouts Room, for their children, for their children. Stouts' son's handwriting on the invitation was said to be Miller's, which handwriting analysis identified as strong. So she's screwed. So I've told you fifty-six Internet searches on how to poison people, how to put people to sleep, how to kill her husband, and how to take her life insurance off and blame it on an Arkansas check.


Give her a cute and fun email address. Then he said he thought it was Bill's searches like I said. So, you know, it's okay. I do not understand what the problem is. The police say you're obviously stuck here.


I mean, let's take this to court, let her think so, she literally says I don't know what you're talking about. She went through everything that is a mountain. Yeah. Lots of evidence the size of the Montana sky.


And she says I don't know how my DNA got everywhere. That's impossible.


I don't know how they came up with all this it's crazy. Literally two hours. That's crazy. I understand science and everything. But come on guys. So yeah, she's stuck. She presented expert opinions. She says that she will present expert reports. If she said that the circumstances were compatible with suicide or murder, she could have killed herself. This is your thing here. IT'S OKAY. Very good, ma'am.


Well, if you say June 2008, here you are in court. And that's his verdict. And the central theme here is that the prosecution appears to have deliberately and methodically created a grand illusion of prosecution with this law, which Barbara has never had since those never-contacted emails were intercepted. Yes. And she was like she said she was at the beginning, she said it was real. The ones that said she would get there and walk to the door, and they were real.


I will be there on Memorial Day. But after he didn't reply, she just calmed down and stopped. And that was it. She has come to because she is healthy. Right. And it was like, well, it doesn't matter. You know what? That is not worth it. And then this guy got into a fight because of a married man, and he won't break up. And I'm exhausted. All that shit. Namely. Yes.


Imagine if she hadn't gone to a supermarket and stayed at home for two days doing nothing, they would have gone and arrested her. James, maybe you're right. Open spaces drive you crazy.


Shit, you're not that shit. you're so bored. I just have to create some shit. I need excitement that the fuck hates. I don't know shit. So not even a Lou Diamond Phillips. This O'Neal movie can occupy my time.


No, not even Hoyt Axton can take the pain away.


Then the jury gets a little forensic lesson. What a computer forensics course that is really fun. So some farmers in Montana put a guy to work.


Yes, strange. There I saw a button. Now they say the ads were for a rugged family computer and computer. The computer was a laptop. They were all confiscated. Of course, the computers were searched for evidence. Detective Dave Potter of the Ravioli County Sheriff's Department testified here that when he looked up Dan's professional records online, he discovered that someone had visited a California Supreme Court website that explained mental defense.


Oh, so that's all the crap I was trying to erase.


So his attorney, Bill Sheehy, said that while computer history could indicate someone visited the site, there's no way to know who that person might be. Several other employees use the same computer. So he turned around. They did it. The head computer forensic scientist of the State Computer Crime Unit. He's the only guy in Montana who knows there's a computer running here, he's the boss. Yes. He witnessed detailed forensics performed on computers ordered to search for evidence of the alleged crime.


He's giving a two-hour presentation here. He says, quotes, computers don't erase anything the first time you ask. I have tools to obtain, find and print all relevant evidence. They then talk about how he found out that he had created two email addresses on behalf of Barbara Miller. You know, history has shown that Yahoo! The server also provided a list on behalf of Barbara. She also provided a list of email contacts, an address book, and several emails sent to Bill and various friends of the couple, which she sent to all of them.


Of course, a message titled Old Friends and Lovers Never Go Away, details Bill and Barbara's relationship and mentions a pregnancy, sent from a created account. And Barbara created an account in Barbara's name on Ann's computer. Crazy. So the prosecutor says, So you're telling me that the jury is telling the jury that someone sitting at that computer had to create those emails because the computer history shows that someone signed into those specific email addresses and canceled the subscription? And obviously he said yes.


They said they asked if he could prove who created the email, since several people use the laptop at home. She said she couldn't tell the jury who created the accounts, the accounts, but apparently only someone with access to Anne's laptop could create those accounts. Then they all end up in shit, she said. The most common search was on Ann's laptop, in quotes, like kill someone.


This is the first most popular search. This is not OK. Common household poisons, how to put someone to sleep, how to poison someone, household poisons, how to poison someone and get away with it. Untraceable poisons and quotes on how to make a sleeping formula.


Why do people search for it on Google?


Stop, stop committing all kinds of crimes.


They go like this. And that is his name that has the dial. Yeah. His girlfriend that he was dating, like in his thing. She looked it up, do people hate the girl who dated scott peterson? Like she's literally sure it's like that, cut it off, you're embarrassing yourself. Don't go to a library and do this. If you must, sit next to a masturbating bum and search for the shit you need to search for, but don't search.


You deserve to do that shit.


That's what I mean. Then, even on the work computer, they found common search words on that computer, Divorce Planning Divorce? And Barbara Miller a bit obsessed, I'd say here.


I'm assuming it's his brain, it must have been an awfully noisy place for the last couple.


The number of pages Barbara Miller would appear, Gowers would only skim through.


Did you lose your mind when your son died? Do you think it's the trigger that needs to be strong? Is it the battery you have? This is the cumulative moment that results in you having 12 dead cats in your house.


The moment of the death of the sun is definitely a trigger. I think the kick to the limit is when the husband starts blaming you for it. Yes I think so. I don't think I could get past this coupling. Yes. I mean back and forth who the hell knows. Yes.


That was the problem and maybe that's why it didn't help him, but maybe that's why she didn't want to go to Arkansas with him because she didn't want to go any further. I do not know. My son is dead, so you blame me.


But five years later you don't have to get divorced, two years after an affair, but five years is nothing compared to your children's suicide. Five years is where you go. Either we get divorced or we get over it. It's like, what are we going to do or how long are we going to fuck, who is going to make her suffer more?


And what competition do we have for this shit? That's ridiculous. So, and testify that she does.


Oh, she gets up. I will be face This is balls. She says and quotes: My life has been very happy with Bill. We had a good life together. Wow. We made plans to possibly move to Bigfork, made vacation plans, and built a new house. Act like she doesn't know what happened. Everything was great. Now her attorney has asked her if she was having a romantic sexual relationship with anyone at this point in the trial a year later.


And she says: Date, Yes, I currently have a boyfriend. Oh my God. I met him last Thanksgiving at one of Matt's sports parties. Which.


Marvelous. Oh, she showed up at her parents' thing. You went out with a friend and he left. And the boyfriend is not like you kill your husband. I'm not going out with you. They don't even have a court hearing any time soon. At least Google his name. Probably, man, they let her out on bail.


And what is she? I mean, who's going to say yes, this will work. You are facing a murder trial. Why do people do this? Both genres. I don't understand. So Matt the son is also a witness. He is here on the stand. He says that he had nothing to do with his father's death. He obviously wasn't home. He says that he didn't help move his father's body.


He didn't do any of that. He did not mislead law enforcement agencies. He didn't know. He just yelled at his mother. She said he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary on the night of June 10, not even a gunshot. I like, like Montana, I mean it's not even that unusual. I don't hear anything weird. Usually not even a drink or tons of these strangers. Like not even crickets. As if he said that.


Weird. Neither shot nor roosters in the morning. He spent the whole day like this. That would be the strangest thing I know. Is that a normal fucking shot? Yes. People. Did you hear something last night? I mean there's a chance. He was alive, but he said that he hadn't heard anything. Shot No, not even that No, no. He normally wouldn't even mention it. But since you asked, I haven't heard that either.


It would be unusual how strange a black man would be here.


This time I didn't see any and I don't know when to leave the prayer rug.

(Video) Simon Kuestenmacher | What Will the New Normal Look Like? - #193


I didn't see the Will Smith movie about ten years ago. Jesus Christ, not Yamaka. Because they don't even sell it in the jewelry store. I mean, selling western comics, wide-brimmed comics, that big Sundram money that's sitting on a very small part of your head. It is a very wide brim. I want to do the ones you know, we do those beach yamakas that I do, which they probably have because Israel is such a big country.


Yes. So maybe they have. I dont know. If not, that would be great. I am so sorry.


I saw a Jewish half. The brim is wide but covers the entire head. Well yeah, I saw it in the fucking Yamano.


I want, I want a yarmulke that has a giant Clint Eastwood on it.


I'm looking for a Western Yamaka. It's almost a hood.


That's what I like. yes, western I want a western. Please give me the western one. So, no shots, no nothing. She said that she spent the day shopping at various places and while her father made plans to go horseback riding, she said that they were going home. Her mother found her father dead from her and she said that she helped her mother to do the shopping, then she went down to the family basement and played on the computer. She then heard her mother yell and yell and tell her to get up and out of the house.


He said, I quote, he didn't understand what was going on. All I heard was my mom yelling at me to get out of the house. I followed. We drove my dad's truck to our neighbors, our neighbors while my mom called nine one one. She had no idea what was going on. I only heard my mother speak. Something happened to my dad on 9/11 and he also says that he says his dad was like I said his dad got into the computers just to clear up the suspicion that he was the one doing things.


And he said that his father is not very good with computers and sometimes he needs the help of the children. It's not a computer guy. He's a fucking farmer. Computers don't interest him. He is a passionate 50 year old farmer with a passion for horse riding. Yeah, that shit doesn't interest him.


He hadn't even discovered that it contained pornography. He doesn't even know.


He would say wow. He is incredible.


Show me more We're going to close the ranch, fuck those horses. I won't be here to feed you guys for a community computer class.


Many of them have them all lined up. Of course, they asked Matt if he created the email addresses and all that and he said no, definitely not. He also says that he knew about the alleged affair between his father and Barbara. He says we never talked about it. My mom briefly told me about the situation, but I never spoke to my dad personally because it's rare when you're 15 to talk to your dad. How the hell would you do that, father?


So you have a weirdo? How do you sum that up?


I received a letter. Dad says I took a step. mom is you Yes. What a sophisticated little brother came to me to finally get this little brother. I know. I have a new mother now? So here comes the verdict. The jury deliberates for six hours, which in this case seems like a long time. Like it's fast. You take them off and you go, I don't know what other solution there may be here.


So six hours to think about it. That's for first degree murder, that's the Montana district attorney's office and they're finding and classifying first degree murder culprits. Roy? Yeah, they said the promoter was happy. He said this is a classic CSI story and there's an incredible amount of computer work and engineering technology involved. None of that would have been possible. And think back to 1980, if that happened, they'd be screwed.


They wouldn't know more than a fingerprint on a letter, would have no evidence, and would likely be arrested.


Barbara Miller, here's a dead flower. All that shit. That's crazy. Yes. You would want them to literally look like someone had their plants in them. I do not know what is happening. You wouldn't even look at it.


How they store their damn ammo. Weird. He said the case had so many aspects that when we did our best to keep our case as short as possible and they said so, he said that Ana Stout had done her work with the actual victims of the case, the members of the family. Yeah, that sucks. Yeah. Well, he said that was awesome. oh no sorry This is the defender.


They said they worked tirelessly, the prosecutor, blah blah blah. They were pretty self-indulgent and did a good job, I must say. The public defender who had defended Barbara was then said to have delivered the final verdict. He said it was just a judicial error.


He said it was the result of the court case he said. Then he said, you know, one day I'll try again. Yes. So he said quotes, that's how our system works. I think they felt that he had not raised enough reasonable doubts. And then he bowed his head and walked away. Winnie the Pooh came up to him and tried to cheer him up. I think they thought that I felt that he hadn't done it, that he hadn't raised enough reasonable doubts.


Next to the Yacine Monteil pool, where you just have to hold on tight, don't forget your queue here. Then comes the sentence. Prosecutors sentence and recommend life in prison without the possibility of parole. And they said that she publicly and privately humiliated her husband for two years. That's part of the mental anguish. Wow. Before she shoots him. After discovering an adventure. Yes. If you want to kill him after the drop, just kill him.


finish it Jesus Christ. This is what the family testifies, his family. They asked if they could, you know, the only sound was asking her to ask for a second chance for his mother and to ask for the possibility of parole.


He says it's what his father would want, which I'm not sure.


But porn is also lost, your brother is now your mother and father. And it's fucking tragic. That's what Matt does all the time Matt, he's in high school playing sports and graduated in 2009. All this happens at twenty-eight and up. Yes. When he's in, he's in high school from 5 to 9. So he imagines my grades. I would have fucking run away. It would have been a duty, it would have been a disaster. This boy works hard, plays sports, and does well.


This is amazing to me. At my job, I don't know if I'm in college and I hope he was good too, but I just found evidence that it's important, he says. Noah says, quote, this hearing is justice for my father. When I think of justice for him, I don't think of his grandchildren meeting his grandmother and putting her hand against a piece of bulletproof glass. He says he wasn't there to question the judge, to ignore the verdict, but to subpoena, to give my mother, never give my mother another chance, never give my mother another chance.


This is not correct. My father would not have wanted that. And Stout's mother, this is Ann's mother, told the judge that she still believes that her daughter wasn't even guilty. Wow. What do you have to listen to this verdict and then leave? I don't understand how he did that. You have a bag with you, ma'am.


Besides, Noah, I think your father is okay with him leaving. Yes.


When he finds out that she deserves to do all this shit for two years. She has. She does it.


So he shot him in the field like crap. I got sick like a wounded horse.


So, a horse that stepped into a hole made by a sick cow.


So the mothers here said that mothers know their children. I know, I know my daughter is a good person. I wish I could have protected my daughter from this ordeal. and Bill? He is dead. She manipulated him.


Jesus Christ. His daughter is a victim. Yes. His brother Stout, whose name is José Luis Moreno.


Somehow, I don't know how the hell this happened. Another mom found a fucking Latino. If she waits I'm going. Take I think. Well, her father disappeared when she was four years old. Oh, I found other people.


He says that the death of Stout Dibbell Stout has left a huge hole in the life of the family and that being sentenced to life without parole will only make things worse for all of us and his children. We all love her. We have never, ever given up on them. Well OK. And he says in his statement, I can't wait. She is very simple. She one day asked for parole and the opportunity to return to her family as soon as possible to help her children recover from the loss of her father.


It says in quotes: Allow our family the seeds of hope.


And the judge says he found no extenuating circumstances. Nothing from you for murder. And a prison sentencing report said she showed no remorse for the murder. She said she, quoting: By all indications, her reaction was more violent than one might expect. So the average case. Yes, you have embarked on a long and truly troubling campaign of indiscriminate and vengeful attacks against Bill, not only against him but also against your own children, family members and neighbors.


Everyone is important in Bill's life. It was very, very extreme behavior. That's coming from a judge here. That went on for months. After that you never trusted Bill again. You thought he was dishonest. I think Bill was probably doomed from then on. All this indicates a certain lack of emotions. Two years of this shit, your kids will be robbed of your company. It is not because you were convicted of the crime.


Because you committed the crime. You may lose your life with the possibility of parole, but your life nonetheless.


Yeah, door open to parole.


But he has specifically laid out the parameters of parole here that she is open to parole, but only after she has had a psychological evaluation and completed all recommended mental health treatment. Oh, it will never be like your fucking monster So until you're defeated, it will happen. But then again, if we let you out. Absolutely. she suffered. She seems to suffer from an inability to accept reality, she says, that a few counseling sessions can't cure.


The judge tells him that. He says that Miss Missed Out needs to do a lot of soul research and mental health work for rehabilitation to be possible in this case. And he also says that he has to pay court costs here because he lost the state public defender and other courts. You said the public defender costs fifteen thousand dollars. So the prosecutor denied the amount and said a more realistic charge for the murder defense would be between $70,000 and $100,000, that's crazy.


He wants her to pay much more. Yes, she says, he says, I quote, there is a whole segment of the population paying to defend this defendant. And the fifteen thousand dollar estimate seems a judge of nineteen eighty five. It's twenty-eight. It's going to cost more than that shit. Then they said they had a hearing scheduled for later and so on.


The judge felt very, very respected when he was corrected, like, thank you, asshole. Oh, that's two grand for you, motherfucker.


Thanks David. I'm grateful. We will talk. Dude, look at my calendar there. So she quickly appeals against it. Her main points are whether the regional court correctly admitted the expert reports. She said there should be expert reports on the flower, all forensic. She said how so? Just like you, they were literally defiant, like there was no experience in it, like it was the kind of crazy shit they said, like they were really picking on a straw.


In 2008, CSI was on the air for eight years. Yes they are crazy. Prosecutors discussed a CSI case. That was a statement. The other thing he's saying is that his whole campaign of testing all the letters and emails and all that shouldn't be allowed because he says that's part of a separate act and that's a separate act that he's not accused of here. He shouldn't be involved. Apparently, the prosecution is saying, well, that's all one act with the murder, you know?


So if you rape and kill someone, those are separate charges. Well, I wanted to rape her and those were separate thoughts. I had. No, they would all go together. That is the question. You did this to do that. Right. So she says no. If that's happening in a big thread, they've really put a lot of effort into doing it here. She also says that the officers should not have searched the saddlebags found on the motorcycle in the garage because the motorcycle was not specifically listed on the search warrant and is one of the vehicles.


It says whole lot, house, garage, this vehicle, this vehicle, this vehicle. But the bike is not there. Look, it's in the garage. It is in the garage. His allegation is that he went beyond the scope of the search warrant by looking at the saddlebag. If the gun wasn't on the fucking handlebars, where is she? You have to look at things, for God's sake.


If you're just looking at the toolbox, don't look at it. Yeah, it's the same. It's in the fucking garage. yes all the way You just hide things under things and no one can find anything. But you are innocent. I think it was under the van dam and as long as you leave it on the kitchen table I think it's fine. Therefore, the district court denied a finding that the premises to be searched, including the attached garage, were accurately described and that the search of the garage and any receptacles and receptacles in the garage that might contain a firearm were related to the search, according to Bills Death it was allowed, which makes a lot of sense here.


So yeah, she also says that's fucking ridiculous. She said her lawyer did not limit the extent to which the jury could consider the evidence. So, to get to no, she didn't narrow the range enough. Basically, she didn't delete all the forensic evidence and all the computer evidence and, you know, all the evidence that she left behind. So it's her fault. It's her fault. there is a mountain




It's like, look, they have it all. Yes. It's nothing I can do. Yes. You take one, you take five things from it. She doesn't matter and she doesn't matter. No, this is a complete Jenga thing. You can take a few pieces off and this bitch is still on her feet and you know exactly what the hell she is. You know, it's not a Jenga stack. It's bullshit. You get five things from Jenga.


You can hit it and there's nothing tighter than shit.


So the judge disagreed. He said evidence had been presented suggesting that you created email accounts in his name. Also, that her DNA is everywhere and obviously she shouldn't be, and that her main defense that her husband killed himself was stupid. Crazy. Yes. And you weren't approached by the lawyer who filed the appeal for saying how the hell would you shoot someone in the back of the head without leaving gunshot residue?


I can't take this to a judge and expect him to do it. I have understood. I will be expelled I have to work here because I come here all the time. This guy is going to walk into a room here with bars and we're going to look at this asshole again, step back in front of him and, you know, be ashamed that he tried to get that shit out of an escort. He will look at me the same way for the rest of my life, looking at me like an idiot.


I'm covering the boy for theft. And he didn't. And the. He only remembers that time. come on man


if she is crazy. Not so the decision here, he writes in his decision that any evidence that her husband committed suicide is flimsy, at best contradicted by a number of facts, including that her husband was shot in the back. back of the head while lying down. Bed. Her body was moved after death. Drops of blood were found under the sheets or under the sheet that covered him. The gun was nowhere near the bed where he was shot, not even in the bedroom.


It's really hard to shoot yourself in the back of the head with your damn right hand. He comes out with a brain and then he gets up and puts the gun in his saddlebag in the garage and goes back to his fucking house and goes back to bed. This is impressive. I have to die. Yeah. I don't even want to draw the gun and I have to.


And then I wake up and start a laundry project and I don't think I have time for that. I'm bleeding. Yeah, it's ridiculous. She said this evidence was accepted by the defense as indisputable and remarkably unexplained. You, ma'am, can fuck her ass for a long time, even now that she's an inmate at the Montana Women's Prison, 701 Twenty-seventh Street in Billings, Montana. They have a phone number how do you want to call them.


You can call her and tell her she's an asshole if she wants four six two four seven fifty hundred. Hello good day. She is and continues to exist. You have and there. Yeah. And Miller still looks great. totally thick. Right. That's what I thought.


I also thought. I know I was a fucking liar.


This is Darby Montana. Hey Yes and started a query. She is available to her as a conversation partner. This is Darby, Montana. And this is a wild case. It's like a break in gore week because it's Halloween month. So we're going to finish off some monsters here. But I thought we were going to have a twisted story. Yes.


You know, one of those guys like Mr. Murder Mystery sure hates someone big.


Yes. And then it changed completely to someone else. That's a great story.


When someone is hard to win. None of them. None of them.


She just thinks that you shouldn't have sex with the married man. But that's not our problem. She is not married to him. This is her fault. So now he just fucks his girlfriend from his high school. Oh boy. I hope you enjoyed it, Montana. I hope you enjoyed being back. I'm sorry it took me two years to get back to you. You're crazy, so we should talk about it more.


If you like this show, head over to the Apple podcast, that purple icon, and tell us all about it. It helps us a lot because I don't really tell us. Do you tell others about it? Because when people search for shows to listen to, they look at the reviews, right? them. You go, well, what is it? You know it and they see it. So it helps a lot to have those reviews there.


So Frico doesn't have sex? Yes. Don't just write kafar for free, write something half decent and then end up with kafar for free as Frigo Frico FAQ wrote. so please do Rename Fun Frico. At the end of the day, it will be someone's Twitter. You know, at midnight Arizona time today, someone's going to have a free stamp. I love you.


I found out how are you licensed or is Statham screwing me over. I am illiterate by record.


I'm worse with signs than you are with producers. Damn terrible at it.


This is not your fault because you are trying to read real words and you are trying to convert real words to non-real words.


And I'm trying to do real words with a fucking job here, and I can't do it with names.


Has no sense. They are in other languages. I understand. There is no free kuffar. Nerd.


Nothing of that. you are selfish Yes. Do it all here if you want. In fact, we're going to get to that part. If you want to catch up on the show, do it. Also on social media, here we are at Small Town Murder on Twitter, Small Town Murder on Facebook, and Small Town Murder on Instagram. And if you shut up and give me the murder dot com, you can find all these links too.


And you can find merch links to the Threadless website, as well as tickets to the live virtual show. Well, October 29. And it will be live for 48 hours after it is published. And we're going to do the violent edition of The Prisoner Dating Game, if you haven't seen it yet, a gift for singles, for singles who are all in jail. And I choose to get her locked up for terrible things. None of them. None of them. And I make sure I'm looking, I make sure no one knows, the story doesn't sound shallow, like I'm sure these are terrible people who did terrible things.


OK, find the ones that will show you their images and you will hear the description. You'll see Jimmy go through his selection process unseen, of course, and more importantly, the crime scene. And he will choose one lucky man, one lucky criminal and one lucky woman. Right. And no. And then we'll show you who he chose, and more importantly, we'll tell you who he chose and what they did.


Then you will find out what everyone else has done, who they are, and who they are.


And then everyone, you know, seeing these people, everyone at home, will guess what they did. Then we'll tell you what each did. Give me a summary. He's a very funny, violent criminal. Thank you all I have already bought for you. Yes. We appreciate that there are many of you. keep coming back


I can't wait to do that. So please God, it's October 29th. It's the Thursday before Halloween. Right. I can't wait to see you there. There will be a good ship there. So thanks for doing this. Even if you want extra material. Oh, bonus bonus. You can also do this very easily. You can be a Patreon donor and get tons of stuff, including this week's bonus episodes.


The crime and sports bonus episodes are sports teams, songs, real athletes singing songs as it is ridiculous and hilarious. Let's play the songs and make fun of these idiots. It's going to be a lot of fun, like the old fight albums, all that shit. Very serious and many murders in small towns. I held back for Halloween because it's so much fun. There are three young people in the modern age. By the way, for the last 15 years they've decided that they're going to try to revive Jack the Ripper or something, bring back life, not revive, but channel Jack the Ripper.


You will use a young man and an axe. That's his plan. Collective, collective in many. A lot these days. Yeah, I'm sure that's in his past. No one will be with them. I'm sure everyone is so scared. But I won't kill myself. Then take a look at this story. It's crazy, isn't it? Because they are also young. Yes.


This is not like a group of 50 year old ladies. It's not that I'm old, but I mean it's just that they're so young. It's a crazy story. Patreon, dotcom slash crime and esports. Anyone over five dollars has access to everything in there. And if you just want to be a wonderful person and Jimmy brutally mispronounces your name at the end of the show, you can do that very easily by donating on Patreon and any amount will help.


And I know some are getting into that and PayPal. So PayPal is, use our email address, crime and sports at gmail dot com. This is also a good way to hook the show.


That being said, damn Jimmy, after that dirty story, I need to hear from some people who would never start a campaign of intimidation and lies to make us paranoid in our own homes and then shoot ourselves in the back of the head and try to make it look like suicide. Tell me the names, Jimmy.


This week's executive producers Geoff Thompson, William Valencia and Melissa Swiger donated heavily to both sides. Amanda Jackson, Nicole Hodgson, James Hooper, Dannica Ferner, Tim Peterson, Thomas Smith, Clay Thorson, thank you very much.


Thanks, clay. Who was the best? He keeps going further. I can't thank you enough man. Thank you. Thank you. Melissa Turner at and also in memory of Daedra, the victim of the ultimate domestic violence. She is fucking horrible. But thank you Melissa.


You keep your girlfriend Deidre alive through Jordan Bennett, Zach Warburton, Joseph Nygaard I think. He is a boy. Oh boy. Oh Coal and the other producers this week are Laura Fields, Laura Mikalah, Makololo, Kimberly Moore Long, Angie Clements, Joshua, Neil Clements. Melinda, look, what did I see? Jagdeo No, that's not right. Now there's likely to be another explosion, and this one is even worse. Shine Bicego Bardo.


That's not right either. Put Go, try it. His tongue fails in the middle of that name.


There's Bob. Passage. yes but thanks And in the style of Catherine Gois. Boy style. Nick Bourke. Do not do. That's what Zac. Daniel Ulú, La Loreta Crout. Martha Radley. Hayley Miller. Rather the opposite, I think. Yes. Bozak. Hey, that's it. She is Jacob Holt's white. That's not a first name. He now he's just a white wannabe like Harry S. Truman.


Elizabeth Geiger, Ellen Weber, Bonnie Yarborough, Susan Furman, Nathan Boys, Scott Lac, Kristy Bailey, I think Brook Foster, Brandon Morgan, Tamara Samour, Matt Webster of Webster Fortune. Obviously these evictions exist. Clearly a lot of money. Kelly Escobar, Brandon Morgan, Tammy Samurai. I said Matt didn't have a last name. Joshua Anderson, Catherine Goldsby, Goolsbee, Laura LeBlanc, Bradley Hughes, Eric Hansen, Stacy Frayser, Freeze. Justin Long, Caroline Stal Green, probably Caroline.


And it's a female first name, right? You are still green. I dont know. Danny Burgess Carroll. I do that in my head as I write. There is only one real girl. I don't have the name there. I never met her. Carol Dolgan, Danny Burgess, I already said what that is, Poy Fair, Todd Prince, Shanika Freeman, Colin Dean, MJ Juror Jalabi, Jabar Jalabi, damn it, Stephanie Cernik, Eden Kozar Cousar, Kozu Zidan or Etre.


I dont know. Robert Yes Robert Larson, Katie White. Cecilia Erikson, Rebecca Oxford. Ah, the Oxford dictionary. soft cheese


They fight so hard. Hey guys, let's not take sides. Let's not stay next to the dictionary. I know you want lobster like the Hatfields and the McCoys. I mean, we're not going to say everything you want, because then we're going to have to go into Brittanica. They also say no. Well, everyone has what they can't do, screw themselves.


Chase with no last name, Michelle Robinson, Rebecca Johnston, Shalin Warren, Dustin Thornton, Tiffany, Midori or Mador are important. I dont know. Chris Bédard, McKenzie, all of Joe would have no last name. Elizabeth Grayed. Michelle Fournier, Laura Fritsche, and Brianna Gallagher. Whitney Lence. Jason Byrd. He hates cream of mushroom soup. Do not embarrass me. I'm listening. I don't know girls. It allows you to merge with other things, I guess that's ok.


You don't want to eat it with a spoon. I think the green bean casserole is the only thing that makes me sad that no one eats this casserole. it's lasagna. This person is overcooked or something. Ashley no last name. Alex Zanger, Cameron Burke, Dana Miller, Chief Stride, Lori Blair, I of the Neutze by Michael Millet, Aurora Borealis. I think she is the witch. Rachel Smith. Nick Lowe. Yes Eli Jones. I know that was a lot of guesswork.


Monty Python. Well, like Monty Python, right. Yes, I understand.


Lauren M. Thorpe, Aaron Castra. Corne Cook. Benjamin Mark Benjamin Benjamin with an E I don't know the man who was meant for me in Shanghai, SJ, AA, Hym and Yashar. Right. Yes. Jesus Jewelz, brother. Demorris condemns Damaris Krump Love Bond. That is easy. Victoria Blocher, Taylor Zober. Adam Slade Bennett. Selena Herrera CJ without last name. Holly Barnes. Emilio Evans. Joe Pesci. Zay Pazzi. Right. Danielle Jindra. Jindra Ruth Twingo Candice.


i love nick I love Nick G Wayne Peterson. Meredith Hong Kanon who also sent a very nice email and for some reason I can't remember at this time. It was wonderful. Thank you mayor. I'm thankful. Ray Sanders. Bret Bret Arcon. Chase twig. You know it's Kasey. sorry jesus brianne difference politicized. It's a completely different genre. Well, maybe what I suspected. Yeah, well, a lot of us, Jamie Carter Elysha, don't have a last name.


Ashley B. Mac. No, it's Mosse José. These are José Luis Haraga, Leah Dickey, Earnestine Benami Aaron and Matthew Maye, Adam Chaney Slum Nutts, Mike Swede, Natalie Elrod, Dawn Warez. Michael Kirwan. Molly Jimerson. Matt Bush. Darren No, yes. Darren Darren maybe Pieterson Page Silly Silly Leonski Christopher SCIEX Marzin.


I mean, you're good to me right now, Jason McFayden. Go Jimmy, go Olivia Hannah Dawson. Reub, I think it's Rob Toobs. It's stealing. Yes. Merideth no, this is Mr. Middletown and stupid Lily. But Bob had a boy and obviously he's a boy. Wow.


Well, they wrote everything together, but they did have a child. It was me. You said Bob had a boy. He is a boy. I said about a boy. He is a boy. I am an idiot Amanda Feliciano. Tammy Smith. Olivia Hanna. I said it, Dawson. Rob, I said Brad Miller, Jim Wells, Leslie Graham. I think so, yes. Amanda Huber and Julia and Jalila fuck. Kendra Reider.


Colin Burck. Yes. Now listen, if you can hear this, I'm fighting. My fucking ribs are crushing me. Nicole Nicole Bahman. Vicky Brown, Abby Puckett. Grant Sullivan Ashes. Murray Murphy. Glen Swain Becque CELAC. Yes. No Veronica. Veronica Elwood. Linda Wilson Nick Bucklew. What the Lubec Kloof. fuck it


A Canadian motorcyclist from Montreal. French-Canadian motorcyclist. Of course he is. He's cracked and all. Oh Zacharia Harris Kimberley Kellar Kaili Coulis Monaca Lemmings Hailie Weijing Weigand Charles Young Jason Proost Brookwood no last name. Dylan Shaw. Jordan Simons. Bruce Freelander. I said Jordan Bennett and the others. I think I got Jordan Bennett to say oh again, you know she's the best. I just saw Jordan. I thought I don't know if I read that.


Bruce Freedlander, Jason McFadzean, Paty Kelly, Josh Doyon, Jesús, Guy Amster, la vendedora de puerta en puerta Lisa Leach, es decir, es una J, no una L. Se escriben de manera diferente. James WINZ Anna no tendría apellido. John no tendría apellido. Ron McCleskey. BethCarstone. Adán Túnel. Érica Fuchs. Ángela Hayes. Teresa Verde. Tom Clide Laurel. LaurelClark. Megan Spivey sí Sherry Harington de Cameron. Caracol Bugaldie.


Amy Navarrete, Kelly Curtis. Kayla Kayla fights. Natalia Thompson. Jane Strudwick. Avery Pollock. Adam Johnson. Abby Goldar. Jan Holder. Betsy Nelson. Oh what is that, Mecca Prime.


Mecca rich rich fuck. Emily Dennis, Steve Westerburg, Old Travis Watt and Garmin Ryan Fink Here Fink Cohen Cohen Kempe Caitlin Bloom, Beth Kjus Few Rochelle Rochelle Hurd, Amanda Lohman, Holly Scott Jones. Michelle Voracek, Marcy Apron. Wyatt Anderson. Isabel Rap. My God. We're not done yet. Curse. Yes, these people are amazing. Yes. Thanks guys. Thank you. Patrick Hovey got away. Do not do. These are Hannah, Hannah Hicks, Mallory Fenthion, Andrea HandsOn, Hannah Ami, Tori Durden, Katie FTS, Celeste Seibert, Sigbrit, Abby Lowe, and Catherine Merchant.


Melissa Leon. Deborah Tarim. Isaac Abara. Scott Bazaine. Yes. Hussein, Jillian Clennon. Clennon Hill. Curse. by Gabriel Balzac. Blessed jacket. This is a difficult man. Christopher Turn Bulsara no last name, not as sad as a dance, sad as a civil trial, a citizen is fine. Because he is Spanish. Yes. Not sad it's a ball, it's sad like a ball boy. Not sad like my ball, like a plaque and sad like a 40 year drop.


Sad as messenger balls. Megan Cook.


Christopher Turnbull. I said that, Nicole Rhone Rooney. Hairy penis of course. Melissa Rex. Jenny Buchowski. Dana Eastman Walker. Mark Karamat McCoughtry.


What a state of Macu. Elias Tal. children of the air I know Sundance Laforet. Golden small drum. Jamie Handsley. Elizabeth Lang. Paul O'Callahan, George Torres, Lori Smith, Olafsson Nyaka, Dakota Harington. Greg Cox and Chitto Suarez. Sincere Rachel, I think. Ashley I see. James Marter. Megan Van Sweden. Wayne Cooper, handsome bookworm. Well hello Ashland. Dean Thomas Smith. Susana Platt, Karmiel. Heath Pritchard. Ryan Cook, Cezar Oregon. candid tripod


Peyton Meadows. EESA cough. Sean Lucas. Andrew Hughes. Rachel Becker. Olive Oliver. Damn Mackenzie. Janice Kraft. Ryan Moss is a whore. I don't know if you know. Ugh, I know. Graça Quiara Holland is waiting. Brittany Lewis, Amanda Knight, Eric Wernham, Caitlin, and Angela George Washington King. Okay. Midland Shelby Landal Elizabeth Zohara. Katie Hennessey. Rachel Nr. This is Elizabeth Fernandez. Linda Gilbert. Monica, what is that?


Monique Del Luthy Macaco Macaco Dilly Dellucci.


I dont know. Heather reviews Dariusz and Zosia Corren. Lo Coran Zagorski. Wow. Probably not the loquat man Akali Crest. Brene, what brand is that? Komura district. I don't know what I wrote if it's an order. It's okay, Lisa or Janelle Komala.


hey hey now Understood Lisa Miller.


I dont know. Michelle Kelso, Julia Schuster. Allissa Lanelle. Anne Marie Bakin Lauren would not have a last name. Jake Holt, Darnell, Nick Zachary KOMU, David Barnat. Janice Hill, Belinda Andrews. hold up girl. She sent an email saying a brutal man left. I'm sorry about that. it gets better. I hope Katarzyna needs Zorka. I'm getting great at it. Abdol, John and Marie. Bakan. I said Nick ReMail or Romeo from Danciu NEC.


Zoey Borders. Mike, Mike Tapi. Kasey McMahon. Shane Anderson. Corey would not use the last name Mack. Ray Mac. I think this is Mack. Yes MacRay. Jake Holt. I said Megan Arisa. Lauren voted for Alex with no last name. Shannon Peak Camp Maria. Shawne Bowel. Lisa Olsen in honor of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. I don't know if you know it was this month. I'm not Alyssa. Well, Brendan Abels, Nancy Little Oscar Cortez and Sanal, that sign is SeeWhy Ntini, someone who shuts down Strong's Zendo.


Thank you guys you really changed my life. Thank you all. Honestly, you changed our fucking lives. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. We really appreciate it. And we appreciate everything. Jimmy, what if they wanted to talk to you?


You can find me at Westminster and Socks on Twitter and Instagram. Are you?


I'm at Jimmy P's Funny and you can find me there. Just copy and paste my last name and you will find me that way and just google or do whatever you want to do. Go to the websites. I dont know. do your shit thanks for going Well hopefully you enjoyed the next story, our bloody Halloween madness. So buckle up folks. It's getting wild and yes, see you next week everyone, it's been a pleasure.

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